Whitehat Copycat system?

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I have gotten a couple of emails for Tim Bekker's Whitehat Copycat system. Anyone have any experience with this or any of Tim's products? Looks pretty interesting but don't they all?

Wondering if this is just another template type system where a couple of hundred people will end up with the same basic type of sites.
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  • I have been bombarded too with the emails

    Haven't heard anything good or bad about the product, other than what is on the sales page.

    Nicely done sales page with the incorporation of video in it, as well.

    As far as any templates go, I would always "tweak" them, as you wouldn't want the exact same pages as the rest of the members.
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    I am with you folks.
    I have received lots of sales pitches, but cannot find any real folks that bought it and tried it to see if it is real or really hype.
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    Hey Warrior's
    Quite surprised** No Reviews ** on "White Hat Copy Cat System" !! Looks Interesting !!

    Anyone purchased and can give a review on this system ???

    Thank you *** I would appreciate some Info on WhiteHatCopyCat*com ** Debra
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    I bought it last week and have gone over all the material twice.
    I am currently in the process of setting up my first few test sites.

    As to the actual value of the system I am a little bit on the fence so far.

    The written content was of somewhat lessor quality than I expected with some spelling errors and less depth coverage than I like.

    The 5 custom templates are really only 1 template with different colors. And it really don't look all that pro to me!

    Support is really good and they answer questions within a few hours.

    The true test of Tim's system is if it performs well or not. I think his basis is good but I am a little worried about saturation of sub-niches.
    I'll give you my actual verdict once my sites are up and running.

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    Actually this is not a bad plan for anyone new to IM, but I'm afraid that in no time the "macro niche" mentioned is going to be saturated with "copycat" websites.
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    Here's what I know about Whitehat Copycat - I'm using it... just starting to use it.
    I'm also an affiliate on his launch, but I'm approaching this "review" with no intent of selling you a copy. Honor among warriors.

    The macro niche industry Tim Bekker focuses on is the FREE DOWNLOAD market. That's no secret - it's revealed in the free download on his sales page. But from there, you do have it get it down to more of a niche market, i.e. WHICH free download are you going to offer. And you need to choose one that has a paying product. I was hoping there would be no need for article writing, but they are still "required" - write and spin articles on the products you've chosen.

    Openly known by now, there are 6 Blueprints: the Whitehat Copycat Blueprint the Niche Blueprint the Product Blueprint the Copycat Site Blueprint the Download Page Blueprint the Traffic Blueprint Plus, some SEO, linking into wheels, and social bookmarking is covered.

    Then there are the template pages... the copycat sites, which although simple, are complete, including the main (index) page, FAQ, Customer Support, a Link page, and Privacy Policy. It was refreshing to find so many. If you're a beginner they are nice to have, if you have some experience, a blank template page would have worked.
    I think the system is a step further along than the original Stupid Simple System (which I also have), but the copy and paste methods still apply. And then there is the rinse and repeat philosophy. I got the impression that 25 copycat sites would be the minimum needed, and really that sets of 25 should be done each month.

    It appears a fair share of the income produced from these sites will be from ads on the sites - CPA, Adsense, Clickbank - targeting other niches within the macro niche.

    What was particularly interesting are the upsells (I didn't take them) where you can literally buy into the copycat SETUP and IMPLEMENTATION. And there is also a whole set of "elite linking" among those who purchased the product.

    A domain name does need to be purchased, with a naming convention given.

    True to his promise, Tim does reveal what niches he is using, and tells a bit about the ads too. He'll even take the work away from you if you purchase an upsell or two. And that may be where the program will see success. I'm really tempted to fork over the extra money. But I'm sworn to stay bum marketing, sticking with bare bones programs.

    The best I can say, is that I'm in... I'm going to use Whitehat Copycat as it was intended at the basic level. The worst that I can say is that I'm in... I won't be asking for any refund.

    When it was being offered at $47, it was a selling fast. Now that the price has increased to $67, it has slowed down by my gauge. There was a $5 trial offered, but that is due to be taken down. It was for a 3 day period only, which might not seem like much, but to get a handle on this "Stupid Simple Copy and Paste" system as Tim calls it, only takes a couple of hours... unless you are an absolute beginner. Spend 3 days, after work, for a couple hours each day, and you'll have a really good understanding of the potential, or lack of... whichever way you see it... with the system.

