Where do I get cheap hosting?

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I already have a domain at godaddy but don't really think they seem very cheap on the hosting side of their business.

All I need to host is a couple of HTML's and a small PDF so I don't need several GB of storage, just paypal and html capabilities.

Any takes on a nice cheap hosting service?

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    Going for the cheapest solution can cost you more on long term...

    For $4-5 (3 euros?) per month you can get pretty decent hosting.

    Paypal has nothing to do with your hosting, cheap or expensive.

    If you will put up a downloadable pdf file (btw, zip it!) you need bandwidth. If successful - quite a lot

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    A good cheap option for hosting is Globat. I really like them and the customer service is great. If you go to Globat.com and click on the sign-up then try to exit it offers you like $3 a month hosting or something like that.
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    I've been happy with Hostgator, as well. I've been creating websites since the mid-1990s, and Hostgator offers a good deal with the features I need, reliable service, and a low price.
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      Thanks for the recommendation of Hostgator - I needed to hear form someone with real experience of them.

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    Originally Posted by warritaylor1976 View Post

    Hostgator....less than $4 a month...You get BOTH quality and value...

    I have just flipped through hostgators and as far as I can tell the hosting starts at $4.95/mo if you signup for a minimum of 3 years, I can't figure out where you got the figure of $4 from

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    cheapest hosting I've come across is 2mhost.com, but the extra buck a month for hostgator is worth looking at
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    Bargainvault offers tons of features and has been very reliable for me. You can get them for $1 per month.

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    For your needs you should try 3ix.com $12 per year cPanel with 40GB space & 100GB Bandwidwth you can't go wrong, never had a problem with them.

    whichever hosting co. you go for make sure you get cPanel it is the most popular for a lot of very good reasons

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      Webhostingpad have a great special at the moment for $1.99 a month and you get a free domain.
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        Originally Posted by ozduc View Post

        Webhostingpad have a great special at the moment for $1.99 a month and you get a free domain.
        vote for it too

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    Some other good deals include this JustHost coupon and Cirtex coupon. Both 50% off.

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    GoDaddy likes to take as much money from you as possible by offering you a ton of useless stuff, so I wouldnt host there. I usually use hostgator and they are the best I have seen.
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    Cheap hosting come together with bad service and support. You can try hostgator, they are so cheap for their service and great support available 24/7.
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      I use Hostgator with the cost of $9.95 a month i think. However its well worth the money. Very stable and reliable so far.
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