Aggressive Wealth Secrets

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This Affiliate Software was just launched today(Affiliate Wealth Secrets) and I was wondering if anyone has purchased it or has any review or opinions. Thanks

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    I'd like to know too. It sounds very interesting.
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      I'm Also waiting to see what others think of this. But for $7.97 a month I dont think thats all that much to lose but a lot to gain. Im thinking I just might take a look at this myself.
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    just $7.97 a month? Any upsell and downsell?

    Like a Boss...

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    Are there automated blogging software? Does this way force Google to be index it regularly?

    And any demo videos?
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      having re read the sales page it seems to me that it is touting to be "The Magic Button"
      have I found the Holy Grail?
      Does this realy mean I can type in some affiliate links and I make moneyfor $7.97 a month?

      This is an excerpt from the sales page of what it can supposedly do.

      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

      It's a simple 3 step process that consists of...

      1. Find products to promote - it's free to do this, and you simply need to copy and paste a link
      2. Login and set up the parameters for the niche this product fits in.
      3. Targeted, free traffic follows your link to the product...and buys the product. You get paid your affiliate commission, receive your direct deposit, and take your slice of the $6.5 billion pie. And remember...

      You can do it anywhere and anytime..

      You can pull in hundreds, thousands, and even more from anywhere in the world anytime, and allow yourself to spend the rest of your time doing what you love.

      A few minutes in the morning in the coffee shop, and the rest of your vacation is yours. Hang out with friends, enjoy spending time with your kids, play golf... whatever you want to do, you can spend 90% of your time doing.

      And the best part is...You can start with little capital...and very low risk.

      YOU DON'T need to own your own product or deal with customers.

      YOU DON'T need to be an expert to start gaming google and making quick cash. You don't need any prior education or skills. All you need is to be able to push a few buttons.

      YOU DON'T need a website - our software will direct traffic to your affiliate links, or you can set up free money pages that I show you how to easily setup in the guide.

      YOU DON'T need a big ol' budget to risk on Adwords, so in essence you don't need money to make money. This is a true push-button wealth building system.

      And the most exciting parts of the business are:

      YOU CAN make ridiculous amounts of money, hundreds, thousands, even millions...The sky is really the limit. I know many "shadow elite" who are taking down millions a year.

      YOU CAN do it only part time, easily fitting it in to your hectic life around your prior commitments and soul-sucking job. You can work minutes a day, and eventually say goodbye forever to those 60 hour workweeks.

      YOU CAN run your part-time affiliate business from anywhere on the planet - it doesn't matter where you live, and you can easily work even while you're on vacation. And you can do it from home in your pajamas.

      "Who else wants a proven system from a
      super affiliate rockstar..."
      __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ __

      Love to see some screen shots/video clips to see what it actaully does.
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    Here is the pre-launch video made by Michael Constantino, the affiliate
    referred to in the sales letter.

    Well, since this system won't let me post even a NON-aff link, go to
    the sales letter url and add a slash download and the html after.

    According to a review by the same name, here's what's included.

    Module (1) Affiliate Hijacking - the art of silent takeover

    * Cloning Manipulation
    * Power Domains
    * Sub-Domain Profits
    * Vital Folder Surprises
    * Special-Use Domains
    * Special-Use Folders
    * Authority Domains
    * General Domains
    * Specific Domains
    * Inverse Domains
    * Secondary Domains
    * Domains verses 3rd Party Pages
    * Expired Product Domains Leveraging
    * Turning Domain Dogs Into Domain Stars
    * Resurrecting Domains
    * Identities & IPs
    * Sneaky Back Doors

    Module (2) Guerilla Ad Tactics - the art of high returns on low budgets

    * PPC Options (Google, Bing,Yahoo And YUK, YCAD, YAUS)
    * Double Bonanza (When twice the ads equals twice the profit)
    * High ROI Ads (Best Designs and Words to Use)
    * Core-Derivative Keywords (What Keywords Are the Real Buyers)
    * Competitor Website Destruction (Using Page Placements With Huge Text Or Image Ads)

    * US FreeAds Classifieds
    * Direct Affiliate Linking
    * Legal Triple Placements

    * SlideShare, SlideBoom & Scrbd
    * Booby Trap Profit Slides
    * Embeded Video

    Social Cherry Picking

    * A Twitter Twick

    Clipping Dollars
    * ClipCliping & ClipMarking Your Clones

    Module (3) Blogging SuperStar - the art of dominating the blogoshere

    * Becoming a VlogStar
    * Platforms to Use
    * Plugins to Use
    * Building Smart Networks
    * Authority Blogs
    * General Blogs
    * Specific Blogs
    * Alternate Blogs
    * Easy Post Creating
    * Super Structures
    * Super Linking
    * Recycling For Maximum ROI
    * Recycling Videos
    * Powerful Titles and Openers
    * Correct Categorization
    * Syndication, Exploitation & Controlling Wikizines
    * Chanelling Old Posts to Money Pages

