What paid tool do you use that you nonetheless dislike?

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I'm a developer hoping to build tools that are a joy to use. Simple, hassle-free, minimal learning curve, and also competitive in price.

What are some of the paid tools that you use that you nonetheless have bones to pick with that you just wish was better?

What would radically improve this tool?
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    No suggestions for tools you could improve upon but what a great way to start a business--how can you solve a problem, and what better place to look for problems then here ! I hope you get some really good ideas.
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      Thanks a lot. Well I'm not a good "ideas" person, I'm good at doing something that already exists better I guess. There's no bigger signal for a thriving market than "I'm paying for it yet I think it sucks" software.
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        For social media management, I like using Hootsuite but I think it could really benefit from a re-design of the interface. I like using Later.com a lot more but unfortunately it only works for Instagram.
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          Later.com has a great UI, those guys have definitely done a good job.
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          I'm not a fan of Hootsuite. I find Falcon etc... are a lot better.
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    I have used Later. One thing I don't like about it is that you have to approve your posts before they go to Instagram. Which is slightly inconvenient, I was hoping they would just automatically post to Instagram at the time they were scheduled.
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    Semrush is a great tool but their position tracking needs to be improved.

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    I think what I can consider a purchased tool that I somehow dislike is: Pardot (Link: https://www.pardot.com/)

    I think is a good investment after we had implemented Salesforce. It is really easy and convenient to make and to duplicate multiple landing pages. Email subscribers also increased.

    But when it comes to inquiries and support, they lag somehow. It would have been better if they had a chat or phone support as well.
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    For Social media I use socialpilot and For Seo analysis, I use Ahrefs tool.
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    Free SEO tool may help your skrill up-to-date. Then you used the paid tool if you improve your skill. Firstly you use Moz bar, mind.com, SEOquake, Then you use paid tools for your developing.
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