Commission Payload Any Good?

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Hi Warriors,

Anyone bought and tried Commission Payload? Appreciate reviews if any. Thanks!
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    Its by Alex Goad and Saj P by the way

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    Yes, I bought this course. CPA is something I have never tried and I thought it would be a good buy.

    I am just getting started and my thoughts about it are quite mixed.

    There are quite a few pdfs, some long, some short on the various areas of CPA. I have now read these. There are many many videos, I have only watched one. All content is good quality and informative stuff so far.

    The only gripe I have is in customer treatment and presentation so far; there was no welcome message and quick friendly greeting how to get started, the site members area is empty - by that I mean the welcome dashboard is completely blank, the actual training area is quite unimpressive in style (some could say it is simple and to the point though!) There does not seem to be any sign of the upgrade I paid for and so far I have had no luck with contacting them about it. There is no obvious email address and although there is a help desk I have no idea if anyone is getting the questions I have sent, as there is no record of them

    I am hopeful they will catch up with all their new customers soon. After all we have spent quite a lot on this course.

    I will post back later in the week when I have made more progress with the training and videos and hopefully will have heard something from the staff by then.


    Anyone else inside the members area..... I would like to hear from you and what you think!
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    • Ditto to everything pennyjmay said! I'm so relieved to see that I'm not the only one having customer service issues.

      I, too, have submitted several support tickets and not had any response, or even an acknowledgment. There are no email addresses, no contact info on the site. The receipts for purchase came from a no-reply address.

      I also got the upsell and haven't heard a word on how to access it. Did get a receipt though. Actually, I purchased both upsells. My credit card was declined for the last upsell because three charges were made in quick succession for Internet purchases and the card company put a hold on the account. I submitted a support ticket advising that I've authorized the charge with my credit card company and asked if they are going to resubmit the charge or send me an invoice. Silence.

      I bought this Wednesday evening and have had miscellaneous difficulties since. Wednesday none of the training videos were available. Thursday mid-day, most of the videos were available.

      This morning I logged in to the member's page and started to watch the videos. I logged off for a while, and when I came back, the log in failed. This is odd because I had set Firefox to remember it so I didn't have to go looking it up. I've been locked out all day.

      I am writing this on Friday evening (SoCal) and have yet to receive anything from them other than a receipt for the initial payments. Nothing on accessing the Elite program upsell, no word on credit card snafu and how it will be handled.

      I want to say that the few videos I've watched are really good. Alex is the narrator. He's articulate, clearly comfortable with the information, and obviously knowledgeable. I'm excited about this program, and the opportunity to be learning this topic from Alex and Saj. From material Saj gave on a seminar, and from the few videos I've been able to watch, doing CPA/PPC feels doable for the first time. I'm stoked. Just wish I could get to the material.

      I'll give it a few more days before I start to freak out about the lack of communication from CP's HQ. I haven't experienced such a vacuum of communication before. But, to the best of my knowledge the gentlemen at the helm are reputable so surely everything will fall into place as it should.

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        Ditto all the above regarding support tickets, layout etc

        I have been involved in CPA for a while now and bought this as I thought it would be an advanced version of Saj's ZFM which I also bough and was impressed.

        The same can not be said of commission payload unfortunately.

        I was especially interested in the media buying and was very disappointed that the intro series was just the ZFM videos which as i mentioned I already have.

        There are supposed to be six advanced videos but Video 2 and 5 are missing and two of the other videos are identical ?!?!?!?

        If this had been $97 product I could have been more patient but when I spend $500, I expect the product to be finished.

        As for the other videos there is nothing really new unless you are a newbie and the actual videos themselves don't actually seem to teach anything rather they just talk about it.

        I ordered the package with the free first month to the monthly product and no mention of it anywhere, either in the members area or by email, which I gess is not surprising as their have been no emails at all to speak of other than receipts and one curt one basically saying hi, here is where you login.

