Aweber vs. Getresponse. Which Is Better?

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I'm wondering what your experiences with these 2 top autoresponder companies are and between the 2, which would you recommend. I know a lot of marketers use Aweber and swear by it. I'm currently with Getresponse and I'm on the way to build another list so I'm thinking to use Aweber for the new list. Is that advisable?

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    Hi guys

    i quit getresponse because it was rather low in quality and bounce rate etc.

    Then i moved to aweber and the service has been amazing.

    Ive noticed a lot of high profile marketers that used get response moving to aweber so save yourself the hassle and join aweber straight out.

    kind regards

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      We use Aweber and it's very good - and certainly a lot more user friendly than it used to be.

      The drawback is it's very slow on our own slow broadband - annoyingly so at times when lots of people are on it (I think).
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    I've been really happy with Aweber, Getresponse not so much.

    The other provider I use is 1Shoppingcart but really I use that because of the cart and affiliate software.

    The bulk of my mailing is through Aweber.


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    Aweber is great, I have found it very easy to use and the added options of having their own opt in forms is also a great bonus for newbies as it takes away some of the problems of inserting code.

    So aweber has my vote..
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    Awaber. Recently I read a report about one internet marketer and he was basically talking how to muild a list, and he didnt recommend using get response. From my personal experence i had get response, but i have some problems, so I moved to Awaber. Two friends of mine have similar issues and one of them was charged even twice. So the Getresponse support desk is not that good.

    Marius Puluikis
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      There is another option, which I'm getting ready to sign-up for.

      Do a quick search on the forum for IMNica.
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    I use both.. yes it's true GR support is slow but my GR lists outperform aweber lists in CTR and in delivery..

    Aweber have some issue lately with delivery... and I believe I am not the only one..

    I talked to other marketer in Gmail chat he complained that his aweber lists stop responding like it used to..

    and i thought I was the only one that got decreasing response in aweber..
    getresponse currently hold my best lists..

    I hope it's just temporary though.
    I am still building my lists daily in aweber and getresponse plus 3 other services..

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    I have experience using both and I could say aweber is better overall... I had my lists deleted by getresponse for no reason...
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      Originally Posted by ruch1v View Post

      get profollow, its an aweber private label but cheaper
      Two very different feature sets. Evaluate both and consider what you
      need for your business.

      Tom Kulzer
      CEO & Founder
      AWeber Communications, Inc.

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        I was with GR but when they revised their platform there were nothing but headaches. It caused a lot of frustration. I opened an Aweber account and used them side by side for about 6 months. Aweber won on performance hands down. Needless to say I closed my GR account. I highly recommend Aweber.



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          I have tested a few different autoresponders over the years, but have been using Aweber exclusively for the last two years because of their deliverability rate.

          Making sure your email gets to its intended destination is the most important job of an autoresponder, and it doesn't get any better than Aweber.

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    how about trafficwave? anyone?
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    It looks like Aweber wins the vote! You will find that the top marketers use it & it is the one that is consistently recommended above any other. It is easy to use, reliable & the delivery rate is excellent (99% I believe). At the moment you can also sign up for $1 so definately worth a try...
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      I used GR for long time, but since I changed to Aweber everything was smoother. And without any problems with lists.

      I think , that U should really save the slow GR support experience and try Aweber for one buck first.

      Only my 2 cc.
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    Aweber support is really good and i have been
    able to get some advice to improve getting my
    information opened.
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      I personally use both. I like the fact you can generate and pay for 'Power Leads' in Getresponse in order to boost a campaign. I also think the user interface is more intuitive. However I started with Aweber I am more impressed with the support. When you sign up I got a phone call the same day asking if everything was okay? Pretty good customer service if you ask me.

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    I use both (as well as others), but my main lists are on GetResponse. Personally, I think both are among the best autoresponders out there. I have likes and dislikes of each, but here are my summaries of each:

    Aweber -- overall, good service, usually has good deliverability (although at times, like someone else mentioned above, myself and some of my marketing friends have noticed spurts of lower deliverability rates, but that's partly expected from time to time), good customer service, etc..

