Looking For Real Affiliate X Reviews

by Bruha
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If anyone has used this monthly service yet, please let us know your thoughts.

Those trying to make a sale, please avoid this thread as I already have my link to the sales page thanks.
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    this is a pretty good review. It is an affiliate site (not mine) but it is a pretty good review all the same
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    It's pretty good, alright. Good enough to let me know I don't want to buy it.
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      Originally Posted by tommyp View Post

      It's pretty good, alright. Good enough to let me know I don't want to buy it.
      Yeah, that's what I thought
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    Originally Posted by Kieran Gill View Post

    I'm at a loss as to why my post was deleted - it would be much more helpful if a mod PM'd me with what I did wrong exactly.

    I'm not promoting Affiliate X in this thread, I'm offering the chance for questions to be asked from someone who has been over the material extensively.

    Anyway, to clarify, I wrote the SEO/Product Launch Domination section of Affiliate X and have read all of the other techniques (AdWords, which is particularly great and Twitter) in detail, as well as used them for myself.

    Yes, I understand I will be slightly bias as I wrote a section of this product -- But I am not getting anything from Affiliate X sales (other than from me promoting it via PPC) -- I wish that was the case, but it's not.

    So I say again, if anyone would like to ask a question, shoot.
    I have a question, in this course chris recommend direct linking with adwords and yet i have been slapped for doing this in the past,so how does chris DL without getting his campaign slapped by google?
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      Originally Posted by Kieran Gill View Post

      Chris mentions slapping in the AdWords guide, but it is a very specific direct-linking technique used, and due to the nature of it and the speed of which it can be done (it takes no longer than 5-10 minutes to set up a campaign) slapping is not an issue.
      Kieran i have been through the adwords guide twice and the direct linking technique used is an open affiliate link to the product,i have used the same open affilliate link when DL to a clickbank product and after a few weeks google slapped my ad.So i find it hard to not be an issue when chris is DL to the product just like i was.
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        Originally Posted by Kieran Gill View Post

        You are missing the point of the technique Chris is teaching you.

        These campaigns take *minutes* to set up and can generate thousands as he shows in the guide.

        If you get slapped after a couple of weeks... You take initiative and spend an hour launching another 10 campaigns. You don't get consistent free money for absolutely no work!

        Most of the products you'll be promoting will only be generating sales for a few weeks anyway.

        If you're slapped, on to the next one.

        If AdWords isn't for you, try my SEO method.

        If doing work isn't your thing, then IM isn't the game for you... This is as easy as it gets!
        well i do not having a problem setting up mutliple campaigns but if they all eventually get slapped, then google will end up banning my account for repeat violations, google are cracking down hard on repeat violaters,so if i submit any more DL campaigns that get slapped my account will get banned.

        If you ever used adwords you would know that google is not so forgiving,and yet these gurus reccomend methods that will get your account suspended or even banned.
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    Originally Posted by Kieran Gill View Post

    I'm at a loss as to why my post was deleted - it would be much more helpful if a mod PM'd me with what I did wrong exactly.

    I'm not promoting Affiliate X in this thread, I'm offering the chance for questions to be asked from someone who has been over the material extensively.

    Anyway, to clarify, I wrote the SEO/Product Launch Domination section of Affiliate X and have read all of the other techniques (AdWords, which is particularly great and Twitter) in detail, as well as used them for myself.

    Yes, I understand I will be slightly bias as I wrote a section of this product -- But I am not getting anything from Affiliate X sales (other than from me promoting it via PPC) -- I wish that was the case, but it's not.

    So I say again, if anyone would like to ask a question, shoot.
    I would like to know why the cpc values provided in affiliatex keyword database are so much different than the ones that the google keyword tool gives?

    Also looking forward to the answer for Ben565's question.

    Also as you wrote the SEO module. I would like to know where could I find related videos for this section. Specially I mean the ones that should show how to use these backlink resources. I checked the videos section, but couldn't find related videos.
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      As asked I will give you my thoughts. First the product is $67/month it probably goes up to $97/month in 2 days. There are two upsells first is advanced tactics and this is 47/month and second is CBQuantum($397)- one of their previous products. I didn't take none of them. So then there are 3 systems: adwords, seo and twitter. Adwords was pretty interesting, will try it out in following days. Have my doubts, but will see. SEO is quite decent, but nothing new, recently there are lots of launches how to promote product launches and get to the first page of google for keywords like "product name" and "product name review" "product name bonus" and so on. And then the Twitter section...this was a big disappointment for me. It was like twitter user-manual, compared to the Twittermethod which just launched it absolutely can't measure up.

      There are also couple of bonuses.