    I think there will definitely be some success stories coming out of it. There were 50 testers on it in advance of the prelaunch.

    That's my view. I hope I have given some insight into it from a personal perspective. Maybe an insider's view was even an advantage to you... I am moving on with my effort on it. If it will help, I'll post my pitfalls and all of the hills and valleys.
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    Webdesk described it perfectly. I also purchased the system and I am currently in the process of trying to customize the templates as per the instructions. I am hoping some one who is using the system might be able to offer some insight. I am running into a snag while trying to edit one of the .gif's in order to change the product name - In the whitehat manual it suggests using paint but when I do that it looks absolutely horrible - has anyone else encountered this problem? Have you found a decent work around???? Any help would be greatly appreciated warriors.

    Once my site's are up and traffic starts coming in I will post results - I have also purchased one of the up-sells (pre-made templates for different macro niches supplied monthly)

    Would love to collaborate with anyone else using the system as there doesnt seem to be a forum for it anywhere - if interested please PM me
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      Trying to cut and replace the product name is a pain. I just make a new 390 by 50 logo.gif and upload it instead. Make a few with different colors and find one you think fits the site.

      You can use any free image,banner/logo creator online tool . I have been playing around with paint.net it works good.
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    Thanks Deverell - I was almost pulling my hair out. That helps alot.
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      Personally, I do not know if I can hang in there. Overall, the pitch and concept is all reasonable. I believe once the sites get going, it can work.
      My problem is what should be plain and simple according to Tim, copy and paste, yeah .. I am finding a bit confusing. I totally agree with DonD.

      I have questions - I got confused when the download page is a index.php?
      And I don't understand the link page.html and we just got Tim's template that suppose to be the main index.html page. I believe he claimed nothing is left out to use this system but somehow I feel there is. Should someone using this program, want to give me a boost, then please pm me for I cannot pm back yet.

      webdesk gave a good unbaised view. I wanted to try even one template download before I buy into anything more, but after 2 days, I'm starting over.

      I personally think the whitehatcopycat made an effort to hype how stupid simple and may take a little longer for the 1st site to go up. But even after reading it over and over - I am still unclear. So does that make me stupid and simple?
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        Yeah, I'm taking it slow with the changes. I'm using Komposer - I already have experience with it and most of the changes go ok. I've been using Paint.Net too, ever since SSS came out.

        I need to move on this faster and get my copycat sites out, but all is premature right now since I haven't decided on what niche to target. I got declined by NeverBlue, so I think I'll just pick a decent enough niche that's in the download market and do it.

        I find the instructions too general at times, but once I get through it part way, I'll gladly post some help. I'll see what progress I can make in the next 2 days.
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          I have DW but Kompozer may even be simpler then DW. I also had trouble uploading it right but I have only uploaded 3 sites. I am accepted in NB, you could try another app with a different CPA site. There's more than one. I was nervous about getting accepted. I think they really like it if you say your into this full time, even thou I was very honest about how new I am.

          I just want to get my feet wet with the niches he gave us. I don't want to say too much on this forum, I suppose that would not be appropriate to get into the program itself. So please pm so I may converse my concerns if it
          gets into details.
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    I too purchased the whitehat copycat system and I am currently trying to set up the system. I did order the $97 download and CPA platform, 10 ready-made templates($75), and joined the $27/month to get more templates and access to more macro niches.

    With all that said, I have found it very difficult and time consuming to get everything set up. I had even thought about hiring someone to do it for me because it can be difficult and time consuming for someone who is not use to setting up sites.

    I am actually hiring one of Tim's programmers to set up the download platform because I get an error when trying to login to it. I followed the instructions exactly but it may be something with the limit on my hosting. I do wish the set up was in video instead of pdf.

    I did upload the index page, the download and CPA platform and a download template I wanted to see what it looked like on the site and test a couple links. The links are not working yet but I saw my stats this morning where I had 517 unique visitors yesterday. I don't know what to make of that but it was interesting to see.

    I hope to have it fully functional in a week or two with 25 niche sites, a main index page and my download page working with CPA banners in place. I am trying hard to make it work but it does take a while to set up. I am familiar with ftp and uploading sites but it is still a good bit of work involved trying to get the links working and changing the text to make your sites unique. I hope to see results before the 60 day refund period ends. I will post again after I have everything in place and working.
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    I purchased this package too, the basic plus the $97 download and CPA platform. I have successfully installed the platform, but got stuck on how to use it. Apparently, there is no User Manual on it yet. An email from the Support indicated that they are going to furnish it soon, but I have not seen it yet.