        Very disappointing and if I don't receive a reply from their support dept today will be asking for a refund although quite how long that will take is another matter completely

        UPDATE: Decided to send my support request to their billing email mentioned in the receipt and it got the old "Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:" message..... oh dear

        Have now sent one to their paypal email will update you if I get a reply.
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          Hello, I am now at a point where I am very disappointed. There was a good start with the videos but now I am past the initial ones, the Twitter set seems to be some other guys product and I cant see that what I really want to learn well has been covered fully enough. No upsells have been delivered, no sign of any tickets and I think things seem to be a little out of order in the content as well. My two messages have not been answered and two others have come back as undeliverable. I am so very upset about this as these two marketers are very well known, however, apart from this forum, there is no mention anywhere else of people being disatissfied at all. I imagine quite a lot of people have bought CP. I am going to request a refund and then raise a dispute at Paypal as we have not got the full product as promised. It is our right to be refunded, and they did suggest, we could have our money back for any reason at all!

          Any others going for a refund now?

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            I am in the same boat as PJ. I ordered Commission Payload ($497), along with the first upsell ($197). The upsell content was never emailed and there is no mention of it in my Members Dashboard.
            I have submitted 2 tickets via their support portal and days have passed without a reply or an acknowledgement.
            Some of the video links on the Members Portal are not working.
            It's as if Alex and Saj went on vacation and left the store completely unattended.

            I'm going to open a Paypal dispute and get a refund as Commission Payload did not deliver what they promised.

            As a caveat to anyone else out there, the email address they posted on the Paypal receipts, billing [at] gets rejected as undeliverable, user unknown.
            The phone number listed on their receipt is disconnected (+1 302-721-5294)

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              Difficult to believe that 2 well known marketers can do this.

              I logged in a short while ago and was pleased to see that the 2 missing core media buys videos were uploaded until I downloaded them to find they were just 2 videos from the beginners section on media buys, exactly how stupid do they think we are.

              I already mentioned that all the beginners media buy vids are actually the same vids from ZFM from over a year ago, there is nothing like up to date info and yes this is nothing like up to date info.

              After watching a couple of twitter vids I realised that these were upsell vids from ZFM as well, I guess they are taking repackaging to a whole new level.

              Re the email and support. Still no reply to ticket. As mentioned billing address does not work. I sent an email to their paypal address will let you know if I hear back.

              I have since sent emails to 2 addies I had for Zaj, one of which is the support email for ZFM which I bought.

              It is quite ironic that Alex showed his brand new luxury offices in one of the presell vids and yet he offers absolutely no support.

              I will give them until tomorrow to reply and then I will join the refund line, although PP can be a pain when trying to get refunds for digital products.
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                Sorry to hear bout the support issues guys. Frankly I am rather dissapointed to hear that Alex of all people is slacking in customer service. My cousin's friend bought CP and was griping about it. I think he will be rather relieved (or not!) to know that there are others who are facing similar problems.

                Audaces Fortuna Juvat - Fortune Favours The Bold

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    I am very disappointed with the course. I expect lot more organized and support with the price tag like this. My tickets are still not replied, I am going to join the refund line soon. But I am worry about not getting my money back since there are no working e-mail and the phone number for refund. Only way to contact them is through paypal and I have never filed a dispute before. What are going to happen? I don't know. One more thing to worry before Xmas, thank to Commission Payload.
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      I have just requested a refund so we shall see how quickly they respond.

      They did send an email out trying to explain the problems but fell short of an apology.

      I finally manged to get a response from their support regarding the missing and dupe media buying vids. He apologised and said it was his mistake.

      Logged in this morning and all they have done is change it to be one module for media buying and just not adding the 2 missing core vids. Was the last straw considering as mentioned 7 of the vids were actually from ZFM.

      High time these gurus stopped repackaging old stuff and actually gave us something new.
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    I requested my refund as well, so far I have not heard anything from them.
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  • I requested a refund on Wednesday, after reading Alex's email 'explanation' of the problems they had getting started.

    I didn't expect an apology, but I certainly didn't expect to be blamed! He may be right when he says that 90% of the problems of the Internet are on the user's side (that was item #1 of his 'welcome' letter). Frankly, I don't care if he's right. When he doesn't send so much as a thank you or a welcome letter when I've committed to giving him almost $1,000, and then he blames ME for not being able to access his product... I'm done.

