Phil Mansour and Saj P's 6-week $997 coaching program

by hayrik
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Hi WF!
I'm just wondering if anyone has had any experience (good or bad?) with Phil and Saj P's 6-week CPA coaching program?

I've only recently heard of these if anyone has any experience with them, it'd be great to hear about it

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    me too, i want to hear them too about banner/media buying course
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    The first I heard of Saj P was for his having co-written Affiliate Payload with Alex Goad. The course did seem excellent, but - you've guessed - I didn't do anything with it. Alex Goad has seemed to me a straight-up guy and I've wished that I paid closer attention to Saj P's stuff even before his latest. That's my 2 cents worth
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      $997 ... I just wonder what all these gurus, who have already got many products out there in the market, has to offer on top 0of that to be asking for $997 Coaching.

      I suspect many times they feed on market's hunger/appetite for more (they just r not satisfied until they actually get some personal mentoring) and probably at the end of day just give out the same info with a different spin to it. And people fall for it cause they want that extra 'comfort & confidence' that they feel in the personal coaching option.

      Personally I feel that lot of the info. they will get form these collossal priced coaching programs, much of that could be accessed free or for much lower charge if one indulge in some serious internet research.

      Personally I would never pay that much money - maybe only if I will be getting a complete and exclusive turn-key package where most of the stuff is done for me and its exclusive meaning not hundreds other with the same product.
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        Most of these guys products are inferior and get bad reviews..

        Search the forum for Zero Friction Marketing and BannerAdsBluePrint
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