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Okay, who knows anything about Tweetomatic Profiteer? They won't tell you exactly what their software does, except that it's VERY limited and VERY scarce and if you don't buy it now, you're doomed to regret it forever because they won't let you buy it later. I hate this kind of BS marketing. I think it may have **** berries in it ;-)
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    Since it's Clickbank you have 60 days to check out what it does.
    Sorry I can't be of any more help, I'm at sea on this too!
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    In the sales video they mentioned the product Affiliate X. Can someone link me to the Warrior discussion about this product? I tried searching for it but wasn't able to find it.


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      I cant find anything about it on the Warrior Forum either; its possible that it was part of a thread that was removed?

      I did find the following on the web at Chris X, I'm struggling to remember if Affiliate X got good reviews or not though?

      "An Internet marketer by profession from Manchester UK, Chris X McNeeny, started marketing online in 2006. The Internet marketing community commonly address him as Chris X; the genius who broke Clickbank sales records with his first Adwords guide, "Adwords Miracle" and several after.

      Chris is the defacto master when it comes to anything affiliate marketing and PPC. He currently makes over $2 million dollars a year with just his Clickbank affiliate marketing strategies. Simply put, the guy is the real deal and has proved it again and again.

      With Affiliate X Chris hopes to help even more struggling affiliates make money with not only cutting-edge training, but also a suite of automation software that anyone who is in the Affiliate X training program has access to."

      Not sure if that helps or not ;-)
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      Originally Posted by AFFILIATE ROB View Post

      In the sales video they mentioned the product Affiliate X. Can someone link me to the Warrior discussion about this product? I tried searching for it but wasn't able to find it.

      Affiliate X is a membership program. I think it is closed at this

      I am a member and am pleased with it. Since this is closed
      this is an honest review. I'm not going to tell alot about it
      because you can't join.

      As far as Chris, I've been buying from him for the last three
      years. So take a look at his stuff. It will help.

      Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Life - yeah that helps. Unless, of course, we find out that the bio was written by Chris X or his people and placed on a website owned by him or one of his affiliates.

    Happens all the time.

    Which does not mean Chris X is NOT legit, it just means he is great with brand management.

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      Haha, yup having read it again I'd agree... he either wrote it himself or someone likes him a lot!
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      I tried Tweetomatic but I ended up requesting a refund. The program was buggy for me and always returned the same clickbank products no matter what I searched for.

      I was using the unlimited account version so the problem may only be with that version.
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        I took the bait with Tweetomatic Profiteer and bought it, and here's what I think...

        1) OTO - After you have purchased, you are then told that the basic version of the software will only allow 1 Twitter profile. You have to pay another $67 to unlock the full potential of the software and be able to use unlimited Twitter profiles. I absolutely dispise this marketing tactic, because it means that the software actually costs $144, not $77.

        2) Written Material - As well as the software manual (52 pages), the package comes with a Twitter guide which, although only 32 pages, is actually a good guide. The strategies and techniques described in it sound good, and would work with or without the software. In fact, this ebook actually mentions other tools that you can use to autofollow and send tweets.

        3) The Software - I have to say, I can't actually get the software to work yet. To begin with, I had problems getting it to register and also getting it to store my Clickbank and Twitter ID's. I managed to resolve this by running it as an Administrator, which I only learned by reading the review that someone put a link to on this thread. My computer runs Windows 7. However, after solving that problem, I still can't seem to get the software to send tweets to my Twitter page.

        Ultimately, what I have here is a pretty good Twitter guide bundled with a piece of software which doesn't work on Windows 7. I would have been happy to pay perhaps $20 or $30 for the Twitter guide. But paying $144 for a Twitter guide? What a joke!

        I have e-mailed the support team telling them all this, and also saying that unless they can help me get the software working on Windows 7, then I shall be requesting a refund. Maybe this is just an issue with Windows 7, I don't know. But really, being a new piece of software, it should be compatible, and they should have ironed out all issues before the big release date.

        I feel like I've paid $144 to be a beta tester for a product which has some pretty fundamental flaws.

