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Did anybody subscribe to the new Mass Control Monthly that Frank Kern is promoting in this moment? As it's a $297/month membership, I would love to get some feedback before taking a decision...


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    I am very curious about this myself. I really want to get it as a newbie and that is a very high price I think for someone new like me that isn't making much yet. Because I'm sure he is going to recommend tools that we would need to get too such as Infusionsoft, though he might recommend a few I'm not sure. I'm sure it is more than worth it knowing Frank, just curious what is in it.
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      I hope we get a lot of posts on this. I would like
      someone who has had some success with the
      membership to tell us about them.

      Fingers crossed.
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        I am interested in signing up for this program as well. I have a couple of questions before I do, couldn't find any contact info on his site.
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          I bought in just to get in on the list building sessions. I should mention that I make enough online (not in IM) to try programs like this out. So far, all that's been made available is the online videos from the Mass Control Seminar in 2008 and 2009. I made my way through 4 of the 10 videos (which are about 1 1/2 hours each. I intend to watch them all, so take these comments as 'incomplete'.

          To be honest, Frank's sessions from the videos I've seen so far are the only ones of real value to me. Bob Serling wasn't bad, and I like Eben Pagan, but I already own Altitude so his session wasn't new for me. But several of the sessions, like Mike Koening and the Stompernet guys (with Jeff Walker), were pretty much useless. I've never thought much of Stompernet or Traffic Geyser and this just reinforced those thoughts.

          I know one thing, if I'd paid full price to sit through most of what was on the first videos in person, I'd have been unhappy. Right now, I cannot see this program being worth even CLOSE to $300 a month. Maybe $20 a month, but not $300. I will finish watching the videos and attend the list building, but right now I'm about 80% sure I'll cancel after that.

          One thing that is obvious is that almost all of the top IM guys make their money with their email list, and that's it. Sure, they talk about systems and strategies and launches, but what it almost always boils down to is that together they have millions of email addresses from IM opt-ins.
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    I love Frank Kern and his system as a complete system, and there is no doubting it's success.. well I believe it anyway, but I agree with silverbax that the other guests he has on get off topic and don't really give that much value - I'd rather it was half the length and just Frank talking.

    Oh, and yes, I do believe it is all about the list too - there is no other way to send floods of traffic all at once, to build relationships and to repeat expose someone to your / a product - vital for success - in my own experience our best sales for our own products come from our list (converting at 5-10% rather than 2-3% on general website traffic), and also our best affiliates are those which use email marketing to drive people to us - better than PPC affiliates or article marketing affiliates who don't use email marketing too.

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      I agree that it is not worth $297. I mean, maybe if you have a ton of stuff working already but I got it for the list building-we shall see...

      Introducing Simple Subject Line Secrets...
      A simple 7 minute trick Bond Halbert reveals on video--Use this to write headlines and email subject lines that force people to open your emails. So simple anyone can do this.

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    where can i order this..
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    I think swiping Frank Kern's emails leading to the launch would be a great idea. First he sent an inspiring video of Will Smith. A couple days later a survey request (which seems to be a pretty popular M.O. lately with people like Joe Vitale from The Secret and Hypnotic Marketing) and then Frank emailed a video on the results of the survey rehashing how many subscribers made him coin with an option to subscribe. Note to self: Save the $200 a month until I copy just these brilliant launch tactics for my own launch.



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    May have to put down some coin myself, to see how Frank does things on the list building front. Hopefully feedback like these from the earlier posters above will force the man to deliver real value.
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      Here's The Secrets To Building A Big List.

      Create a high ticket product...

      $500.00 to $2000.00 and get a ton
      of JV partners on board.

      They will push harder for a higher

      Create a few pre-launch videos, set up
      a opt-in page and get your JV partners
      to mail more than once.

      Hopefully your pre-aunch sequence and
      sales letter or sales video converts and
      you make a ton of sales.

      Adding buyers to your list...

      You can also drive traffic to a squeeze page
      using PPC, SEO, Banner Ads, Media Buys and
      CPA traffic.

      But having a launch and getting traffic from
      JV's is a lot cheaper.

      Of course, this is a little simplified but the
      Magic Bullet launch was a great example.

      Craig Beckta
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    $297 a month??? Hope that has a significant return on investment

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    Interesting. I'm looking into getting it but the $300 monthly charge is hard to justify.
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      hey... I'll try it for $197 a month, must include the 6 past issues.

      I have been a member of a very good membership site (product development) for over 4 years. Tons of good stuff. And I only pay $10/month.

      AT $10 bucks a month I'll never cancel ... as long as I am marketing stuff online.

      When someone charges $97 or more ... I am looking really Hard for any excuse to cancel.

      with that said...

      I also pay another memberships site $297 a month (going on 2 years) this guy has a live webinar Every Week (almost) and written material every week. Not a IM business. The webinar lasts over an hour of good stuff.
      He is a smart marketer and delivers lots of goods.

      At this price ... you BETTER Load-It-ON! or people cancel real fast!

