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Hello there,

I am looking for advice on what software to use for affiliate marketers. I am not looking to build an affiliate network, so please no affiliate platform marketing software, but work as an affiliate marketer. Need the software to manage and track my campaigns with reporting and such. I know there is a ton so looking for your recommendations.

Thank you!
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    You can check out different types of software at Saastrac.
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    I use Clickmagick, Statcounter and Google Analytics.
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    Hello, clickmagic ist great but can even track with simple WP Plugins like PrettyLinks for free. Just depends on what you need.

    Hope that helps

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    Your right there is a lot - So i will just tell you my set up which is working well for me.

    I have a website with bulehost - I feel its the best out of them all, with the functions it allows you to add a lot more to your website easier then others do.

    I use click funnels for my landing pages - now a lot of people don't like click funnels because it s expensive with the minimum package of $97 a month. But you get what you pay for and it works great for me.

    For email autoresponder i use Get response. - it was a bit tricky to set up but once you get your head round it, its easy to use and track emails.

    I hope this is what your looking for, there is not one software to my knowledge out there that will do it all just yet.

    Then if you start to run ads you are able to track conversions from each platform ie -facebook , pinterest, youtube.

    Maybe too much information to start with but it gives you an idea -Hope this helps x
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    The platform I use lets you build complete sales funnels, sites, and landing pages, has an autoresponder with open and click tracking, allows you to create custom tracking links, has built-in split-testing for both pages and emails (and auto-selects the winner if you choose), lets you create membership sites, provides checkout functionality with upsells and order bumps, and has really detailed analytics.

    It's fully-integrated so you can track a lead's behavior from the instant they land on a page even before they've opted in, which I wasn't able to do with separate funnel and email services. Makes it easy to know which ad campaign a lead came from and then how they engage with your pages and emails.

    I'm paying $79 per month but I pay annually; it's $99 month-to-month otherwise.
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    One up for Clickmagic, started using it a year ago for all email traffic and paid traffic. Easy to use and great at spotting bot fake clicks

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