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Hi, I'm a Newbie in the SEO and I want ask to you all before I purhcase this 2 different service, which do you think better.

And I want to ask you too about your experience using this both service thanks
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    Another option to consider is Linkdozer...the creator is brilliant...

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      Originally Posted by Global365 View Post

      Another option to consider is Linkdozer...the creator is brilliant...
      ok I check it later, thanks...

      But what do you think about this both? It is worth?
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    depends on what you are after and if you know how to properlly handle those two tools;

    eitherway as suggested from"Global365" Link Dozer overdrives both of them \m/

    best wishes!
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      I have used both of these services.


      I found this very buggy although it might have improved by now. It offers some brilliant features, which you have probably already researched. You can get a trial version to play with for a week so suggest you try that out.

      It takes a lot of time and effort to get up to speed using SeNuke, but the support is pretty good. I still have live backlinks from my days of using SeNuke (over a year ago now).


      I only tried this for a couple of months but it is very easy to use and the backlinks you get really are on blogs with page rank (just as they claim), although the blogs are very general and not niche specific. (At least the blogs I know about weren't). I still get traffic from the links I got when I was in Linkvana so they don't ever go away when you stop subscribing.

      Both will cost you around $100 a month.

      For ease of use - Linkvana. You will see backlinks and start getting traffic very quickly. You can also outsource post creation to them for a small fee so they will write your posts for you.

      For overall functionality - SeNuke. But setting it up and running it takes more effort, however, you will get the results if you use it properly.
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    You state you are a newbie in seo. As a beginner, not knowing exactly what your experience and knowledge is thus far, I would encourage you to at least be sure you know how these programs work and the principles behind how they work.

    If you don't have a grasp of good seo, these tools really won't solve that problem for you. First you need to understand the basics of seo and what that entails. Then look at tools to help accomplish your seo.

    With senuke, you've got a great automated tool that will provide you with bookmarking, rss feeds, and web 2.0 platforms and profile sites. Have you done any of this by hand yet? Have you done bookmarking, submitted rss feeds, created websites and used good anchor text links and linking structures? Do you have an understanding of the big picture and how all of these elements work together to get good rankings.

    I've used senuke in the past and it is a very nice automated program. It will definitely help anyone in their seo efforts if used properly.

    As far as Linkvana goes, I do not recommend that service. I have been a member myself and overall I find it to be a way overpriced service for lackluster results. That being said you will find people who swear by Linkvana and proclaim it got them great results.

    What I will say is Linkvana use to be the big game in town back in the day. That's no longer the case anymore with much much cheaper options such as My Article Network, Free Traffic System, and other networks that offer the same type of blog network along with other features for far less than 150 bones per month.

    Linkvana does have a very easy smooth system, your content to submit only needs to be 100 words minimum to be accepted and doing so is very easy. But again, there are many more options available with good blog networks for far less money.

    Link Dozer was mentioned which I am a member of and highly recommend. But a word of warning for beginners, especially brand new beginners =p There is a learning curve to LD and beginners should have at least a basic knowledge of seo before thinking about LD.

    LD delivers everything the above mentioned programs/service offers, but more. Not only do you get tools that senuke delivers, and better than senuke in my opinion, but you also get a very large, solid blog network which again in my opinion is much better than linkvana and any other network has to offer at the moment. On top of this, Kristina the owner/creator, is a brilliant individual who has a very solid background in seo and unique knowledge who will also give you an seo education. All this for cheaper than either of the above programs.

    So anyway, I highly encourage you to get a basic understanding of seo and get experience doing all of these seo elements by hand before jumping right into a tool. Tools are great but they won't do you much good if not used to their maximum potential.

    Good luck and stick with it!
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    I have been using both for close to a year and:

    - Although I have been able to find tricks to 90% automate the linkvana process (including creating/spinning posts + posting them) and to post 3-4 posts a day on a dozen sites with very little work, I am still not convinced by the system. Using it in conjunction with authority sites (ezinearticles, squidoo etc...) and low competition keywords can bring you results and a bit of traffic, but for more competitive keywords, forget it.

    - SEnuke; a great tool if used the right way, but you definitely need some time to handle it properly, and doing things the right way will require a lot of work your end.
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    Linkvana seems incredibly overpriced to me for what it is, but maybe a use thinks I'm wrong?
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    I'm using Blog Blueprint, which seems to be better than linkvana in many ways, and it's cheaper (especially if you have it as part of the IM Advantage membership site like I do).

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      I just joined the forum, because I came across this post while doing some research and I tried to PM rhab, but I don't have enough credits, so I will just make my post on here and see if I can get the help I am looking for.

      I need help getting traffic to my site and I don't know where to start! I am hoping that maybe you know I can be pointed in the right direction and know exactly what I should be doing so I can outsource the work.

      I signed up for SEnuke and Traffic Geyser, to come to the conclusion I just need to hand this over to someone else.

      I have my site optionsizzle dot com, which is a stock option trading website. I am trying to build backlinks to my free content and videos I put out. I also just set up 5 WP blogs that I want to use for feeder sites and going to put up a few more.

      I have spent a few days doing research on outsourcing typing in "SEnuke outsourcing" ,"SEdentnator" etc. and have wasted my time that can be used for things that are a better use of my time. I want to outsource to this work to someone else, but I also want to know that I am getting the right blueprint and they are using the right tools to get be the best results.

      Overall, I need help getting traffic to my site and I don't know where to start!

      Thanks for reading this and I hope you can help

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    seNuke is great for SEO tool
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    For outsourcing link building tasks, check out - Link Building Services - Outsourcing Philippines

    You can outsource various link building methods with them but you'll have to know what you want.
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      That is one of the issues I am not an SEO expert. I read conflicting views on what should be done and used.
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        Originally Posted by eloshy View Post

        That is one of the issues I am not an SEO expert. I read conflicting views on what should be done and used.
        eloshy, SEO is certainly a big deal and like the other warriors mention these noted services all have great elements about them however, they are nothing without a proper strategy in place. I know there are many resources here that are willing to help you in your quest (myself included) but you can always turn to google or one of my favorite blogs for more of a social media/SEO spin Mr. Chris Brogan.. Best of luck to you..

        Passionate about Life :)
        You always succeed in producing a result. The real question is how do we help each other produce great results?
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    Tough choice, but I prefer senuke.
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    Thanks Thinkweb,

    I would rather just outsource that work, I don't have the time to do it myself and its not the best use of my time. I question is do you need someone fulltime? or there has to be people that have a client base that use sources like SEnuke, Traffic Geyser etc,
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