Tweet Adder vs. Hummingbird

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I'm thinking about trying out some twitter automation.

I know that there's a "best twitter software" thread, but I honestly didn't find most of the posts there to be very informative.

So, let me just ask: Is anyone here using either Tweet Adder or Hummingbird to automate some twitter stuff? What are your experiences with these programs and were they worth your money?

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    I think Hummingbird 2 has a better engine for finding tweeter using the keyword search. Unfortunately, HB2 is still missing a lot of featueres of the HB1 version including Safelist etc.

    However Tweet Adder has some really nice features that you can find no where else in one package. That includes the option to search for people using the BIO option etc. It also automates the Direct Messaging etc.

    Overall, we prefer Tweet Adder, but the price is higher then Hummingbird 2.
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    I used Tweet Adder some time ago, but as soon as people started noticing that I was automating my tweets they stopped following and my click-through dropped. Other than that I found it to be very good.

    I've never used Hummingbird though, so can't really say much about it.
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    Thanks for the feedback, so far.

    I'll probably eventually compare several programs and do a review. But I'd like not to waste my cash on the first program I go for.
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    How come threads about twitter software attract more promotion/spam posts than anything else?

    Moderator Comment

    It's mainly one Warrior, who now is on the point of being banned. Please report any spam you see.
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    who's on hummingbird side ?

    i work on web consultant and creative agency in indonesia..

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    Are these Twitter automation really work?
    As the post here say, if the folks sense that it is Auto tweet, I think all
    followers will run the other way...

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    I've used Twitter1k for followers because I don't have a PC and all the twitter software won't work on a Mac, nevertheless it allows you to get targeted followers based on keywords which is quite useful for marketers. I'm also weary of the software getting my account banned for adding too fast =(

    Good luck tho!

    -Safe Travels
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    I like humming bird twitter software, because it hummingbird2 is build on a better platform, will work with both mac and windows.

    Hummingbird price is about half of that of tweet adder.(for unlimited account version).

    Hummingbird also has an agreement with twitter, to follow guidelines (so, some websites say, I am not 100% sure about this)

    Future for Tweet Adder looks bleak, because the software is too aggressive and they dont follow any guidelines, as a result, it is attractive to a lot of BlueFartters. As you know Black hatters dont care about future, just present....

    Ps. Hummingbird2 does not yet support a lot of features of version 1, but they are working hard at it. Mean while they will give you the version 1 for free, until they add all the functionality to ver2, which I anticipate, will be in a few weeks.

    H1 and H2 combined have all the features of Tweet adder professional version. On the other hand Tweet adder does not have all the fuctionalalities of H1+H2, unless it is Tweetadder pro version.

    My final verdict:

    If you like a more moderate white hat/greyhat approach, I suggest Hummingbird.

    If you are a Black hatter, go with tweet adder....

    It depends more on your own approach to twitter marketing.

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    I like Tweetlater. I like the feature of being able to follow people based on keywords in their profile. Pretty powerful!
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