    I have purchased many products online and have never been treated so shabbily. I bought this on the strength of two of the marketers I knew who were promoting it and on the material Saj presented in a webinar the day it went live.

    I don't feel I made a mistake with this investment. The owners sabotaged this product.
    Their poor handling of the predictable initial 'user problems' were what made it a mistake. If they had shown any kind of concern, if they had been responsive to concerns like there not being any way to contact them, no acknowledgment of support tickets, the absence of the $197 fast-track upsell, etc., I would not have requested a refund so quickly. I would have been patient while the onslaught of initial launch problems were sorted out. Instead, there was nothing but dead air for a week after giving them my credit card.

    Commission Payload customer support did respond to my ticket requesting a refund.

    Thanks for everyone's input here. Hearing your experience was truly helpful.
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      Credit where its due, full refund after only 2 hours.

      This will be the last time I purchase a product from Alex Goad, not impressed and especially agree with Georgann, if you launch a $500 product and things go wrong, at least say sorry and don't blame your customers!

      And don't fill your product with videos from courses you have already released a year ago and expect people to be happy.
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        You guys are lucky to receive refunds already. I opened a refund ticket yesterday, still no answer from them. I paid through paypal, what should I do? Any advice?
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          Fishman send an email requesting a refund to their paypal address, should be on your receipt, that is what I did as I have found trying to get refunds through paypal itself takes forever and in this case the support ticket thing seems to be a waste of time
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            Thanks, teamincome for your info. I tried their paypal phone number, but speaking in French. I thought when I opened refund claim through paypal, it should go to their paypal e-mail. I guess not! I am going to do your way now....
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        • Originally Posted by fishman61 View Post

          You guys are lucky to receive refunds already.
          Oh, I haven't got a refund yet. Just a response:
          "I'll get your refund processed (or make sure someone else does) as soon as possible. Sorry for all the problems."
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            Georgann, I really hope they meant what they said. I guess there are tons of refunds they need to issue, hope I will receive my response next week or next year. I knew this will be hard to get the refund after I tried their billings e-mail and phone number from e-mail receipt, both are not working. That immediately raised a red flag to me.
            Normally, I don't spend such amount money on courses, but this was promoted by someone I trusted and the pre-launched material was very impressive. I got suck in and now I am stuck in this mess.
            Anyway, from now on, I would only buy courses from clickbank, at least they never mess up with my refunds. I was wondering why commissionpayload is not using Clickbank when I was ordering it.
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              @teamincome - Which email address did you send a Refund Request to.

              I've just put in for a refund... I sent my request to the following email addresses.



              I wasn't impressed with the quality of this product and highly regret buying it.

              I just wonder why they've let us all down this way :confused:

              Hope I get a refund soon and don't get fobbed off. Will keep you all updated!!
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                It'd do them justice if Alex or Saj actually send their subscribers an email explaining this 'calamity'. Or have they already done so? Maybe I missed it

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                  I'm curious into which cpa networks you got guaranteed approvals with the course?
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                I'm still waiting for them to contact me....

                Originally Posted by Ross Kenny View Post

                @teamincome - Which email address did you send a Refund Request to.

                I've just put in for a refund... I sent my request to the following email addresses.



                I wasn't impressed with the quality of this product and highly regret buying it.

                I just wonder why they've let us all down this way :confused:

                Hope I get a refund soon and don't get fobbed off. Will keep you all updated!!
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                  I am glad that I did not purchase that product with the high price tag and bad support according to these comments.
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                  Still waiting.. .

                  Originally Posted by Ross Kenny View Post

                  I'm still waiting for them to contact me....
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                    Finally got my refund. Had to start a paypal dispute.

                    The helpdesk reckons it was the holidays that caused the delay.

                    Everyone else managed to get theirs :confused:
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                      Hey Ross,

                      Unfortunately, not everybody has received their refund. I have been waiting for over a week. Their "help" desk person has only promised to forward my refund request to Alex Goad, but so far no money has been refunded and I am out $694.00!

