"Any Good Programs*How to Edit Files and UpLoad Server*

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Hey Warrior's

I am confused and totally frustrated with learning how to edit files and Uploading (FTP) to my hosting server !!!! (FTP: I JUST DO NOT GET IT !!!!) must be some kind of mental block???

I would appreciate if anyone Knows of a good program or service (video's or screenshot's) that would help with this problem I am having

Please reply *** I would appreciate the Help**** Thank You Debra
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    Filezilla is one. If you use the Firefox browser there is an extension called FireFTP that makes a separate FTP program irrelevant. Where exactly are you having troubles? Let me know and I'll do a quick video tutorial for you tomorrow morning, ok?
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      cypherslock----- I appreciate your offer and I have PM'ed you --- Thank You
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    for editing files. You can use some thing like notepad or text pad in windows and I also use filezilla to ftp my files to my server.
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      Hi Debra,

      As the others mentioned, depending on file type and what you need to edit, you can usually edit your files in a plain text editor like Notepad.

      You haven't stated what the exact problem is you're having with ftp but the process is typically the same for most web hosts. And, there are several different software programs available that you can use. Like the others have indicated, I also use FileZilla.

      Hostgator has instructional videos on their site under the support link that shows how to ftp using several different programs. Here's a link to the section with videos on ftp:
      ftp Instruction Videos

      IM Tips, Training, and Product Reviews:
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        Hey Steve---- On editing files--- sometimes there are many files in the folder and I do not know which files to edit ( where to enter--= Name--- Affiliate Id's---etc. )

        I appreciate the link to the FTP videos --- I have Filezilla set up----- and can not get files to transfer to my hosting server---- I think I am not setting my cpanel correctly ???

        Steve ---Thank You for information--- Debra
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      TrafficMystic----Thank you for the reply--- I have been trying with Filezilla with no luck --I think maybe I am not setting up my cpanel correctly?? Thank You
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