The API-50 Government Windfall.

by dsanchez 4 replies
Hi guys,

I just came across this product.

Has anyone bought it?

I would appreciate your opinion.


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    Hi Sanchez,

    I have not heard of it. I'll check it out.
    Where is it sold from, Clickbank?

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      I would like to find out more, too before I throw away $97. If anyone knows about League of Power (who's marketing the API-50 info) I would like to know more about them, too. They offer a full 30-day money back guarantee but we all know some people don't honor their word.

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        Hi all,

        I've received a mailing about this product a couple of times recently from Streetwise publishing in the UK, I was sceptical but open minded about it as they have both good and bad products IMO, so I tried to see what I could find about the product.

        To get to the point I've now these two promotions of this product, by League of Power in the US (I assume), and Streetwise in the UK.

        www .leagueofpower. com /api.htm

        www .streetwisenews. com/api

        Both these sites look like clones of the same product template, but with slight regional tweaks such as colloquial language, e.g.

        League of Power site says:
        “Without being a ‘Welfare-Moocher’ I Received $11,827.20

        Streetwise site says:
        "Without Being a ‘Benefit-Cheat’ I Claimed £11,827.20

        Oh, and both adverts have a picture of a guy taking his money out of the ATM. "That's me on the left" it says on both sites. The League of Power product is sold by Jeff McBride, whilst the Streetwise product is sold by Ken Kingstone but the same picture of the guy at the ATM is shown on both sites.

        I'm not doubting that there is a genuine product of some sort behind this, but the phrase "it looks too good to be true" certainly comes to mind when reading the claims of "virtually guaranteed paychecks" and such like.
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          Also, FYI Streetwise are selling the system for £247 + 17.5% VAT (£290.23 total) - or £177 + 17.5% VAT (£207.98) if purchased before Monday lol, so in that respect League of Power looks a bargain!
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