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by Sell
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I've seen his website and i know many have good opinions about him, i would like to know if anyone here at the Warrior Forum has tried his membership, as you can see below i have signed up to his affiliate program and tried many of his free products without signing up. His products are really good.

I need an answer that is not on his website.

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    Chris Farrell Membership site is the best membership programme i ever had invested my money in. There is an excellent step by step video tutorials call "21 days to success" which he conducted last year and the information he taught in that series of video tutorials were worth much more than most of the products i seen online and bought these days. Then there is this "a web business explain" series of videos where he teach newcomers how to start out an online business the correct way. Heck, it is even provided free for everybody who are non members. From my point of view, his membership site definitely way over delivered. How i wish i could have all these informations when i just started out, it would save me so much headache, time and money and definitely shorten my learning curve in this industry.

    If any of you still sitting on the fence with his membership, i suggest go try out the trial at $4.95 for 14 days. You will not regret it. If you do not know where to find his membership site, you can click on my signature.

    Wish everyone success,


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    "He elicits the same kind of admiration one would feel for a streaker at Queen Victorias funeral."

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    This si the best membership site I have found. He is very easy to understand and uses videos for training. If I forget something I just go back to the video and "boom" I have it.
    Also he is starting a traffic course and it will be free for members. It starts tomorrow.
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    There are so many good responses to his membership.

    I've read his ebook when i first started there, Create Your First Website By 3:45 This Afternoon. One thing i've noticed is that he really explaines with words, pictures and videos. This is a beginner ebook that gets you started making your website, there is also a few tips for the more experienced.

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      It's a great site for beginners and a good networking resource for intermediate marketers. There are some good people to network with there, but keep in mind that probably 90% of the members are brand new to IM.
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        Ditto the above post.
        You can get a seven day trial for less than $5 - which makes it a no brainer IMHO.
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          This is the best site I've found... and I'm making measurable progress with it. Chris has a way of teaching that empowers. It seems that he is as excited for our success as we are. He's tried to anticipate what people just starting out may need to learn. Heck, if there is a subject that isn't covered, he'll make a video about it for no charge and put it on the site. I guess he figures if one person has a question about something that's not there, there may be more. He's constantly updating and adding new info.

          His forum is excellent as well. Lots of interaction and help.
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    An excellent site for beginners

    I had worked in the field of Making Money from Internet for 6 months, but I could not reach any result. But after I have a membership with Chris Farrell for two months, his training gave me the skills I needed to design and make a web page, how to use FTP software to upload the files to the site and build a fully functioning web business and began to build a mailing list of my own.

    I learned a lot from him in this field, and still have a lot to learn from him.
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