    I could go to the admin part of the download platform. Need to figure out how to use it. Meanwhile, any tips on how to use the download platform would be greatly appreciated.

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      I was finally able to get the platform setup too...my hosting had to install mhash on the server. Now I am facing the same dilemma with not knowing how to use the platform.

      I am now working on each of the templates. It has been time consuming and confusing and I am not even a complete beginner. Has anyone had any success with their site yet? One thing I do not like about the system is the lack of explanation. The blueprints are okay at best. It would have been much better if there were videos giving step by step instructions instead of the pdfs. Just looking at the results when I type in free download "whatever", there are millions of sites displayed. How long would it take to compete with those sites? I have my doubts but I still want to give it a fair chance.
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        I have never tried this free download niche before so it will be interesting to see how much traffic these sites get. Always stayed away from it because of all the old authority sites offering free downloads. But I am going to give it a shot. I have 15 "sites" up and am starting to build some backlinks.

        There is a lot of traffic even the longtail keywords have traffic. Have to see how hard it is to get some of it.

        Run this through googles keyword tool - live messenger free download
        Tons of long tails with traffic but not much advertising interest for them.

        IMO, your sites are going to have a tough time ranking on google against established sites directly so you might want to attack it with longtail keyword web2 properties/articles/videos linking to your download sites. That's what I am trying.

        Especially with so little content on the WC webpages. But who knows maybe google will share the wealth. I thought I saw a video of somebody who was using a blog for msn messenger? Thought it was this product but no mention of blogs in it.
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          I too have been hit by a burrage of e-mails from Whitehat Copycat. Thanks for all the insight about this. I am a new IM and it seems the different methods are all too complicated for me.

          I will hold off on this.

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        Hi Patrick,
        Suggest that you repeat the platform installation process, ensuring that you follow all the steps per the User Installation Manual. In that Manual titled "Installing the White Hat Copycat Download Platform",
        1. you initially have to setup a MySQL database.
        2. import the data file into the mysql database.
        3. install the script on your hosting account.
        4. editing many .htaccess files.
        5. upload all these files using FTP into your hosting account.
        6. you need to change the permissions for some of the directories.
        6.1. The first one is addressgrab.
        6.2 cache
        6.3 + 9 more
        7. you can then log in to your site

        That is installation part.

        Using it is another issue... and I am still waiting for the promised User Manual. Without the User Manual, I am blank.

        I hope above helps.


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          Thanks Ramli, I didn't know there was even an Installation Manual. I went back through everything and have it now though. (I finally gave in and went back & purchased the platform but I didn't see any instructions, so the package has been sitting idle. I'm waiting for the webinar on how to use it.)

          I've been auto-rejected for every CPA I've applied for, so there has been no hurry... I was hoping to at least salvage this operation, but it is turning out to be the biggest disappointment in everything I've tried so far. The support desk has not been very helpful.
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            Aden, you are welcome! We are in the same boat, waiting for the webinar, which is about 23 hours away.

            To Patrick (and the rest) who purchased the platform, suggest that you register for the webinar. You should receive the invitation in your mail for the webinar.

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                Originally Posted by Patrick Isherwood View Post

                Hi Ramli,
                I have my platform site running now thank goodness, have you heard any news about the webinar for using the platform?

                Hi Patrick,

                Congratulation for your progress! And I have a look at your site. It is Tim's site and now you have to edit it to your's.

                No! I have not heard about the webinar yet. However, there is a new support desk at Tim Bekker - Kayako SupportSuite Help Desk Software that I have just registered and sent a ticket requesting for the User Manual.

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                    Originally Posted by Patrick Isherwood View Post

                    Thanks Ramli. I don't quite understand how I edit Tim site to make it mine. Can you point me in the right direction please?

                    Hi Patrick,

                    At the moment, the logo on the top left corner shows dMAYBELFIRE DOWNLOAD CENTER. You might want to change it to something like "birdswood download center" to suit to your domain name.

                    You can use the "Paint" program that come together with Microsoft Office suite to edit the logo.

                    Best is you register with the webinar and discuss with them during the session.