        Also, there are other tools out there that do the same kind of thing. Actually, it's ironic, that while trying to follow people on my new Twitter account (set up especially to try out this software), one of my new followers sent me a message about a piece of software called Tweet Adder, so that might be worth checking out. But I know there are others too...

        I feel that it's such aa shame, because I can see that Twitter has such huge marketing potential. In fact, I'd probably say that if done using good tactics, Twitter marketing is probably going to become the best way to do affiliate marketing. Cheaper than PPC, quicker than Article Marketing.

        They could have done so much better with this software, just by putting more care into making sure it was bug-free before releasing it...
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          I feel the same way MarcusEJC. I also think there was a little deception here. The implication was that this was an automated system that required little work but in actuality this is like a coal furnace that you need to find day after day after day whereas they give the impression that is simply a you put in the information and you let it run. Not hardly. I knew this going in, but know other people not familiar with Twitter would not.

          In addition, I am troubled and annoyed by the trend of creating fake scarcity with IM products where they say the product will be available for a short time only and push you to buy in a specific time interval and then a week, 3 months later sure enough, the product is still being sold. Tweetomatic Profiteer is certainly not the only product that does this but, this stuff should not go on as it brings down the credibility of the IM market as a whole.

          If the product is a good one, they should not have to resort to this stuff. My fear is that this is an example of a product where the creators initially made money with it and slowly started to see these profits start to shrink. They then decided to cash out by creating a software system and then will be moving onto something else. Really how many IM or Forex niche experts could there be on Twitter before they start to cannibalize each others sales.
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              Glad to hear it's not me whose been having problems...

              And the thing is, their support e-mails aren't too helpful. The only advice I got when I told them about my original problems was they sent me a 3-page PDF file which showed you how to uninstall and then reinstall the software, which didn't do anything to solve the problem. Then when I told them about my problem with sending tweets, all they have said in reply is that I need to leave my computer on. Well, DUH!

              Also, like the JDSalinger said, I didn't like how they made me feel compelled to buy the product as soon as possible. It was like they said that there were only 300 places available, so I didn't want to miss out.

              The thing with all this rush of panic-buying, is this product then suddenly gets a high gravity on clickbank, which then makes it look better than it really is. This in turn means that more affiliates will choose the product to sell, and so then it will become a successful product, even though it's not very good quality.

              I also didn't like the fact that I would have to keep typing in new tweets each day. The sales videos made out that it would be 95% automated, like a set-and-forget system. I imagined there being a whole bunch of ready-made tweets set up for each niche. Or at the very least, that I would be able to type in a bulk load of tweets myself and then let it send them out over weeks and weeks. Being able to only schedule tweets for that day, that's not really scheduled tweeting like I'd hoped it would be. And besides, it doesn't even work anyway!

              And the annoying thing is, I thought to myself, well I've got 60 days to see if this thing earns me my money back plus more. But with all this messing about trying to get the software to work, I can't even get off the ground! My 60 days are running out, and I'm not able to use the software!
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                  I have read all the hype on this as well, and was trying to establish exactly what the software did. Having read some reviews, it doen't really appear to do that much.

                  There are many free web services that will do what it seems to do.
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                    I bought this and unless I hear back from their support in the next 24 hours, I'm reversing the charges through Paypal.

                    It came pre-loaded with a dozen or so other accounts that had to be deleted, and I've still not been able to register the software. That's been the least of the problems though... considering it DOES-NOT-WORK.

                    At all.

                    I put in my twitter and Clickbank account names, hit save (as instructed) and I get an error. It does nothing... at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4-5 times, tried it on several different machines, with three different OS's... WinXP, Vista and Win7...the bottom line is it's broken.


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                      Originally Posted by ZNICK View Post

                      I put in my twitter and Clickbank account names, hit save (as instructed) and I get an error. It does nothing... at all. I have uninstalled and reinstalled 4-5 times, tried it on several different machines, with three different OS's... WinXP, Vista and Win7...the bottom line is it's broken.
                      That's interesting, that it didn't work on three different versions of Windows. I was thinking maybe it was an issue just with Windows 7, but if you couldn't get it to work on any of the three most recent version of Windows, then there's something fundamentally wrong with it.

