Social Media Paid Advertising - Any Good Courses?

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Hey Warriors,

Have recently ventured into CPM ads with Social Media. CPA predominantly. Am doing OK (profitable) but am looking to learn more.

Anyone know of a good course on paid social media advertising?


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    There is always Commission Blueprint 2.0. It has a lot of good tips in there. Tim Godfrey and Steven Clayton over-deliver.

    -Gina E.
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      I own Commission Blueprint 2 and don't recall seeing anything there about Social Media Marketing. By Social Media Marketing I mean sites like Facebook and Myspace.



      Not trying to sell you anything :-)

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        I know that Ryan Deiss had a new product using facebook advertising, but not sure it may be closed at the moment:
        This Presentation AND Facebook AdPower Are Now CLOSED...

        Perhaps someone has some more detailed information on it, but it seems very strong, I hadn't had a chance to check it out.

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    I purchased Facebook Adpower last night. It must be open again. I still don't have access to the product yet. Does anyone know how I can contact Ryan? I sent some emails to support@driving, but haven't heard back. I wanted to work on it this weekend. Could someone PM me if they know how I can contact him?

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      Facebook AdPower is not that good actually in my opinion. Definitely not worth 197.- As I know what is inside this course, I wouldn't pay more than 97.-
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    I know you asked specifically about social media paid advertising but I'm currently doing a BRILLIANT cpc course by Greg Cesar adwords dominator. It's a 6 week video course and comes with a TON of bonuses .

    It's basically about how to get dirt cheap clicks on google

    Please read the sig file rules

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      Check out Traffic Evolution by Jonathan Mizel - in a word, awesome! ALL about paid media. Just google it...

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