      Need a attractive Price and goods to make it STICK!
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    I think you can learn a lot just by following him... for FREE!
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    It must be good value just for the bonuses..... personally would like to see how he brands non product launches.

    anyone been through this to the end yet?
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      I canceled after the first couple of weeks of the list building class. There was not one new thing I did not already know and it was targeted towards people who don't know how to set up a blog, or aweber. After two months of content, I still feel like it's a $20 a month membership, not $300.

      I like Kern's style but honestly, since I can afford $300 a month as a business expense, would I really be at the level where I needed aweber and blog set up advice?

      The only thing this has really proven is that I was right when I suspected that none of the gurus (with a couple of exceptions) are doing anything more than building big lists and marketing to them. That's it. Everything they so...launches, videos, etc., is based on the existence of massive mailing lists. Many of them refer to Dan Kennedy as their mentor, who sells what? Mailing lists.

      Here's Frank's sales method in a nutshell:

      1. Sell something to your list.
      2. Use the results of the sale as proof that your 'methods' work.
      3. repeat.

      I mean, it does work, but I just don't want to pay $300 a month to hear that every month. I'm sure next month's MC (which I won't be getting) will be talking about how awesome the Video Boss launch went.
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        I'll have to disagree a little with silverbax here on this one. I've been a MC Member for two years now. Early last year he had put together a list-building course for us members, which covered whatever questions members had given him feedback on about list building.

        Course basically was the good meat and potatoes stuff, not so much the how to, but about the psychological mentality aspect of building that list. Then in January this year, he sent out a survey to his list, which includes us the members paying 3 hundred a month. This was done to make sure he would create a product or course or any material which was what his list wanted to get.

        44% of those who took the survey wanted a list building course, and 39% wanted basic how to get started training, those were the top 2 responses. To get more of the advanced launch type training had gotten only about 22%. 75% wanted video type training and 93% had said they would want the look over my shoulder membership.

        So what did Frank do, he created an online video list building course that included many of the how to steps. This course was an expanded updated course of the high level course we had gotten originally. He would be the first to say that he was shocked and would never have guessed that his list would have requested these basic type how to items.

        The lesson in that is priceless. He didn't just go and create a product and dish it out onto his list. He asked what the public wanted, and he gave it to them. Even if it seemed odd that that was what they wanted, they spoke, he listened, and he delivered.

        A thing to remember also is that for those of us who had bought MC when it came out, and have stayed on as members; we get all his new stuff free, he doesn't make any additional money from us, except if we buy something he might suggest as an affiliate. Not many marketers can have the same thing said about their programs, where existing people are taken care of.

        To the point of the main thread; the monthly videos and manuals (I use manuals as I don't think the word newsletter would give this information justice) have been full of awesome information over the years. To see and read about the insides and the results of various launches/marketing campaigns is truly invaluable, especially if you yourself are at a point in your IM career that can take advantage of that information to implement it.

        Is his membership worth 300 a month? I was helping a friend out with his online business awhile ago, shortly after I had gotten MC, and we implemented a combination of the concepts Frank had sent out in the manuals. We made 20+K over 1 weekend, with another 50+K from those same buyers that ended up their additional recurring income for the rest of the year. So from that point of view where we had something going and were ready to implement, based on the results, yes it was easily worth it. If you get it but just let his material sit on the shelf, of course it's not worth it, nothing is worth it, if that is the end result.

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          Well, Frank himself has said 'find what people want to buy and sell it to them'.

          But, that did not come from Frank Kern. That comes from Russell Cornwell's famous speech 'Acres of Diamonds', which was first published in 1890.

          Not a slam on Kern...he is openly admitting that his basic premise is the same.
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    Frank's stuff is good, but it would be good at $197 not $297. He can charge that fee because he's "the famous Frank Kern".

    Nothing wrong with that - he's built his brand and can charge Mercedes fees. But there are gurus out there who charge less and can give comparable value. I can't currently afford nor justify paying that kind of money. I'll just have to be happy with a $197/month guru.

    Help an at-risk kid and win a Free 2010 Ford Escape!

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      Lance Tamashiro's List Building Accelerator tells you the same things as Frank's course, only Lance does it better and it's $47 one time, NOT $300 a month.
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        I agree with the posts above. Frank definitely has set himself up as an upper class guru type, and he's explained along the way about how it was done, all his results of what he's tried.

        There is definitely information to be found both for free and cheaper out there, I've found and have gone through a lot myself. As to if it's the same or better, hard to say, I'm sure there are a lot of people that will say yes, and a lot that will disagree, purely judgmental based upon experiences.

        Speaking for myself I can say this. I've stuck with Frank's membership because of the way he delivers his information, it resonates with me. Even if it is something I might have heard before, when he explains it or reiterates it, it makes me take some action. I can honestly say that a good deal of what I've tried or am currently doing can be attested in some way to Frank's membership.

        To me that is probably the most important aspect of IM knowledge, action. And if he can get me to take action then to me, there is no reason to stick with items that I take in but just flat out don't do anything with. I wish I would take action on everything I go over, but unfortunately I fall into the same trap as many do.

        300 a month isn't for some list building course; I'd be the first to call myself a fool to pay that much for that topic, especially with how much list building is covered everywhere. The list building course was just a doorway for new members into his membership, which could be called more of an over the shoulder type education.

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