                      I just got a reply back from the support team, saying that my problem with sending Tweets was due to downtime with Twitter. Hmmm, not sure about that. Anyway, they said to try again today, and if I still can't get it to work then they'll give me my money back. I'll update later after I've tested it again.
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                        Sofware still not working today. In fact, the old problems have returned as well. I have now forwarded both my clickbank receipts (for both the standard and OTO versions) to the email address refunds AT clickbank DOT com.


                        Tweetomatic Profiteer = FAIL
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                          Originally Posted by Kieran Gill View Post

                          Ah, man, that sucks.

                          I don't know what it was developed in, but do you have the latest version of .NET, as I'd take a guess that it's developed using that framework.
                          I'm not sure, but I have Windows 7, and it's set to automatically update, so I assume that my system is pretty up-to-date.

                          The thing is, now, I feel like I've gone through so much hassle trying to get it sorted, that I just don't want to know anymore. For me, if you pay $144 for a piece of software, you expect it to work smoothly right off the bat, no problems. Or failing that, you expect any initial problems to be sorted out quickly with good support.

                          Their support is terrible. "Reinstall the software" and "Twitter might be busy" are really the only help you get.

                          But one thing's for sure: lesson learned. I'm never buying a product during the launch frenzy every again. In future I'll sit back and wait and let other suckers take the bait instead, and I'll only ever buy something again if it gets flawless reviews from previous buyers.
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          I have TweetAdder and it works Great Save your Money!!
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            I bought tweetadder and it is for sure not worth the money that you have to pay. I think the only people that really like it are the affiliates selling it. Thats my opinion

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      To get a refund on any Clickbank product, you just forward your clickbank receipt to refunds AT clickbank DOT com, and the refund process is started automatically.

      But if you have any problems via that route, and you paid via PayPal, PayPal have a section on their site to do with resolving problems.

      However, for me personally, I have already sent them an e-mail to their support e-mail address asking for a refund (along with my complaint about the product not working), but if they don't give me a refund then I'll go ahead with what I have described above.
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    Thank you all for saving me time and from having to spend more money testing yet another IM product that I would probably have ended up asking for a refund for. Why does it seem like the best selling IM products on clickbank are just full of it?
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    Anyone really make it work? Is it a software just push affiliate links but not landing pages? Then how could it provide value to customer?
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    I was about to buy Tweetomatic Profiteer but thank God I read the salesletter and found out about some reviews.

    If anyone of you have read the sales letter, you would have seen the prove of $400,000 sales in 2 days. I was agitated as I saw that the Forex product was by one of them. The interesting part was so many people bought that product when it was totally piece of junk.

    Anyone knows why now Forex niche has been regarded as spam by many people? It's because of all those marketers! I can be real honest real to say that 90% of the Forex products out there are B.S, especially robots. They have make Forex a nightmare for many traders. Now I can't even add a expensive Forex item in Clickbank because I was told that there are just too many refunds!

    I'm running a real physical Forex business for a few years and starting to market online, but found out that there's no trust in Forex products anymore because of those B.S products...I'm now fighting real hard now to build my credibility in that niche...

    Not to complain about those marketers but it's really a shame that online marketing has come to this shape...
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      I've had a reply from them via the Clickbank refund system, and they trying to pursuade me to keep trying to get it to work. They said, have you read the manual thoroughly? They said, don't give up so easily.

      Idiots. It's not working. Just give me my money back.
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    It isn't working for me either. The Clickbank search results are irrelevant, and it doesn't appear to do anything all day long. I will be getting a refund too. I will stick with Hummingbird. It is cheaper and it actually works.

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      I tried it again yesterday and it sent out tweets to MY account promoting a site in a niche I've never been in... I was pissed. Not only was it totally irrelevant to what I do, but was just a link.

      No copy, no "I found this and thought you might too"... just the URL.

      This isn't an application that is all that hard to code. How they can release it so screwed up is beyond me. I really wanted it to work, too.

