New And Updated Micro Niche Finder.. Your Thoughts?

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My initial thoughts is that it's cool and I like the new features but after investigating the MOB feature I don't see how it's any good when it uses quotes around the search thus filtering the results that actually rank for the term without quotes. It's confusing me.

Anyhow overall I like the update.. what's your thoughts?
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    What version do you have?
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      I really like the domain check feature, it's quicker than heading to namecheap/godaddy etc and manually typing keyword terms in The MOB tool doesn't work every time for me, not sure if it's a bug but it tries to find it then just goes back to 'Get MOB'. Overall, I think these are some useful additions to an already great software
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        The latest version - released early Nov 09 - is 4.6.1 and contains a number of new features, including a domain search and measure of backlinks (MOB). These are useful features, especially the MOB, as this lack was a weakness in determining whether particular keywords were viable to pursue. For instance, if the top ranked domains for a keyword already had numerous backlinks it would likely be much easier and more fruitful to spend time trying to rank for less competitive keywords.

        The domain search works quickly but I question its value as by adding a word to the front or end of a keyword could easily make it available when the program says it isn't.

        As for MOB, I haven't had any success in using it it yet. When I press "continue" nothing further happens. The window closes and there appears to be no action. This could be my lack of experience with what is required for the new features, so I'll persist. The main screen indicates that there are new training videos now available.

        Also, when I installed vs 4.6.1 it indicated as it was being installed that there was an updated PDF available with instructions. However, when I downloaded the latest manual it did not contain reference to recent changes.

        The program has been clearly undergoing significant changes that are also not obvious as the installer for recent versions of MNF was about 9 mb and the latest one is now 13 mb, so there is a lot of new code involved and I expect this still needs to be fully tested.

        More importantly, I think, is that the author is constantly trying to make this a better product and for that he needs to be applauded.

        I'm willing to put up with bug releases when I can see that the author is trying to add truly useful features.

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    Personally I love it. The updated pdf manual was downloaded as well, it was in the MNF folder. From what I quickly skimmed over the book, the additions are at the last chapters of the book.

    Personally as I am working with microniches a lot, I love the domain finding new feature. It's such a time saver for exact keyword domains. Although I should actually hate it as I've just emptied my pockets today by registering 8 domains right away. I can't stay away from that darn feature.
    I'm still trying to understand the new MOB features, although I've watched the online video about it as well.

    All in all, mighty pleased.

    Jewels of Cyprus - my personal blog
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    i been waiting for this MOB for such a long timem and finallt it is here.

    Anyway, to mention,MOB is extremely buggy as for now, if only it could work 100%~
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    ok,'re not going to leave it at that?

    what's the "more powerful tool"??
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