    Module (4) Video Monetization - the art of generating money from videos, not just views

    * Content & Creation
    * Editing & Captions
    * Direct Linking From Video Pages
    * Easy Uploading to The Big 5 (YouTube, Yahoo, Viddler, MetaCafe & Daily Motion)
    * Sharing & Bookmarking
    * Using Videos in a Blog Network
    * Participation Partying
    * Maximizing Views

    Module (5) Natural Selection - the art of picking super winners

    * High End Tickets
    * BFF - Best Friends Forever
    * 2nd Tier Tusnami
    * Intelligent CPA
    * Picking the Best
    * Niches that Generate High Profits
    * Tricks & Tips of Correct Selection

    Module (6) Sequence Management - the art of streamlining for profits

    * Pre Pre-Launch Frenzy
    * Pre-Launch Conquest
    * Launch Leading
    * Super Multi Listing
    * Usings SEs As Your Affiliate
    * Leveraging Super-Affiliates for Self-Gain
    * First Mover Advantage
    * Last One In Wins
    * The Aftermath & Last One Standing
    * Ongoing Prominance
    * Becoming An Authority

    Module (7) Business Blitzing - the art of growing without a meltdown

    * Data Centralization
    * Lateral Organization
    * Semantic Processing
    * Rolling Out & Ramping Up
    * Prioritizing and Direct Deployment
    * Streamlining the Process
    * Sticking to Systems
    * Replicating Success

    Seems to me that you basically have to set up a gazillion blogs/sites and
    promote them through various social media. Don't count on doing that

    Just my gut feeling, the "miracle software" is probably an automated
    Excell spreadsheet (remember the video?) that Michael used to keep
    on track with his promotions and myriad sites.

    With that said, watch the video above (not the one on the sales page),
    then skim through the sales letter again and see what conclusion you
    come to.

    Hope this helps.
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      Thank you Ursula2 for mentioning the video. I did what you said, watched the video and read the sales letter again. I run across that line : It's so easy a 10 year old child can do this.

      Well, now I need to admit that 10 year old children are more intelligent than I am, as I have no clue about a lot of stuff he is mentioning in the video.

      guess I won't try that.

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    Stay away or do due diligence...
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    Hi Warriors,

    I purchased because I was curious and for $7.97 per month I figured I would at least get more education. The software itself is a way of keeping track of all your niches and what is called 'partners' (websites that you are an affiliate of). You still have to do some work but for someone like me who needs to find a way to stay organized I think it will be a big help. The biggest problem I have had so far with it is that the details on 'how' some of the things are done is lacking. I have gone through about half of the over 30 videos. There is a PDF that has a few more details but still not enough in my mind. I will use the software for one of my niches and see if it helps me. I will let you know.


    I'm selling chicken coops! What a hoot! GreatChickenCoopDesigns
    Need a date? ComputerDatingSuccess
    How about some contact lenses eColourContactLenses

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    I will wait for more details, as it sounds still a bit "foggy" to me
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    Thanks for that Dianne. I do wonder though as the promise was that the software would get us unlimited links, not just organise us better ...

    I reserve judgement.

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    From what I can gather using the software the amms software is an organisational platform where you can store logins aff links and domains for certain projects you might have.
    Whilst I do not question the integrity of the owners that is a powerful amount of info to store online in any one place.
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    Stay well away from this.

    It's pretty rubbish and probably not worth a monthly subscription. Which is why I tried to cancel my subscription last month.

    However, after numerous emails and support tickets, none of which were answered, money was again taken from my credit card today and I hate membership sites that don't have a clear and simple process to unsubscribe and cancel.

    I certainly won't ever buy an Eric Rockefeller product again after my expereince with this.

    Manage your link building campaigns with my FREE Backlink Checker

    And this is where I talk about how I earn money online

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    Coming late to this - I did buy it, suckered in. I found the product really poor - it didn't really explain what to do in any meaningful way. For example it shows you the technicalities of how to clone sites, but doesn't tell you why you'd do this or what to do with the cloned site. Now maybe this is clear to others, but not me.

    I'm trying to cancel my membership but their e-mail address is returned undeliverable, and the phone number doesn't seem to be live - I can't get through anyway.

    I've contacted their payment/cart processing company to cancel my membership, so we'll see how that goes.

    Not good ...
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    Me too...trying to cancel and all contact info is bogus including the phone number on the transaction on the credit card statement.
    Will have to go through CC company and dispute the charge.

    I will not purchase anything from Eric Rockefeller again.
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