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Affiliate Clone X - anyone reviewed it?
Lots of talk about how the whole landscape of Google and Clickbank is about to be ruined for affiliate marktrs., even the Gurus, who he says are teaching the wrong methods...?

Anyone know what this is?
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    Seems like no one knows this program. Trying again. Anyone???
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    i'm waiting right along with you, rhythm.....
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    It's interesting that there's no reviews yet. I am really interested in finding an honest review of Affiliate Clone X as well. I'm a little confused at how long ago these posts were made yet I just received an email telling me to "buy now at the launch price".

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      OK... I wasn't going to purchase this but my curiosity got the better of me. Well... that and the fact that I got an email today with a 24 hour offer to purchase it for $7.

      Its a 121 page ebook that pretty much explains how to market on CB. It would be an excellent resource for a true noob to internet marketing. However, if you've already set up CB products a few times you probably won't get a lot out of it. (Unless you've struggled with CB that is)

      But then again, I did find some value in the product launch section. Learned a couple things I didn't think about and may put them into use next time around.

      This ebook takes you from explaining the basics, through product creation, to registering the product with CB, to engineering a pre-launch and launch, and finishes with after the launch routine marketing and maintenance. Exactly as was done with the AffiliateCloneX product itself. Which, by the way, I thought was an excellent example of a product launch. Very good pre-launch emails, "buzz generators", professional sales page, excellent graphics, and just an overall good buying experience.

      So if you liked the pre-launch of AffiliateCloneX and the way it was put together, you'll like the ebook as it explains everything that went into it.

      Its a little light on details at times for true newbies, but I have no doubt the free support offered is real and would be valuable.

      You also get an offer of a review/bonus website set up for you, but it appears only if you start a new account at Hostgator... backside affiliate income perhaps? Nothing wrong with that in itself but I didn't get a look at an example of the the free site and I don't need another site to take care of. So I don't know whether it would be useful or not. Judging from the affiliatecloneX website itself, I'm thinking the review/bonus sites are good in quality and may be a basis for a template if nothing else.

      Over all its an excellent product that would be very valuable to a beginner. It covers every aspect of marketing your own products on Clickbank in a very well organized and easy to read manner. Seasoned marketers that have already done the CB thing may only find a couple gems in this one.

      Well worth the $7 to me but I'm not sure I'd be as happy at $57. On the plus side of things, unlike so many other offers out there, this has no continuity gotcha, nor will you have to purchase any other products other than the normal domain name, hosting, and CB publisher fee.

      As always, this is my personal opinion, YMMV.

      Hope this helps....
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        Thanks for sharing this information, appreciate it.

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          Thanks for your review KGoods.

          I think the ACX sales letter is very misleading at the beginning....."Introducing The most feared online cloning money machine that rips $45,000 A month from Clickbank like Clockwork!" I got the impression that it was going to reveal good traffic sources better than Google for advertising. But later I read its nore about launching products on ClickBank.

          I wonder how much of ACX deals with getting goood quality traffic to your CB product?


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            Agent007 -- nice handle btw!

            Rather than relying on "you" driving traffic to your product, this guide concentrates more on how to recruit affiliates and JV partners for traffic. Very valuable information in itself. I this is where I picked up a couple things myself, and I've been doing this for some time. Even an old dog can learn new tricks once in a while!

            I agree the headline grabber was a little over the top for my tastes but again, this is how many valuable products are sold. Too bad it's also how a bunch of worthless products are sold... it's so hard to tell the difference. The claim of $45,000 a month would mean you'd have to come up with at least one huge winning product launch every month, very unlikely for a beginner. And it would be a feather in the cap of the most seasoned of marketers.

            But I'll stick with my original review and just say that, if you haven't ever created a product and launch, and you are interested in doing so, I don't know of a better place to start. If, on the other hand, you're not interested in creating and launching your own products on clickbank, or if you have already done it successfully, then this probably isn't for you.

            Kind regards,
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