      I've since found and started to use:


      Yeah, that's my affiliate link above. If you get it and want to hook me up then just connect the parts, lol. If you don't like me, just go to the first part, lol.

      In any case, it does more than what Tweetomatic does and it's a lot cheaper. (and it works, lol)


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        Yeah they are trying the 'whatever we can do to help' with me at the moment after I requested a refund.

        It even crashes on me regularly when I tell it to find the products from a niche and when I discovered all it really did was shorten hoplinks it was a major disappointment.

        Do they actually tell you that you can only use one twitter account with the basic product too, cos I must have missed that? Of course there is an upsell for more....

        I shall await my refund and spend my efforts with Tweet Attacks and TweetsBot thank you very much.

        Once again I fell for the scarcity tactic and I'm annoyed at myself for doing that.
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    Thanks for posting the feedback... I was thinking about getting it but hearing what I'm hearing - and being a Windows 7 user - I'll wait for v2.0

    Ask me any questions, and I'll do what I can to help with search engine optimization, pay per click bid management and lead generation. Your Long Island advertising agency in New York.

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      Still not had my refund yet. I have sent another e-mail to their support team.

      If still no refund within a couple of days, I'll be clicking the "escalate to Clickbank" button within the refund screen on Clickbank. And then if that doesn't work, I'll be requesting a refund from within my PayPal account.
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    My question for people [who are unsatisfied] is whether your opinion of all the marketers promoting this product has or will change. I don't know about most of you, but I'm simply exhausted (tired doesn't fit the bill here) of internet marketers promoting internet marketing to other internet marketers - it's a big circular loop of my turn, your turn, my turn your turn, constant promotion of similar products to the same audience, all with the scarcity tactics and upsells/downsells. You should by now, if you are buying an internet marketing / make money product from a well-known name, you are NOT getting the full product on the front end [except in rare cases]

    What ever happened to longevity? Look at Marlon Sanders - his products have sold for years. He doesn't spit out a new twist every month just so he can churn out a new product to sell to the same people who bought his last product.

    What ever happened to "respected marketers" promoting products to their list they have tried, tested, and can highly recommend - versus seeing their list count as a monetary # and jumping on all the new product launches who follow the "mass control" and "launch formula" blueprints?

    I'm not knocking this product, as i didn't buy it or try it, but for some reason I went on a little rant after reading the above posts.

    I use Gmail & here's what i did recently....went through and filtered 99% of all the marketing lists I'm on into a separate label/folder (internet marketers) and have them skip your inbox. This way you can skim through those emails if and when you feel like it, but keep their never-ending distractions out of your inbox and out of your face. It REALLY helps with the info-overload most of us experience at times.
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    I'm all for new systems that are new, but I agree - there are so many that are repackaged. I picked one up the other day, and the strategy was to find people with websites and place ads on their site and split the revenue.


    Uhm, that's called an internet ad agency, circa 1996.

    Ask me any questions, and I'll do what I can to help with search engine optimization, pay per click bid management and lead generation. Your Long Island advertising agency in New York.

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    Sorry, but David, you make me want to rant.

    Gripe 2: Please stop wasting my paper. I received a system a few months back that was about 80 pages. It could have fit on 10. The margins, font sizes and amount of blank space on the page was sickening. Personally, I'm old school, I like to print it out, have it on my desk and re-read it a few times.

    I don't know if people think their system is more valuable if it is more pages but let me say this - it isn't. What is valuable is the content, the ideas, the thoughts and original approaches. Say something great in 4 pages and I'll pay $100. Say the same old crap in 100 pages and it isn't worth $0.04

    Just my $0.02


    Ask me any questions, and I'll do what I can to help with search engine optimization, pay per click bid management and lead generation. Your Long Island advertising agency in New York.

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    Thanks everyone. I stopped by to see if anyone was talking about Mo Latiff's Rapid Mass Traffic, but had also been looking at Tweetomatic Profiteer. I was interested in TP because I thought it would get me out of the monthly payments with Twittolower. The latter, by the way, is pretty good except for the targeting is a bit OFF.

