Jeremy Palmer's Blueprint For Profitability

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I was looking for some reviews of Blueprint For Profitability if anyone has purchased it. It also includes Back Ink Project 2, which I am also interested in.

Any reviews or feedback would be great!

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    Anyone have any feed back on Blueprint for Profitability or Blackink Project 2?
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      Thanks for your input Satamata. I have read that Jeremy and his training material are very good. I think Blueprint For Profitability is new, so I was hoping someone who bought it might have a review to offer.
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    Blackink project is good, definitely worth it... you'll learn a great deal off Jeremy if you grab his stuff, I know I did when he was with PPC Classroom v1 a couple years or so ago.
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    Thanks for your input.
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    I have followed Jeremy Palmer for quite some time.

    I was a part of BIP1&2 and I have read his first popular ebook. If Jeremy were to put more "snake Oil" sales pitch into his copy he would likely sell a lot more. But, he is a pretty honest, tell it as it is kinda guy. Jeremy is on my short list of about a half dozen marketers that I really trust. He is a solid and well respected marketer and a pretty good instructor.

    This package includes his newest project, Blueprint for Profitability as well as some extras; his first ebook, High Performance Affiliate Marketing, Black Ink Projects 1 & 2 and PPC Classroom 1 (pdf). Jeremys training modules are video powerpoint presentations. He talks slowly and clearly (with a Yankees banner in the foreground). The conversation is easy to understand and follow. He covers Niche research/development, keyword research, content development, social marketing, PPC marketing, web design, etc. This package is well worth the money. This is not a get rich quick product (I don't believe such a thing really exists). But it is a very good and thorough compilation of Internet Marketing tutorials that are very helpful to anyone truly serious about building a business online, no hype and BS, just simple facts and how to's.

    Let me know if you have any specific questions.


    ps I am not affiliated with this product, nor do I know Jeremy personally.
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