Store Stacker vs Affiliate Masher

by affenpinscher 14 replies
Anyone used one or the other and have an opinion on how good/bad it is?
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    i use store stacker, have to say it's really easy to install and a really great product, simple to use, simple to update all your sites etc


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    Is "Affiliate Masher" a similiar program to Store Stacker?

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    Hey guys, sorry for undigging this thread, i just did it for couple clarifications.

    1. Even though last posts that worry about Google dropping Storestacker sites are 3-5 months old, that did not happened. Try to google in google and you will find something like:

    Results 1 - 10 of about 841 from
    Results 1 - 10 of about 7,540 from

    2. I usually don't like to speak products that are considered our competitors. Whatever i would say some people may think i only say it because i am one of the Halfagain guys and have to support our own stuff. However, Affiliate Mashup has yet to improve before can compare itself with Storestacker.
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    Google puts a lot of sites into the "sandbox" for a while, and that's what I'm guessing happened to thesuccesscoach's.

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      Not familiar with Affiliate Masher, but StoreStacker works good for me.

      One of things you can do with StoreStacker is to set your shop up either as a standalone shop or you can attach it to an existing site and so set up your shop to compliment your other products and services

      StoreStacker is one of the better products I've purchased
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        I am currently trialling store stacker. I have had a few minor problems with installing the programme but that is more my lack of ability rather than the software itself. The support I have received from Omar is excellent. I would recommend to anyone to take up the trial offer.
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    I too have purchased store stacker but haven't used it yet. I'm wondering has anyone made money with it, being that google is looking for content based websites. How easy is it to add content to the store stacker sites? I'm looking for any testimonials, besides what's on their website?

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    Thanks for the great review on store stacker.. I purchase BANS which is just limited to Now I have a wider market
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