CPA Greed

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Anyone got any reviews for CPA Greed

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    Looks like crap to me. here is part of the auto email I got...

    "This is a full business system that is greyhat in style. You can generate anywhere from $1k to $5k a day with this system if you do the instructions we show you.

    This method costs $5000 to buy. I will send you wire transfer information upon request as that is the method we use.

    We will help you get setup, and walk you through untill you make your money back. After you make your initial deposit back, it should be a piece of cake to scale up.

    We include a website template for you to use, we also have additonal files for you available, it almost makes it too easy to make money.

    We have testimonials and users who are making an avg. of $2500 DAILY with about 2-3 hours of work. "

    What stops me is a) the price. B) No explanation as to what it entails. and most of all c) WIRE TRANSFER. I don't think so....

    But, its just my opinion, if anyone wants to roll the dice on this, be my guest...
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      Haven't heard anything about this but if you're looking into CPA, check out Alex Goad's Affiliate Payload. Its got a 300 page manual and lots of good reviews here in the forum


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