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I searched here to find info on LFE but have not found any on the WF. Dos anyone here use it? If so:

Is the program easy to use or does it have the learning curve that senuke has?

How have your results been?

What features does it have that you like or dislike?

Any user comments would be appreciated.


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    If you are familiar with SEO you will like it.
    It's easy to use, but to have some results you need good strategy with link building.

    I'm using it 00 - 24
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    from what i`ve heard LFE is a very good tool . A combination between LFE SENuke and Xrumer is a killer
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    Hey All - apologies that I am speaking on this topic even though I don't know what it is, but since it has the word "link farm" in it, why would people want to use it? It sounds like an aggressive link building software, which is not a Google-friendly idea.
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      Originally Posted by SherryLee View Post

      It sounds like an aggressive link building software, which is not a Google-friendly idea.
      It's not aggressive if you know how to use it.
      If you post one quality article over 500 blogs that is nothing aggressive.
      You get backlinks from huge number of different IPs.
      You can use it with other tools to build backlinks to your WPMU blogs and then to main money making sites.

      I have about 3 new money making sites every day and this kind of tools just help me to faster index sites.

      Also all articles that are accepted to EZA and other article dirs I post to network of WPMU sites.
      So, there is more backlinks to main article sites.
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      Originally Posted by SherryLee View Post

      Hey All - apologies that I am speaking on this topic even though I don't know what it is, but since it has the word "link farm" in it, why would people want to use it? It sounds like an aggressive link building software, which is not a Google-friendly idea.
      AGGRESSIVE = good.

      Obviously you have to pair that with common sense and some thinking but it makes sense that aggressive beats passive, right???

      And no it's not google friendly...And neither am I. When Google starts to care about Internet Marketers is when I start to care about Google. I'm not here to make friends with Google I'm here to ride their Coat-tails and make money! I'll do whatever I have to do to build my income. You have to be RUTHLESS in this game if you want to go far and fast.

      Yes you might get slapped, sandboxed etc because of it and lose some properties and income streams along the way, but when that happens you move on and create another dozen properties with another 1000 links! The money only stops when you stop MAKING it! Doing things passive might mean that you will get penalized, slapped, etc less often but it also means that other more ruthless marketers can easily charge by you while you tumble along.

      And regarding the OP's question, yes I use LFE and it works great for creating link networks. You can point these networks at your Senuke properties or vice versa to multiply the effect and add in some Scrapebox commenting (both to your own blog properties and others) for even better effect. If you have xrumer then you're pretty much golden...

      I consider my LFE blog networks as the "basement" of my SEO structure... I can distribute my link juice to both new and old web properties strategically at the push of a button (once I have created the network) This is similar to what you can achieve using massive Database sites (if you know php) to funnel massive amounts of links through to target pages. However with LFE you can leverage different properties with different IP's which makes the backlinks more valuable than if they all originated from the same class C IP.

      is link farm evolution a black hat technique?
      LFE is not a technique it's just a tool. Whether it used as a BlueFart tool, a whitehat tool or a greyhat tool is up to you. That said in my eyes all these "hats" are meaningless distinctions. It all boils down to this; do you want to rank or not? If yes then it doesn't matter what "hat" school-of-thought you are following, the point is you're trying to rank for the purpose of establishing a new sources of traffic/income etc and when it comes to business, within legal boundaries of course, the end justifies the means. This is true all the way up to fortune 500 companies (heck, this is especially true for them!)

      Of course by playing it aggressive you open yourself up to more risk (penalties, etc) but like I said above this presents little more than just a small bump in the road. However the idea that slow-and-steady is the only route to lasting presence and success online is false. Fast-and-smart always wins in the long term.
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    Can I use LFE to create linkwheel with a lot of spokes automatically? Let's say 100 spokes.
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      Originally Posted by ruch1v View Post

      is link farm evolution a black hat technique?

      Pretty much any IM automation tool can be used for white hat, gray hat or bl@ckhat purposes.

      That being said, I would say LFE falls somewhere between GH and BH as most people use it :rolleyes:

      I've had it for about 3 weeks now and so far so good. They actually just did a minor update in the past couple of days which seems to have increased the success rate with the Mu blog creation. I have also created a boatload of blogger blogs to play around with. I'm up to 2100 blogger blogs now

      Note that I don't plan to use the network to link directly to my money site. I'm actually in the process of creating my own private blog network. I use LFE to post to my private network, and then use the MU and blogger sites to post to my blog network, which then posts to my money sites.

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    LFE is a must have for ANYONE serious about SEO.

    ...It's not so much about the software alone that will get you great results. But it's about the potential of using that with other pieces of software.

    As already mentioned Xrumer is the single best way to use LFE to it's full potential.

    Create xxx blogs (as already mentioned you'll get a 50-75% success rate), fire up xrumer and send x,xxx to each blog, and in a few months quite a few of those will end up being PR1 or PR2 blogs.

    Whether PR really matters is irrelevant to the overall link juice your now getting from XXX blogs.

    It's not an aggressive piece of software unless you want it to be used as such. Doing the Xrumer pairing simply makes a tree like structure where your "money" page is protected and all the more "risky" link building is done to sites that won't/don't directly affect the "money site".

    It's terribly underpriced, decently easy to use, and simply works.

    Get it.

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    why not just Scrapebox comment on PR1 and higher blogs now? Doing all that extra work seems like a waste of time

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      Originally Posted by Postergal View Post

      I always heard contradicting reviews about this product, like results vary widely depending on how the person uses it. I am a total NEWBIE to Seo I barely know anything lol, is it for me? can an "Expert" give me that advice?
      It's not for you.

      It's pretty hard to get used to using and is for people who understand the pros and cons of using it. For example how hard you should use it on brand new sites, etc.

      As for the contradicting views. The bad ones are from people who still aren't making any money and can't figure out how to use it, the good ones are from those making bank thanks to having hundreds of PR 2 blogs linking to them after a few months of using it.

      Start slow.
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    I have read around in regards to LFE and as i understand it is a link wheel software you should only use on "buffer sites" and not on money sites. Since i am not trusting link wheels (anymore)..i don't know what to think. I tend to get more and more towards all white hat since i simply see more long term success going white-hat, so no link wheels for me
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    I found this thread really helpful. I thank everyone above for contributing. I was just browsing around to make a purchase decisions.
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    This thread is a little old. Any current opinions on this? ... Is it still working for people?
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      I am also keen to know if it still works after the panda update. Is it something like the backlink energizer?
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    No longer being updated and AFAIK it doesn't work with the newer updates to WP.

    Interested in learning of any alternatives if anyone knows of any.

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