IMedia Marketing Tools Anyone?

by BruceP
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Has anyone heard of or using IMedia Marketing Tools ( I am looking into using them for a new project I am starting.
They offer;
1. Landing page creation and hosting
2. Autoresponder
3. Tracking & Analytics
all this and more for what seams like a fairly reasonable price, up to 10,000 subscribers for $39.99 a month. I am wanting to know if they are dependable because I do not want to put alot of work into marketing and building a list just to find out I have to move my hole operation to another service.

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    I have signed up for them myself but have not had an opportunity to use them yet. They are certainly not well-known---the last time I did a search for them here in the Forum NOTHING came up. Glad to see that someone else at least knows about them

    I am a newbie--a good writer who also is very quick to want to try creative marketing ideas. So I can't let the technical side of things slow me down too much. I need the most reliable automation I can find. That's why this company's service appealed to me so much. They are in the process of retooling right now, so it looks better than ever.

    Never having actually used the service, I can't speak too authoritatively--yet. I will say that their customer service was VERY helpful and patient with all of my questions. That's a good sign for starters at least.

    I would like to stay in touch with you on this.
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      Hey Warriors:

      If ANYONE has used Imedia Marketing Tools or has any experience with Abe Cherian please let us know. They are offering what seems to be a pretty compelling turnkey service. So---whether it is too good to be true or not---we would appreciate any insight

      These guys have been around for several years so I am sure that out of many thousands of Warriors we could get a meaningful firsthand review ?
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