    Hard to believe I forgot about being a member for so long.

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    Thanks for posting, tonyuk55, I thought I recently heard the opposite, but I'll give it a try now.

    Hard to believe I forgot about being a member for so long.

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    I just requested a refund as well, got same problems as other users all data kept disappearing, problems reinstalling, tried on another machine running windows 7 and did work at all. As someone who spends all day fixng this sort of problem in IT support i didnt really have to expect to do the same when I got home. Problem mainly is the software is old, using dotnet2 by the looks of it. as MS are now up to dotnet 3.5 and that is what is built into windows 7 then its no wonder it doesnt work to well. Also pissed of that i have to pay for an upgrade to get what was promised on the sales letter i.e. multiple accounts.

    The method it uses is build a targeted Twitter following and push products to that target market. Isnt that the same method you hear about when its mentioned the money is in the list, instead of an email list you have a Twitter following, i already had over 5000 followers in mainly two lists and manage to get ten tweets to each list sent over the first 24hrs I had the program working before it crashed on me a lost all account data and tweets.

    My Clickbank stats show I got around 1% clickthroughs, no sales though. The followers were in mainly internet marketing and B2B theme so I pushed products on those markets.

    I guess it would work if the followers were more targeted and you consistantly pushed products to them inbetween other tweets but with the program as it is, it was just too much pain to keep working. Should have been coded in something platform independant and also had seperate project folders to save data so if the program did crash you still had the data in sperate folders for each accounts and could also back it up. for all the money they said they make with the program some of it should have been spent updating it to 2010 at least, it looks like it was written about 5 years ago.
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      If you request a refund watch the status of the request. They changed mine a tech support ticket and I did not realize it for a few days.

      I did eventually get my refund.
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        Originally Posted by John Hocking View Post

        If you request a refund watch the status of the request. They changed mine a tech support ticket and I did not realize it for a few days.

        I did eventually get my refund.
        This is exactly what happened to me as well.
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    Wow! When I posted the original question I never imagined the responses it would get. Thank you all VERY much for being the canaries in the coal mine. I'm really sorry you got gassed, but I came very close to buying this software, and you saved me what sounds like a monumental headache.

    No wonder they really pushed hard to get as many sales as possible in a very short time. Maybe they knew that once word-of-mouth got around, they'd be done. The email they sent me told me I had a two hour window to buy. After that, I'd be out of luck.

    Seems they continued to sell, even beyond the absolute, drop-dead, two hour cutoff point.

    My thanks to everyone for the feedback. I'll be looking for another solution.
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    I took a look at this, and gave up with it. Have to agree with others, more bugs than an infested camel.
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    Woow and just think I was thinking about purchasing this.. With all these bad reviews I am going to have to unsubscribe to the idiot that sent me the link in my email.

    Thanks guys
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    I'm so glad I decided to check out this forum before I decided to part with my hard earned money. I got an e-mail today and it sounded great! However, I am always skeptical buying new products that claim you can make so much money. I think I will just stick with doing it manually and get to know my fellow tweeters and build relationships with them. THAT's what will get you the sell in the long run!
    Need a web or mobile site? What about graphics or copywriter? No matter how big or small Twins Web Consulting can take care of you!
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      Well this is interesting..just got through the long Tweetomatic sales video then did my usual google search "product name warrior forum" and landed on this thread.

      Having had over 6k followers on twitter I never managed to sell a nut or a bolt..then one morning got an email from twitter asking me which account I would like to keep as it appears you have several...and we have scratched the best one ...

      You will notice lately almost every marketer is latching on to CB stuff with big commissions also, there are more and more expensive training courses available...

      I don't think that tweetomatic is any better than tweet tank or twitter adder, just another expensive mouse trap even though the developers are credible marketers...

      Did notice in the video that the CB sales shown are around 8 months old and why if it is so good don't they show the actually products sold...

      Yet again everything is shrouded in: there are 26000 CB products to choose from so any niche will do or how long is a piece of string?...

      Thanks everyone for saving us time and money!


      Make cash flow forecasts in openoffice.
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