    The couple downsides I didn't like -- they're not as easy to work on exceptions (like importing a list of customers with proof that they bought your products and everything from one autoresponder account to another), I don't like the user interface as much (although this is more of a personal taste -- some people I know like Aweber's more), and I was a little worried when I found out that some lists were stolen / hacked a few months back (but again, almost any business can have issues like that pop up).

    GetResponse -- overall, another good autoresponder service. I like the user interface more, they're MUCH more flexible on exceptions (as long as you show proof, they're more likely to allow you to import a list from another autoresponder or import a list of customers as long as you show valid proof) with still being strict enough to keep up their deliverability, good deliverability rates (have never experienced "down" times like I have with others), decent price, customer support is pretty good (I use their "live chat" support mostly so I can't judge their phone or e-mail support), and they're easy to do custom development with.

    The only downsides that I didn't like with GetResponse as much was when they released their new version and had some bugs in there that effected me for a week or two. However, those were fixed up relatively quick and again, it's something that can happen (and one time out of a few years -- I'm okay with that). One or two of the old features I also miss, but nothing huge.

    So who do I pick overall? I like GetResponse more and use them for more of my lists, but I think you'll be happy with either service -- it all comes down to your individual needs and personal preferences.

    - Brian
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    A cheaper option is called Optinzip. It is by Aweber, I use it and I like it.
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    Like most people here, I'm on a zillion lists while I build up my swipe file. In my own "non-scientific" research, I've noticed Aweber emails end up in my hotmail inbox nearly 100% of the time, while Getresponse only makes it about 75%. Just my 2 cents.
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      Have been using profollow which has been working just great (branded version of Aweber).
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        I use Aweber and love it. I would definitely recommend it to anyone
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    Aweber has to be number 1 for me!
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    GetResponse closed my pre-paid account for non-payment when they went through their upgrade. I had payed a year in advance for something like a 30% discount.

    Their new plan cost more and had a lower discount, so I didn't like it as much.

    It took an act or God to get my account re-enstated and I lost all the people that had tried to opt-in while they had my account suspended.

    The support staff seemed frustrated and tried to blame me for not wanting to upgrade to the more expensive plan.

    In the end my account was restored, but no apology given.

    I still have both, but GetReaponse left a bad taste in my mouth.
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    We have used Aweber from day 1 & love the product. User friendly, fantastic support & never had any problems with delivery.


    Barry Cross
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    After alot of research and speaking with other IM'ers I decided to go with Aweber and never looked back.

    It is a Barry says, user friendly, good support and I neither have had problems with it!

    Never be content with second truths!

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    My vote goes to Aweber. They have always been dependable for me; and the recent improvement, like the video confirmation, and the form templates have only added value. Lots of great tuturials also....
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    I will go with aWeber. I am currentlly using their PLR website "profollow". It's the same thing but cheaper prices!
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    I've gotta give an honest opinion here. I use GetResponse currently but really do wish I had got started using Aweber because to me it's WAY more user friendly. It just LOOKS better, and that usually means it is on the surface level at least.

    I'm not experienced with Aweber however I believe that Aweber does NOT give you the option to turn off confirmed opt in. Meaning that every time you want to get someone new on your list, they have to confirm the click. GetResponse DOES give you this ability.

    In some niche markets the ability to turn off confirmed opt in can dramatically increase your CTR and in other cases decrease it. Most top marketers use both services for different reasons. You should experiment and see what works best for your niche!
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      Originally Posted by MatthewNeer View Post

      ... however I believe that Aweber does NOT give you the option to turn off confirmed opt in.
      With aWeber you cannot turn off double opt in once a list has been established, but you can establish new lists as single opt in. The choice is fixed for the life of the list, no swapping later.

      Getresponse does offer flexibility, you can switch from fixed to single and back again.
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        I use aweber!

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    I use listping and so far so good. It is the same as Aweber I think that it's the same company or they have some kind of a partnership.
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    I have really did so many research on this topic and Aweber really comes out as the best; there are many reasons why (not that GetRepsonse is bad; since they are not).

    Aweber comes out as number #1 and delivers best support and has highest delivery rate
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    Go with Aweber, better service and more features, as far as I know.
    -David J. Kosmider
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    Didn't try getresponse, but aweber is good. I've never had any
    problems with them.
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    Aweber. Its features and ease of use cannot be matched in my opinion!
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    We're now getting answers shorter than the sig files. Time to wrap this up.
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