Article Marketing Automation - Is Is Getting Slower?

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Are there any Article Marketing Automation (AMA) users who think that the acceptance rate of submitted articles is slowing down somewhat?

I used to get an article published two or three times a day. Now it seems you can submit an article and it can sit there for days without being published at all.

Is the number of site owners using this as an article source reducing?

Interested to know other's experience with this.
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    Yes, this has been happening for the past couple of weeks.

    They wouldn't accept any articles for a period of about 5 days and then, when they started to accept them again, they have been distributing them at a rate of 1 day (sometimes not even that).

    I'll stick with them for now, but I'll re-evaluate the situation in a month.
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      Mark - thanks for the feedback.

      Over the past couple of weeks AMA seem to have had some problems with logins and submissions - or at least that's been my experience. Those seem to have been fixed so hopefully the distribution speed will pick up soon.

      It is a really great service, which has produced good results for me. Here's hoping they get it sorted out quickly.

      Best Regards,


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    why not you try the isnare article distribution service rather than this Article Marketing Automation that gives better results and cheap
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    why not you try the isnare article distribution service rather than this Article Marketing Automation that gives better results and cheap

    Feel free to correct me if I've got the wrong impression - but doesn't the iSnare distribution service simply distribute the same article around a variety of directories? The idea behind AMA, UAW and other services of that ilk, is that different versions of the article are distributed - which should get you more backlinks than simply posting an identical article over and over.

    Best Regards,


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    Thanks Thamisgith
    I will look-in with your suggestions
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  • Profile picture of the author COBSolutions
    AMA is completely different from Isnare
    AMA is a kind of network of blogs while Isnare is a distribution service
    AMA, u have full control over what you do except the places where your article gets publishes (to an extent that too, u can control the niche)
    Isnare distributes your article to a large number of article sites and email groups
    AMA, you can distribute unique version each time
    Isnare, you can only distribute one version and that is the original version
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    As someone who gets AMA articles sent to their blogs, I get frustrated about having 10-12 articles come in at once for approval. It makes me wonder whether I should use the service myself as I'm sure other people receiving content don't like to have a large number of articles needing approval showing up at one time.
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  • Profile picture of the author Dan Bainbridge
    I have used Isnare and was totally disappointed - I submitted 2 articles and gave each one specific traacking urls - I got less than 5 clicks on each article even after the distribution kicked in and they went live other places... maybe good for just backlinks but not really a quality service in my opinion.

    I have been a fan of AMA, and used it until recently when my membership accidentally canceled - decided to use the break to find something else but thinking of going back as it really was working for me and can't find anything that I'm that impressed with.

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  • Profile picture of the author tuxonio
    Hi! guys how is it going?

    Have you tried My Article Network? is the same as AMA and for me it has been a really good service...I have performed living the service for a month or so and see the results...and the rankings of the sites that i did the test went down considerably...

    And I have excluded some sites and included others and the results in rankings have been really different...

    ...I think that this services are very beneficial for spinning and submitting articles...I do not know about the admitence rate at AMA but with MAN it is considerable...there are 10,000 blogs on their network, as I said they have a partnership...

    I have implemented a technic of submitting the same articles in different categories and subcategories and that hast increased my acceptance has worked for me...same article different categories...with an at least 300% rewritten article...

    OK best to you all
    Healthy Lifestyle
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  • Profile picture of the author pyrmontvillage
    My Article Network sounds interesting. Cheers for that Tuxonio. Whats the pricing structure like? Also, who runs it? Is it anyone in this forum?
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    MAN is just a rebadge of AMA, isn't it? It's just a different front-end to the same program.
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    MAN is just a rebadge of AMA, isn't it? It's just a different front-end to the same program.
    That's exactly correct. There's no point joining both of them.

    Best Regards,


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