Maverick Money Makers? any good for newbie like me?

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hey guys I'm new on here and would just like your comments on maverick money makers and this mack michaels guy? thinking about buying it... any comments would help me thanks!
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    Some people will tell you to stay away. Others will tell you to run away.

    There will be some positive reviews, but most of those will be from people who promote the product and are after a commission.

    What you won't see much of is people with their affiliate links in their sigs, as that is against the rules.That's a hint.

    Best Regards,

    Roses are planted where thorns grow,
    And on the barren heath
    Sing the honey bees.
    –”The Marriage of Heaven and Hell,” William Blake

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    I think if you're going to ask a question about a program that you're "thinking about buying" it doesn't look that good when you've already got the link in your sig. Hmmmm?!

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      Too funny ! ESPN does a show every Sunday called "Come on Man". Its about players that just weren't thinking and made some sort of blunder on the field. This reminds me of that. So I say to this guy :"Coma On Man"
      Did he think we wouldn't notice?...........
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    Edwin Monico- You have a review site in your sig.
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    I think if you need to know the basics of internet marketing and want to learn some fairly basic tactics, it would be for you. However, I think if you know the basics and are looking to make some consistent, decent money, you shouldn't buy it
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    Originally Posted by emonico View Post

    hey guys I'm new on here and would just like your comments on maverick money makers and this mack michaels guy? thinking about buying it... any comments would help me thanks!

    Sig file=EPIC FAIL

    Are you serious?

    Coming soon....FULL SCALE AUTOMATION.
    "Set it...Forget it" site building and SEO software.

    any ? please hit me up anytime

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    And this friends is a prime example of why so many have negative things to say about MMM OP You are the weakest link-good bye:p

    Seriously though why on earth would you try and use deception to prmote your product not enough people clicking on it?

    "As a man thinks in his heart so is he-Proverbs 23:7"

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      Sadly, we can't really fault the OP because he/she is probably a newbie that was sucked into MMM without knowing any better. One of the ways that "Mack Michaels" tells his affiliates to get sales is by using an affiliate link in their sig.

      ...and if they aren't a newbie, but are one of Mack's old minions...then they are really stupid and should know how smart we true WFers are.
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      I have to admit I didn't even notice the sig file at first and this still felt like a phony post. But to click on your sig and discover a 'review', ostensilbly in your own words, claiming that you regularly make up to 17,000 a month from using this very 'system' that you pretending to ask about in your post, is mind-numbingly .... mind numbing!!

      I do not wish to stomp on ANYONE's online income aspirations, but purely on that basis my educated guess is that you are not, and never will be, cut out for any sort of Internet Marketing, which requires, at the very least and above all else, simple common sense.

      I would give you the benefit of the doubt and just guess that you have been given some very bad advice about how to use the Warrior Forum, but even if so, this is one of the clumsiest uses of that bad advice I have ever seen.

      Unfortunately there are many so-called gurus & snake-oil sellers out there who advise others to use forums in the way you have just tried to do, and it is just plain rotten advice... ESPECIALLY with THIS forum.

      Warrior members, as you have already seen, can smell this stuff 3000 miles away and will not hesitate to give it the swift raspberry. With one post you have caused your own credibility to be smeared all over the page.

      Credibility is possibly your most valuable commodity in internet marketing. Without it, you will never be able to become a marketing entity. You will always be forced to work in anonymity along with all the bottom feeding spamming scum, having to smash and grab with little chance of creating a meaningful, reliable income source. Is that really what you want?

      With regards to use of this forum, my kindly and far superior advice would be to take a few days to read carefully through the rich content you will find here, and see what you can learn.

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      To AdvS1:

      Check out this thread to find a range of opinions.

      I would, personally, stay away from MMM and just continue to learn from the Warrior Forum. This is the best place to learn how to make money in IM, you just have to know how to use the search function.

      PM me if you have any questions.
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