      And then there's the software. It seems pretty useful and it would be extremely difficult to collect this information manually. There are some things I hope they add in the future. For example they provide keywords for the top100 products, but don't do that for the products in the alerts section(special section for products that are becoming more popular very fast). Another thing is that keywords provided for the top100 have cpc and some sort of index which should tell how hard or easy it is to rank in Google for that keyword, but they don't show how many searches this keyword gets. This feature exists in their in house keyword tool tough. But you have to make a separate search. So I hope they add the searches data to the initial search.

      As I said previously in this thread the cpc data in their keyword tool is very different from google's keyword tool data. For example one keyword in affiliatex had cpc $0.01 but in google it was $0.78. That's pretty scary difference for me. I hope Kieran will come and explain this. Hopefully my concerns are for no reason.

      Overall I'm not thrilled with the product, but I'm not going to ask a refund either at least not yet. I still believe that the software is very useful and most people can learn new things from the manuals, maybe excluding twitter section. But not sure if it's all worth 67/month.

      Will put the methods in use and see if I can generate profit in 29 days if not I'm not going to pay for the next month.

      Hope some other members also come here and share their experiences.
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        Originally Posted by Kieran Gill View Post

        For future reference, the $45 upsell includes a nice SEO optimized WordPress theme I had developed with a neat little cpanel, more do-follow backlinks and another Product Launch Domination case study with the exact copy, links and landing page I used, and then for Dec there will be a special on ranking for x-mas products with examples from myself you can follow along with.

        Do try the AdWords technique and report back

        As for the SEO being "nothing new" I'm sure several of the do-follow backlinks sites in there will be new to you - there is some series quality in those links, ones I have found myself and never shared, especially the one I mention "DO NOT SHARE" on and several others...

        The Twitter guide is aimed at newbies though will get more advanced as the months go on, though it was really just an extra; the meat is with the AW guide and the SEO guide, and the tool.

        Re the keyword, that sounds odd, see my example above that shows it was working correctly. If you let me know the keyword I will have it checked out myself.

        Also as a note, the "SEO Special Sauce" rating is showing some odd numbers for certain keywords. It is in the progress of being fixed and should be fixed within 24 hours. You don't need the tool for the AdWords method or the SEO method in the guides, so you can still go ahead and start making money now.

        Make sure you check the "Signals" PDF in your members area for products to target with the Product Launch Domination method and the AdWords method.

        Thanks guys,


        Thanks Kieran for your replies.

        Just checked the "Signals" PDF. I didn't focus very much yet, but first impression is very very good. And also I have to give you the credit for these "Do not share" link resources.
        But I still didn't find the videos in the PDF. By the way only link that works in the PDF is the one to the "leech". Others like the one to the yahoo explorer and thesis theme don't work.

        About these keywords differences. I don't find the one I was referring to yesterday, but for example if you go to the top 100 section then today on the 3rd spot is a "get ex back" product if you look at the keywords then cpc for " get girl back" is $0.01 and $0.27 for "get girlfriend back". In Google adwords tool the cpcs for the same keywords are accordingly $0.57 and $0.77

        Best regards,

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    On the sales page it says:

    Well if you have, this will be like a breath of fresh air. Affiliate X set this up so you can be up and running and using the software within 60 minutes of loading it up.
    That's right you could be profiting within 1 hour of receiving it."

    It sounds too simple and too good to be true. I do not want to buy this product and feel disappointed in the end. Is this really true?

    Michael T
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    That is extremely worrying and undermine some of the key premises of AffiliateX.

    I was hoping to test a £500 campaign around the product but may simply return it, there are bugs and there are show stoppers. Having worked in software for many years , this if true is the equivalent of a taxation software calcultaing tax incorrectly so the tax advisor is unable to provide strategic tax solutions for his client with any confidence.

    Very worrying indeed.

    If this cannot be fixed then this software is pointless.

    Thumbs down if true
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    Kieran , as you mention here ..Glad you like the Signals PDF (there's a new one every month) and the backlinks (more every month if you took the upsell). ..can this up sell be purchase sometime later or is it just a one time offer ..and is today the last day before the price increase. Thanks
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    I bought it, and it looks like it's a mix of material from 2006 ( o.0 ) and some from 2009..

    The seo part is nothing new but it works and is written quite well so good for people who don't know this already.

    There are different methods in this package so you can pick what you like to go for.
    I think for newbies it is really good if you have some money for ppc it's even better but many of you might already know most of the methods.

    The software is ok, but there is nothing you could also do manually.

    I mean there is a money back guarantee so I think especially for newbies it is worth a try. If you want the quick money and have some money for adwords this could be good for you.

    I will now read the twitter guide, let's see what's in it.

