Anyone hear of the 12 month millionaire?

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Can anyone tell me about the 12 month millioniare course by vincent james?.... Is it worth buying they have one for sale on Amazon for like $49.00 bucks or something thats the cheapest price I have seen, is it a good course or a scam?
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    In my opinion most of these products are just rehashed stuff you can find on forums all over the place. They just organize it and well put it together in a pretty package to sell to newb/intermediate marketers.

    I can't say about this product since I've never bought it myself. But think about it logically, if you had a method that was making you a million dollars, would you sell it for $49?
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      IMO it's not worth the $50 he's charging. In it he tells you that the product you sell is the key. You have to have a great product designed to feed a large starving crowd who are hungry to gobble it up.

      What exactly did he sell to make the millions that he no longer has?

      Well it seems that he made his money by selling herbal penis extending supplements to men and using their credit card details to place them onto a forced forced continuity program.

      No wonder the government shut him down and took the millions he made away.

      Now he's making a new fortune selling his story but of course he never tells you in the report what it is he was selling that made him all that money. If what he preaches is so great, why isn't he making the kind of money he did before the government stepped in? Why does he now focus on selling people his failure story with a little spin on it to make himself look good while never revealing the whole truth?
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    This product has been around for a long time and IMO there are much better products out there...
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      Hey Mark, You are right... but instead of buying another instant wealth info story we can act on the one good piece of advice in his story. Find a hungry niche, create a product to feed that hunger, market the hell out of it, reinvest your profits into expanding your menu (back end products) then, wash, rinse and repeat the formula / recipe over and over again!

      I do it online and offline by selling women what they already want to buy. Only my products are proudly put on display for all to see and my customers get bragging rights so I have something that money can't buy... Great honest word of mouth advertising!

      Find a great niche and give them what they want at a price they can afford!

      Steve S.
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