SENuke.?? Any thoughts? Diplomatic ones I mean.

by BradB
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Yeah I'm taking a serious look at this SENuke thingy and before I waste my time on a 7 day trial,.....where I really will use it hard for a week, I'd like to see what the pro.s here at the Warrior Forum have experienced for them selves...

It sounds real good, but then the last 3 dogs I tried sounded good too.

This year I am determined to not waste anymore time OR hard drive space on losers.
It's going to take a week, of 8 hr. days, just to clean up the mess I have on there now.

Hey listen, I hope you all have a Great and Lucrative New Year.
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    There's plenty of positive and negative feedback on the forum about Senuke. How about performing a search?
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      Yeah figures at the time I wrote that i had not gone deep enough into the forum.
      An hour later I found more than I needed.

      Man this forum must be a lot of peoples secret weapon as far as insider info.

      I'll dig deeper next time before shooting off with the ole keyboard.

      Have a good one A.A.
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    Personally, I have never looked at SENuke as anything more than a tool to massively speed up things about marketing that are just boring and take up a lot of my time. Honestly, that's all. With all the time I free up, I can spend more time on the profitable things like writing content, picking niches/keywords, creating my products, etc. SENuke doesn't get me rankings, conversions, or anything like that. SENuke is a tool that helps me get those much faster than I could ever of dream of doing by myself.

    I do my market and keyword research all manually because these are the most important part of any promotion that I do and are the building blocks of my promotions. No tool can get you the required info to really dominate a niche on the level that spending an hour or so and manually digging in can. You need to dig into every niche and find out what they really want. Then you need to give it to them.

    You cannot write one or two articles, and run it through all the SENuke modules and expect to own page 1 and be making hundreds a day. You need to make some effort. It's a fact that people are mostly lazy by nature. So if you are lazy in your marketing, then you will get ****ty results. But if you make that extra effort, even small efforts, you will be ahead of a lot of your competition and thus get better results.

    Think about it this: Say you have found a keyword - "seeing eye dog training for dummies" for example - to have some good stats. So you write one article, load it up into SENuke, and then blast it out to all the sites. Then you decide to bookmark all your sites, then grab their RSS feeds, and bookmark everything after that.

    Do you know how many people actually do this? I can tell you a lot of the SENuke users do. Even people without SENuke use similar software to mass submit everywhere.

    Now I will be the first to say that even this type of approach may grab you some temporary high rankings intially depending on your keyword. But the Search engines- especially Google - are smarter now. It's more about quality over quantity nowadays.

    So if you took the time to actually rewrite your article a few times to make it 30-40% unique, submit different versions to different sites, space out your bookmarking, etc etc...the point is you are pointing a BIG RED FLAG at yourself by doing what a tons of others are doing and being lazy.

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    I need a program that can post content and articles to my website like SENuke does but with the option to allow me to load my own articles and set release dates. Although I guess that could be done via wordpress now that I think about it. Although I would prefer a piece of software that allows me to access various websites from one interface.

    If your content with low quality crap that does nothing but make you and your products look bad, then ignore this. If your looking for exclusive, high quality content that establishes a long term relationship with your visitors, then go here to get started

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      Seven day trial is not long enough for this beast. Once you get you hands on it create as many accounts, write and submit as many articles and bookmark as many sites as you can over all you domains.

      Like with any mass submitter be careful not to build too many links on a new domain but on older ones that you have more back links you have a little more leeway ... it is just a judgment call you will have to make.

      Even if you cancel your subscription keep track as best as you can of all those campaigns ... chances are you will be a subscriber later on. The nice thing was when I came back I had all my 'profiles' saved and I was able to use those.

      Like with any good link building campaign it can take several weeks to see good results though I have to admit I have seen some great indexing in less than 15 minutes and some good results in 2-3 hours.
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