    PS: Kerian, most of the backlinks are also in Angela's packages.. You said in the guide you want to show us how we can find these backlinks ourselves but I can't find it anywhere. Can you help me with that?
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    he is selling a keyword tool for $67 a month
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    Kieran, what's your advise about trademarks.If you find a good buyer keyword which has a trademark term in it.What's your approach using your seo method. So far I have just picked some generic domain name and made a post with the actual term I am trying to rank for. Do you think using the trademark in subdomain would help. For example Brian Johnson used google.nemesisreview.com in the google nemesis launch. I found a good term in Affiliatex I would like to take on, but I would appreciate your opinion on this matter before I do.
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    ok.. let's clarify something here
    if you follow Chris' method.. you may be able to launch 10 campaigns in an hour.
    These will run until you are discovered by Google and hopefully you will make money with these campaigns before you are discovered.
    Google in the meantime, has already rolled out a system to deal with repeat offenders. So, it may start with Google putting the brakes on an offending campaign and then should the Adwords account holder continue to run similar campaigns in the future, there is a good chance that the account gets flagged and 'slapped'... A self proclaimed IM 'guru' told me about one of his accounts getting blocked for very similar reasons and then when he tried to open a new adwords account.. surprise, surprise... it looked like his credit card was banned from usage on another account... a bit later it was discovered that his IP had also been blocked by Google. So I did some digging and sure enough, there were other people in the same boat.

    so, if you are in possession of multiple credit cards and you have a proxy set up to mask your true IP... you could benefit from Chris' tactic.

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    This product is a joke. You're paying 67/month for a keyword tool that isn't better than googles free keyword tool.
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        Thanks to all the replys here. but soon as I read there wer upsells that total 397.00 and anothe 67.00 and 47.00 a month this turns me off I was just getting ready to order and now I know not to thanks again. these upsells make me sick.
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      AffiliateX V2 is coming out tomorrow (05/24/10) Anybody know if it's any different?
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    The programs seems to offer good tools and help for Affiliates and I would be glad to get a tenth of what it promises.

    I know that serious keyword research requires plenty of time and efforts and the opportunity to have help in this area is surely desirable.

    I have some doubts about the $ 67 per month additional option and I would be interested to know the experiences of people who are using this option.

    However I have decided to try and I have just signed up.

    Mario Pesce
    Affiliate Success News
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      dtmission....I noticed you purchased the program on 6-17 and was wondering if you would share you thoughts so far. I'm anxious to hear your opinion, if you have set up any campaigns, have you made money, etc.


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        I finally decided to ask for a refund. I still think that the program is interesting and I was tempted to continue, but I found that the basic purchase does not include the main promotional tools and that you need to pay a monthly membership of $ 65 to access them.

        Moreover I decided that I prefer to concentrate on a few good opportunities rather than constantly looking for new ones and new fashions.

        Best Regards

        Mario Pesce
        Affiliate Success News
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      Is this the same as Affiliate X Pro.
      Has anyone tried it and what was the rate of success

      Hoping to hear from someone who has actually tried it

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    After reading the entire thread I am not anymore interested to subscribe this product.

    I would stick to KeywordSpy rather than spending money on this useless tool

    Thanks for your replies and helping me out to make a positive decision.
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      Keywords - "Affiliate X Don't"

      Here's my latest contribution to the Affiliate X saga.

      I am less than 3 weeks into it (call it 'newbie' syndrome), pinging, steadily posting articles, feeds, prompting SEO and here is where I've been for much of the last 24 hours, via an independent tool.

      "....It's not just you! http://imoneycenter.cm looks down from here...."

      This is my most error prone site!!!

      Imagine for a moment just where I'd be with problems of this nature after months of effort, rather than simply weeks.

      I now have 2 outstanding service tickets. One is a fairly simple question about additional plug-ins, requested 4 days ago. The second is ME notifying THEM last night that my site was down, along with all of other similar sites.

      I had previously requested and received a refund of my over-confident and misguided immediate upgrade purchase, refunded only after 7 days and nothing other than autoresponder reaction to requests to complete the upgrade, vice the basic access I received. Nothing happened until Clickbank finally reacted with a refund at that point.

      Soon afterward, I get a message from someone claiming to be Chris X, asking ME for complete copies of my receipts so that I can gain access (!), a full 10 days after payment and after 3 requests for access to files.

      Looks like Chris has moved on....

      Just 4 days ago, I received an email promotion from none other than 'Chris' for a completely different product called Turbo Profit Sniper which, of course, is '...a NEW approach, proven to reel in $50,000 per month..." and, I'm certain that it won't have the downtime problems of the just updated version of their latest 'hot' and current product

      Thanks, Chris. I trust you!

      Joke, disaster, sham, mistake?