                      I requested my refund from Commission Payload well within the "30 day no questions asked guarantee" period, because the product does not deliver.

                      Hopefully, Alex Goad is not issuing refunds selectively. That is a very bad business practice.

                      In the long run, these dishonest business practices are going to cost them a lot more in lost goodwill and lost revenue as more and more people read these posts and decide to stay away from commissionpayload and the next Alex Goad product.

                      Forgot to mention.... Ill be sure to update this post in the next day or so, or if I get the promised refund.
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                        Well, it has been nearly 2 weeks now since I requested a refund for Commissionpayload, Alex Goad, Saj P.
                        All I have received is a promise that they are working as fast as they can to process the refund. What a bunch of crap. It takes 30 seconds to process a refund.

                        My next step is to contact the Canadian RECOL.
                        This is the Canadian Agency that accepts reports of Economic Crimes Online.
                        For those of you who need this information, checkout
                        www . recol . ca (Take out the spaces. I was unable to post a link on this forum)

                        If I get a refund in the meantime, I will report it here.
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    I also bought this course on the strength of the webinar presentation and what it promised. I missed out on all of their startup problems as I bought about a month after the launch so I have no comments there. I also went through approximately 95% of the course material.

    One Sentence Review: This course is perfect if you want to learn the VERY basics of CPA and you are willing to pay ten times more than that information is worth, overhyped, over promised and under delivered.

    Longer Review:

    The Good.

    >>It is decent general information well suited to anyone that can find their own ass in a darkroom.

    >>My refund was fairly prompt.

    The Bad.

    >>Does not deliver on the promise of the sales page on so many points it is not even worth trying to list them here as I would need a writeup four times as long as their mile long sales page to point out all of the holes.

    >>Poorly organized mashup of other peoples products and videos.

    >>Lack of continuity in the course material. The videos reference information that should be in other videos but those videos do not exist.

    >>Incomplete superficial information. Many of the videos are about how to signup for an account and basic account navigation. All things you can easily learn just by doing it and reading the site faq.

    >>No in depth discussion on what to do when things do not work. In fact no discussion at all on how to troubleshoot a failing campaign and analyze tracking.

    >>When contacting support through the ticketing system on course material questions the responses were uneducated and not pertinent to the question. Very difficult to communicate with the person on the other end.

    >>The content in the upsell campaigns can be reproduced in about 30 minutes. One campaign was setup for a direct linked cpa offer and ppc traffic. The bid price for the provided keywords was so high even with a superb quality score that they exceeded the per action revenue of the promoted product. Seriously who setups a campaign where the cost per click is more than the sales price of the product?

    >>Very little useful landing page information which is critical to the success of many CPA offers.

    The Ugly.

    This product is worth somewhere between $50 and $100 and will get you started in CPA but probably not profitable. Study the sales page and webinar tactics to learn more about marketing than the course will teach you.
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      Study the sales page and webinar tactics to learn more about marketing than the course will teach you.

      I second this but still,

      You really don't expect this from a Marketer like this though
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        Hey all,

        I see that it's been awhile since this thread has been active, but I also have some grievances about Commission Payload as follows:

        1. There was no mention of the "cashflow" in the course as outlined on the sales page, which was hyped to the max!
        2. The webinar that was to be held in March 2010 in Boston never seemed to happen, as I never got notified about it.
        3. As others have mentioned, I was very disappointed that almost half of the course was rehashed material and presented by Philip Mansour (when I thought this was Alex Goad and Saj P's product!)

        I know there was a 30 day limit to get a refund, but there was a lot of videos in this course and based on the fact that this product didn't deliver all of the stated promises as outlined on their sales page, I believe I should still get a refund at this point! I contacted their support, but they just closed my ticket. I also contacted the BBB in Delaware, since that is where their company is based, according to the site's TOS, but the case has been closed, since the company never responded.

        I am livid at this point, and I would really appreciate any suggestions/comments, thanks!


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