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    Tim is rescheduling the webinar to next week same time...I have just read an email about the webinar postponement that he sent about 1 hour ago.

    Sigh! Another week wait before I can make any sense of the platform, that is supposed to attract lots of free traffics on this macro niche..

    Apparently, he is busy pushing another series of product along the same line, and may be that is the reason why.

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    You probably know this by now, but the webinars are this Friday 3/12. email notices were sent out earlier today. You have to register again.
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    I missed the webinar due to some other earlier appointment. The webinar is recorded, but when I tried to download, it did just hang. Anybody has been successful in downloading the webinar.

    I sent a ticket at the helpdesk and waiting for their response.

    Meanwhile, anybody here attended the webinar that could help to shed some light on how to use the platform.

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    I have been trying to get these sites set up for weeks.
    I thought that the blueprints contained way too much information on things like how to sign up for Clickbank and Hosting and very little of the specific detail needed to set up these sites and execute this system.
    Which may or may not turn out to be a good idea.
    In particular, if all of these copycat sites are on subdomains/subdirectories what do we put on the main domain. I asked this question but it was not answered to any extent.
    The advice for the main domain name was "just get a good one." Surely this will require some keyword research and observation of competition levels etc. This macro niche, or rather market, has some very big players in it.
    I dont understand how my sites will rank in the search engines without putting unique articles and fresh content on the sites, which will take time if I launch the 25 suggested.
    I dont want to be down on this, I want it to work, because something tells me that it could work, but for right now there is just not the right level of instruction included and for the price a video or two would have been nice.
    I will update this if I get traffic
    If you are sick of the hype...watch this space!
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    I purchased this system -- just the REGULAR version -- and cannot get the script to install on my Hostgator Site. I get it uploaded, installed, configured and then it blows up -- I see all the install screens it installs fine, but then when I go to login or view, it sends back sql errors. It can't find certain files it says, the INLCUDE.PHP file isn't configured properly or something like that. I started sending emails on 10/22/10 asking for help from the helpdesk -- NOT ONE PERSON has responded to my request for help. Frankly, IMO, customer service sucks. I cannot even get a response to one email -- in the dialogue he says there are over 1300 files to download and yet in the download package I have there are only 1134. Something is amiss or missing because the script just won't work -- it apparently doesn't install correctly at the lower-priced version.

    Additionally, I've cleaned out and started fresh THREE TIMES -- and still end up in the same place. If I don't get a response soon, I will ask for refund and come back here and share what has happened.
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      I wonder if they sold all "250" units they said were available.

      Based on this promise, they are going to lose money after they pay their affiliates all of their cash prizes.

      Why would they even bother launching a product if they were going to lose thousands of dollars?


      "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

      Super Affiliates Hang Out Here

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        Originally Posted by jasondinner View Post

        Based on this promise, they are going to lose money after they pay their affiliates all of their cash prizes.

        Why would they even bother launching a product if they were going to lose thousands of dollars?
        And the answer is....


        Apparently there is a monthly continuity upsale.

        (Darn! Not going to strike it rich this week either.)
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          Originally Posted by robognome View Post

          And the answer is....


          Apparently there is a monthly continuity upsale.

          (Darn! Not going to strike it rich this week either.)
          I know, I was saying it tongue-in-cheek.

          Either way, even with the upsells, 250 units and the 20% that take the upsells still isn't nearly worth it to go through all the trouble of selling it.

          The bottom line is they are full of ****.

          A spade is a spade.

          "Human thoughts have the tendency to transform themselves into their physical equivalent." Earl Nightingale

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    I believe this thread was for the original Whitehat copycat right? There's a new thread for Whitehat Copycat 2 here: http://www.warriorforum.com/internet...pycat-2-a.html
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      Originally Posted by imguru View Post

      I believe this thread was for the original Whitehat copycat right? There's a new thread for Whitehat Copycat 2 here: http://www.warriorforum.com/internet...pycat-2-a.html
      So, where the heck did the Whitehat Copycat 2 thread actually go?

      I'm wondering if this is one of those scripts that is only valid for one single domain and therefore a single website, unless you're running a bunch from subfolders ...
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    I recently purchased Copycat 2...Seemed ok but a bit too much work...Based on this forum, I have requested a refund (not once but twice) and have not received a response. Though, the emails to buy just keep on coming....I have to agree with jasondinner...they are full of **** and based on my experience I would tell all to stay away.
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