Zoho One opinions - anyone here use it?

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I was on a quest to find a different email client, and someone recommended Zoho. Then I looked at some of the other software packages that they do and I got sucked in. It looks like I could do all sorts of sophisticated automation, analysis blah blah if I went all in.

The licensing thing sucks a bit. While it is great value if you get their £30pm license for Zoho One (40 apps), if I want to use some VA's part time, their licensing says the £30pm deal is only if you have all your employees paying £30pm. But what about ad hoc freelancers who want to login to the system? I have a few issues with that!

Orchestly looks great for further automation, although I think that is an additional £7pm, or something like that.

Currently I am on Office 365.

Anyways, ranting aside, does anyone here use any of the Zoho apps or Zoho One, and if so, what is your honest opinion?
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