      All of the above.
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        I'm kicking myself for not checking the forum before purchasing this darned thing!!!

        For some reason I got the impression that it had just launched and didn't think it would have any reviews yet. Late at night, tired, not thinking clearly .. so I went for it. Dumb arse me!

        I am so tired of big-time so-called gurus - this one driving a Ferrari, no less! - selling crapola! The basic product, IPK, at best, will hopefully make you some money before Google slaps you and - if you're dumb or greedy enough to keep using it - eventually get you banned permanently?

        And the software has bugs and is - even if/when it's working properly - no big deal (per reviews here)?!

        Give me a break!

        Thanks for the heads up, guys .. just wish I was more on top of it with this one!

        Thank God for CB's 60-day refund policy!


        PS Why can't these guys just provide quality stuff for the money they charge .. and maybe settle for a BMW instead of a Ferrari!?!

        PPS Not even 10 minutes after completing my purchase, he emails me his aafiliate link for something called "The Last traffic Secret"! Unbelievable.
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          Originally Posted by rbowen View Post

          PPS Not even 10 minutes after completing my purchase, he emails me his aafiliate link for something called "The Last traffic Secret"! Unbelievable.
          Is that the last traffic secret before they discover the next one?
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            I got affiliateX as part of Michael Cheneys package. A week later am still trying to get my log in details to affilaitex members site, and in WP admin the website is incomplete missing the clickbank and keyword lists.
            Emails to affiliateX are ignored.

            Re the $67 upgrade, is stated 'dont need to do anything as free traffic is sent to your websites'.
            Anyone got experience if this actually happens, or is this snake oil advertising?

            Note to anyone going for a refund, just go direct to Clickbank refunds@clickbank.com
            and include receipt details.
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              Affilite X presents Upgrades Unlimited!

              Let's see, an automatic money making product, $47 per month.
              AFFILIATE X.

              Than to get a REALLY automatic money making product, you'll need to upgrade to an ADDITIONAL $67 per month.
              AFFILIATE X PRO.

              $114 per month so far.

              There's an upgrade/up-sell called Aff. X Google Insider Blueprints, but at this point, I am too disgusted to even check the price!

              NOW, if you want a website that is already built to profit, get WEBSITE X, at a one time price of $47

              THEN, if you want a website, that is already built to profit, but is automatic (???) you get AUTO WEBSITE X at $47 PER MONTH

              $161 per month so far!

              PLUS whatever Aff. X Google Insider Blueprints costs!

              After waiting two days for a support reply and ADMISSION to the Affiliate X Pro members area I already paid for, I decided these "automatic" "3 click" websites that take "90 seconds" to profit, were just too much!

              Too much hassle.
              Too much money.
              Too much disappointment.

              Back to good old 'hard work' - the easiest way of all!
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          Originally Posted by rbowen View Post

          Thank God for CB's 60-day refund policy!
          Which every vendor describes as "MY personal 60 day money back guarantee"!
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    I have the program AffiliateX. The AffiliateX Tweeter tool does not work. I need someone to help me figure it out or get the company to get it repaired quickly. Support is very slow and not too responsive. I can be reached at skype at physical2006. They have lots of information there but needs a forum of which I have not found yet. I am looking for partners in the program so we can at least talk ourselves through and be mentors to each other or as a group.

    Manuel Washington
    Internet Marketing Consultant Of The Future
    phone:479 619 5964

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        I really did not like the software at all
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      Originally Posted by wealthfinder View Post

      Short Review:

      The product is free, and the system outlined works, but there is zero training, and without knowledge of email marketing, you are basically spamming people’s inbox.

      Before You Buy:

      I can’t remember how I found Auto Affiliate X, but I started on aax.e-cik.com which is a horribly designed website that looks like something out of the 90′s. I was then taken to autoaffiliatex.com/secretaccess.php where I signed up for the program and got my login credentials via email.

      I was very surprised to find out that the program truly was free, and that I was able to watch 5 training videos and set up my promotional site for free. At the end of 10 minutes I had a website that was ready for promotion. Don’t take this as a good sign though, it was a horribly designed site and there were numerous other issues to be aware of.
      First of all, this thread is for Affiliate X, not Auto Affiliate X..

      "Looking For Real Affiliate X Reviews"

      I do not own Affiliate X but I did create the Auto Affiliate X software.

      The thread for Auto Affiliate X is here.

      We do provide plenty of training on list building, affiliate marketing and traffic generation and cover aspects of building a relationship with your email subscribers, not spamming.

      You might not like the template designs, however, that is not really important. The important thing is that they convert and they do 30-40% sometimes even up to 50% which is relatively good compared to industry standards.

      NEVER base your opinion on just that, your opinion. Test, test and test to really establish if something converts or not.


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