What Ever Happened To The Internet Marketing Center?

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Hi Everyone,

When I first got into the IM game a few years ago, IMC was THE go to company for top quality IM products and training.

You heard about them everywhere. All the gurus where doing JVs with them and promoting their products.

Seems like ever since Corey Rudl passed on they have gone downhill a bit. Not bashing them as their products are still great and I own many of them but I can't help but notice a difference.

Anyone else notice this?

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    I've been with them for a while and promote several of their products. I wasn't around in the Corey Rudl days but it does seem I don't hear as much from them since Derek stepped down.

    Still love their products and I learned everything I know about IM from the IMC. The Insiders course was the best purchase I ever made.
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    Derek stepped down? Where'd he go? I remember I did like his blog...And I've still got the big, honkin' 2 binder, God-only-know-how-many DVDs and CDs 2006 version of Insider. Yup the physical copy.
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      Originally Posted by Lincoln Ryan View Post

      The company died, in my opinion, with Corey Rudl although Derek Gehl kept it going ok. I think they actually sold to another ocmpany and tried to become a faceless organization with no IM stars.

      Their products were so hype-y and they targeted the newbie, so no reason for joint ventures. If they did that, they would expose people to a world where things are quite so overpriced.
      Hi Lincoln,

      Could you elaborate a little more on this part of your post:

      "Their products were so hype-y and they targeted the newbie, so no reason for joint ventures. If they did that, they would expose people to a world where things are quite so overpriced"

      I definitely sensed a downward trend with them.

      I had a deal with their director of business development to broker a co promoted joint venture between them and another business I have contact with. Nice deal that would have made everyone some decent coin. Not a huge deal but still....

      Everyone was agreeable to terms and profit cuts. My client had there end ready in a matter of days. IMC, when it was time to sign the agreements and move forward started to make up excuses and so far it hasn't materialized. Makes no sense. It's free money as no one had to put up any capital at all, just a little time investment.

      One of my business contacts mentioned they can be like this.

      One has to wonder....

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    I still get emails from them on a weekly basis. The last time i got a call offering me a £6000 coaching somewhere in Manchester England.

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    I just dusted off my 2007 edition of Insider Secrets for some "back to basics" training. My guess is it's still the best source of internet marketing training available today. Had no idea that Derek and Corey weren't around any more.
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  • Hey everyone!

    Don't know how we missed this, but just to update you -- we haven't gone anywhere! IMC is still here and working with tons of clients and customers every year.

    Yes, Derek left IMC in early 2008 to pursue life as an sole entrepreneur again -- once a lone wolf, always a lone wolf -- but we were really thankful for his leadership after Corey's passing in 2005.

    It was a rough time for the company, but we can honestly say that we've stayed true to pursuing the direction Corey wanted the company to go -- to continue providing the best information and best strategies we possibly can to people who want to build and market a business online. The web has undergone radical changes since then, but we still hold tight to his belief that success is possible for ANYONE with the right tools and the drive to make it happen.

    We've introduced many new products over the past few years, and updated our flagship products to meet the needs of our customer base more effectively.

    We've got some big things coming up this year, too, including the development of some innovative market research resources, and the release of some brand new strategy guides, and we're continuing to grow our established partnerships/JVs with companies like Orange Soda and Register.com and VistaPrint, as well as content partnerships with Entrepreneur.com and others.

    We know that lots of people look to "gurus" for advice first, since that's a model that is well established in the IM community. But very few "gurus" don't have a team of people behind them, running the show and researching their content -- in fact, we've dealt with many of those teams ourselves!

    But we know our strength is in our numbers -- in having tons of folks with unique expertise and skills working together -- so our CEO, Andrew Morden, likes to put the whole team in the spotlight, instead of just one person.

    So the answer to "Whatever happened to IMC?" is: nothing!

    We'd love to hear from you.


    The IMC Team

    The official account of the Internet Marketing Center. Stop by InternetMarketing.com to connect -- we'd love to meet you.

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