Ryan Deiss & "Local Business Money Machine" Worth It?

by PeteNY
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Anyone catch the "Local Business Money Machine" webinar Ryan Deiss promoted for Kevin Wilke last night?

The business model is for you to go to businesses in your area and sell yourself as a consultant to market their local business online.

I thought the webinar was very informative. So informative that by the end I didn't feel like I needed to pay the $997 for the course. If you already know online marketing, you could probably pick up a $19.95 Consulting for Dummies type book and get started.

Howie Schwartz's "Mobile Marketing Leadership" launch this week was also teaching marketing for local businesses. But, his course was geared toward Mobile Markeing for local business.

Here's a video outline of Local Business Money Machine. May be all you need...

But, if you want everything spelled out, I think Kevin Wilke probably does a good job of it. He opened it up for Ryan to promote through his link..

Like all these things, they make it look a lot easier than I'm sure it really is. I can just hear the local plumber complaining now, "Can we make my blog more greenish red?", "How come I'm number 8 for the search term New York Plumber and not number 1?", etc...

Or, I could be wrong and it really would be like shooting fish in a barrel.
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    Thanks for these links. I had signed up for the webinar last night but had to work and ended up missing it. This is something i'm very interested in trying out as i'm not currently having much luck selling clickbank products and all that. Helping out local businesses is much quicker as and helps the local economy as well. Can't wait to learn more about it all!
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    Howie has a "local SEO" product, but it's a little out of date now. Called IM Leadership.

    Not sure I'd recommend it, as the live coaching and Q&A has finished.
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    So is the consensus that a product is needed right now to get started offering mobile services to Small Business?

    The jury seems to be out...

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      I'm also wondering if the $997 price tag is worth it.

      I've been interested in this concept for quite a while. Jonny touched on it, but never gave any substantial, usable information on exactly how to do it.

      Just because I know a lot more about IM than local businesses do, doesn't mean I really know what I'm doing! If I run into one stumbling block that I can't figure out, then I'm toast. It's scary to pretend that I'm an 'expert' when I know that I barely know what I'm doing. Apparently if I DID know what I was doing, then I'd be making a ton of money doing my affiliate marketing, right?

      Anybody know of any cheaper alternatives for this kind of training?
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    As most people know by now, this is a Kevin Wilke product being promoted by Ryan Deiss.

    Kevin has employed an interesting affiliate marketing strategy - instead of having a handful of affiliates promoting this product at once, he is letting each affiliate promote the product to their list once at a time. Ryan was the first and it looks like Jeff Dedrick is the batter's box.

    I wonder which Super Affiliate is in the on-deck circle.

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