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Just got this in my email:
Exclusive Video Invite ONLY: Cash System X

This system is about building email lists AFAIK.
Totally automated system.
Costs 997 bucks.

Anyone that came shed some more light on this system...?
Or is this just another high priced crappy system...?
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    I questioned what it was all about with jonny as i coud'nt watch the video because of my internet connection being poor, anyway he said this:

    100% done for you system that gives you
    6 fully automated product sites. When somebody buys
    your stuff YOU get paid instantly via PayPal.
    on top of that I'm giving you traffic software so you
    can drive a bunch of visitors to your site to build
    your list and then to sell them products...
    I personally think you would be able to build a bigger list and more targeted list by using other means like ppv or ppc traffic. But for anyone that does'nt want to test the waters as they say with these types of traffic generation systems then this is for you.


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    I'm also thinking of purchasing the product. I am studying Magic Bullet but I would like to make a little money faster. There is so much I don't know how to do and this is all done for you, which makes me hesitate to buy it. Anybody else going to buy it?

    Jean Pizzoferrato,
    AKA The Italian Princess

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      Wow, haven't been here in a while

      Anyway, figured I'd drop in and see if anyone was
      yammering about my new stuff.

      Here's the skinny: CSX has NOT officially launched yet.

      What you're seeing now is a sales process test to make
      sure I can maximize conversions when I do release the
      thing openly to the public.

      Mike Filsaime and a few other cats were nice enough to
      help send me some extra test traffic to figure out the

      And I let them do it because my internal tests showed
      the systems were uber stable (I was actually really happy
      with that... almost zero support tickets!)

      What Is It? I guess you'll have to figure that out

      Evil laugh? Muwhahahahahahahahaaaa... cough.

      Chat later around launch time,


      Here's the video (obviously not an affiliate link!)
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        Yes, I'm interested in getting it too.

        My main concern is that it takes months or years of SEO to get on the first page of Google in these super competitive IM niches. Especially if it's 'set it and forget it' as Jonny says it is.

        Therefore - if you're not on page one, nobody will ever see your page, so there's no chance to build your list.

        I've inquired about this, but don't get any helpful answers. And I'm not able to gamble with PPC.

        Anybody shed any light on this? Any alternatives that are cheaper?

        It would really be going out on a limb financially to try this, but it sounds good with the exception of the traffic problem. I'm glad it's built on WordPress, because at least I know how to work with that.

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        Hey Jonny, nice video... seems like a strong product. I'm considering it. Liked your video presentation... would you mind sharing what software you used to produce it? I don't think it's PowerPoint but I could be wrong... perhaps the new version. Anyway, would appreciate a reply. Thanks in advance...
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          Originally Posted by fitmission View Post

          Hey Jonny, nice video... seems like a strong product. I'm considering it. Liked your video presentation... would you mind sharing what software you used to produce it? I don't think it's PowerPoint but I could be wrong... perhaps the new version. Anyway, would appreciate a reply. Thanks in advance...
          What! And give up my "uber-guru" secrets?!?!?

          The software I used to make that video has NOTHING
          to do with Keynote and screenflow. Period.

          And it angers me you would even ask!
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            Originally Posted by JonnyAndrews View Post

            And it angers me you would even ask!
            Money talks, bull**** walks... :p
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    Thank you for the thread. Its really a good post
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    I like jonny's previous products. Bought GA and MSS.
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      I gotta say I loved the vid and what it was saying. I want to get it but I'm on the edge I must say about getting this though. And it's mostly because not a lot of information was given on how the system works. Like what was said above, SEO does take time, a few weeks, months to start seeing traffic, but it's sayin I could start making sales in a few days? That's not SEO so how am I getting the traffic? The system or process was never explained so I'm going on hope. Or maybe I'm missing somethin?
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    I watched the whole video. It looks like you're given a website that is custom tailored to you in hopes of creating a large email list. Then, you have the traffic software. It looks kind of like an article, web 2.0 blaster. So, I suppose that is how you are suppose to drive traffic to your squeeze page they provide and build your list. I think it also comes with a complete autoresponder series, which is pretty valuable. Especially considering the copy is probably high converting and done for you.

    I did buy Money siphon system and the video upsell. Jonny Andrews really is a great teacher and his products helped me a lot when I was getting started in affiliate marketing. Business in a box product types just aren't my thing.

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      This product looks interesting but it does leave a lot of questions unanswered.
      1. If it's sold to 500 persons doesn't it mean that there will be 500 identical sites and products being sold by different people. From the video the only customization I can see is maybe your name and payment information. If you are able to do more extensive customization the video does not say.

      2. How does the traffic getting software work? are you writing articles which is then submitted to directories?

      The video was great and the product sounds interesting but I'm sure there are others who like myself would like some clarification.
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    So, it's kind of like senuke for traffic and comes with a plr(maybe) mmo ebook and (squeeze) landing page.
    Hmmm, that's what is seems like to me at least based on the video.

    It certainly has a nice presell though. I think he should do a course on video preselling tactics too.

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      Hi folks,

      Just wondered if anyone bought CSX & what they think? I bought it, but I'm still a little unsure. I love Jonny Andrews, but I can't help thinking that for the price this could have been a lot better. I feel the quality of the videos that your subscribers get are pretty weak, the pre-written autoresponder messages & articles need a lot of work (definitely not a case of just copy & paste as far as I'm concerned) & the products themselves could be much much better. I mean, the software is great & it's brilliant in terms of cutting out the time & expense you'd take to get a website up, but... is it good enough? :confused: $997 is a lot of money. I'm just not sure whether I want to stay with it or get a refund.

      Would really appreciate any thoughts/experiences from ppl who've bought it

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        I also purchased this system the day it came out and Iv'e made a total of $49 in about 1 month 17 days... This system is a lot of money and I'm going back and forth wether this system is really worth the cost. I really like Jonny and believe what he says but I agree with the previous poster about quality of articles and the products themselves. I'm not seeing a huge conversation rate with this yet.. and this is with someone else working with me on this too.
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