My very short XEvil Review

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So I finally got myself a copy of XEvil since I've been quite disappointed with GSA Captcha Breaker and 2Captcha's slow response and solve rates. I tried the demo version which immediately made a huge difference, only downside to the demo is that it stops every now and then (since most demo softwares do this), but it was enough to make me bite the bullet and get Xrumer (to get full version of XEvil for free).

My poor GSA Captcha Breaker is having a holiday now, with almost nothing to do anymore. So RIP I guess.

1 day in and I've "saved over $20" in captcha fees according to XEvil's recaptcha solver. That's crazy, I had to slow things down as this thing was speeding up all my work through various software (GSA SER, Scrapebox and other personal pieces of software)

Needless to say I'm impressed. Just the other day I paid $30 for captcha solving that ran out in less than half a day, so this is a sound investment.

Just thought I'd share this, because I personally couldn't find any proper reviews or comparisons anywhere and took one for the team I guess

Have a great day
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