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I've been a fan of Income School on Youtube for a long time.
I've always been penny pinching and never considered signing up.
Now giving it some consideration.

Problem is: the single message they give is... CONTENT - everything is about content.
They talk about writing 10,000 essays per article and making it SEO friendly.
They don't bother with trying to get ANY inbound links at all.
They talk about writing maybe 50 articles - this being serious well researched writing and that's it!!
They also talk about how they will teach how to get the answer box on the Google first page - but again, the main thing behind it all is writing good content.

Any thoughts?

Should I consider buying a Copywriting course somewhere else instead?
Income School give you a 70 point checklist + a community to share ideas and plans with.

One thing I would stress is that: they don't come over as spammy. They all look like their honest and trustworthy and very open about their operation.

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