anyone use by Rackspace new hostcloud technology?

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I'm doing a product launch in about 1 month and I am looking for a reliable host that will scale quickly with bandwidth and other server resources so my site doesn't get shut down during the launch.

I looked into which was recommended by Mike Filsaime however after reading all of the bad reviews here on the forum I won't go there.

I have a dedicated server with Rackspace and they are awesome however I found MOSSO :: The Hosting Cloud - Home from the main Rackspace website. They offer what they call Cloud Hosting or clustered hosting where many servers are sharing resources and it seems that this would be the perfect choice for a product launch since it scales up instantly and automatically and they won't shut your site down for going over your base bandwidth.

Just wondering if anyone has tried and what experiences you may have had.

Otherwise any recommendations for a great hosting company to do a big product launch that won't shut your site down for a big burst in bandwidth?

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    Well, from what I know, Mosso has now become the RackSpace Cloud. RackSpace has finally done the new branding. Found some reviews of RackSpace Cloud hosting and a discount coupon if you were going to sign up.

    1. Global Movies Database = $489.95 = 1.5 GB data + 65.9 GB images.

    2. World Hotels Database = $589.95 = 1.54 GB data + 71.4 GB images.

    3. Auto Parts Database = $489.95 = 15.8 GB data + 30.4 GB images.

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      Keep in mind that Amazon now offers CloudFront, a global serving addition to their S3 service.

      I'm not familiar with MOSSO or other services, but I haven't heard a single complaint about Amazon's S3/CloudFront hosting combo, so far. And the cost is dirt cheap.

      Since this looks to be a growing trend - driven mainly by server-intensive videos - I imagine many other hosting companies will start offering "cloud" hosting.

      Seems like a good theme for a review/comparison site...

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