Bookmarking Demon or BookmarkWiz?

by gtgpua
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Which is better, Bookmarking Demon or BookmarkWiz?
Has anyone used both and compared them?
Why is one better than the other?
If I got one, would I need both?

Or, is there any other bookmarking software on the market that is better than both of these?
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    Both of these software did not show you the exact result of your bookmarking. Dear, I will suggest you to bookmark your sites manually. Although, it takes time but it will increase your work quality.
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    I personally use Bookmarking Demon. It seems a little outdated now though, and I find that the updates are near impossible to install. I am not sure what happened, but I liked it alot when I first used it...
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    I have not tried this BookmarkWiz only the bookmarking demon and it is really very effective.
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    I love both, but prefer bookmarkwiz for some reason

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    BookmarkWIZ deserves praise for its CAPTCHA solving features. At one time it had Bookmarking Demon beat in this respect, as it lacked support in the past. However when Bookmarking Demon 5.1.1 was updated with support for CAPTCHAs, BookmarkWIZ lost its edge. For that reason, you get a less powerful piece of software with BookmarkWIZ. Although it costs $50 less, it's worth it to shell out the extra cash for Bookmarking Demon.

    Simply put Bookmarking Demon is a more powerful piece of software than Bookmark WIZ. It's well worth the extra $50 because it is twice as useful. The scheduler and RSS feed camouflage features put it light-years ahead of the competition. Instead of only the top-tier sites, you have access to a much more comprehensive list. Not all these bookmarking sites will give you super powerful links but every bit helps.
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    I was actually thinking about getting bookmarking demon and trying it out... I will let you know what I think after i do this...

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    I use both and like both of them.

    BMD supports 100 sites
    BMW supports 36 sites

    They both have failure rates too (10 - 20 %). Don't expect that they will successfully submit to all sites!

    BMD is stronger and BMW is lightweight! If you want to do serious bookmarking buy BMD. If you want to bookmark links quickly and simply then buy BMW

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    to how many services does BMD submit to and how automated it is?

    I'm currently just using onlywire, i guess it's a joke compared to BMD or no?
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    Iv'e tried lots of them. Magic submitter seems to be the best for paid tool. Onlywire , are great for free methods.
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      hello... I'm also thinking about bookmarking demon.... it's not cheap and I don't know if it's worth it's price... some more comments? I believe that there are more users who have BMD ?
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