Has anyone bought "Passive Income System"

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This is Glynn Kosky's premium product that he sells from his webinar.
He says he has been working on it for the last 22 months so it should have some track record from 3rd parties.
He of course has some referrals from "past students" but interestingly 2 of the 3 are nowhere to be found on the internet. The one that does have a presence has no means to contact him.
I have to give Kosky credit on this - his method of driving traffic IS creative and free (no its not blogging or lauch jacking or or ) thats really the only reason I'm curious.
Of course with most webinars you have a 50/50 chance of getting a question answered and when you do - its often rather vague and not informative so I wanted to see if there are any users out there. So my question is as follows - has anyone picked up this product and did you achieve anything close to results that Glynn talks about?
I would be especially interested to talk to someone as opposed to message back and forth..
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