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Hi there,

who has expierence with this product and will let me know if it works or not?
WealthyAffiliate.com - The Wealthy Affiliate University

Thanks a lot for your answers.

Kind Regards and a Happy New Year!

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    I signed up for a trial a while back..... Generally it seems well organized and full of some very useful info.

    However I wasn't too interested as much of the stuff I have covered myself and I didn't have a lot of time to fully test them out.

    I'd say it's worth a look if you have the time to sit down and go through their stuff but if you consider yourself already very knowledgeable then no need to go there.
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    I signed up for the free trial. Didn't like it at all. Some useful info but it seemed to me that it is just a paid forum. Check out NicheProfitClassroom instead. Much better imo
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    I think it depends on how long you have been doing this and how much you know. If you've only been doing it for a couple months then I say give it a shot. There are good tools and valuable information.

    I got my start there and I don't know where I would be without it. However, I found that over the last 6-8 months it has become overwhelmed with newbies while the more knowledgeable members don't contribute as much as they used to. It's kind of the blind leading the blind, but some of the sticky threads are worth the price of the membership alone.

    If you're not making any money (or very little) money yet then I would recommend getting a membership there, at least for a little while. It might fill in the gaps and give you the help you haven't been able to find other places.
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    I was a member of WA and did not like it very much. Did not make any money. You are basically spoon feed IM and are pretty much expected to figure out your own method for making money online. Not worth it IMO.
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