amway/BWW - what's your take?

by csrpj
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i've been offered this opportunity, and i'm trying to figure out if it's a good idea to pursue it. anybody try this? (it's a $250 initial fee with a - i'm not totally sure, but i think - a three month money back guarantee.) i know a lot of you are familiar with amway, but i didn't see any results when i searched for BWW... it's a program that uses amway, and offers mentorship and teams and all that. anyway, what's with the MLM "pyramid" thingy? they claim that in 4-12 months one can make $2700/month with 8-10 hours of work a week, and in 2-5 years 150k a year with 10-12 hrs of work. is this realistic?
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    I've been there.
    My opinion don't mess with the MLM Pyramid promises.
    You may do alright at first but then it fades and your lucky
    if you get your investment back.
    All that time spent when you can just join the War Room
    and learn a more positive path to income.
    You've got it Made
    with the Guy in the Shades!
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    I wouldn't do it. I've been approached by these types of guys a bunch of times and they just seem so scammy to me.

    You have to question something that's setup to where people are tracking YOU down trying to just "give" you this opportunity to make a bunch of money.

    They probably make money off that $250 you use to join and then they will say you need to refer X amount of people to their business and you will make something.

    The whole business system of these things is flawed to me. You're telling other people they will make a lot of money by them telling even more people they will make a lot of money and so on.

    Ignore these things and focus on a real business like IM and make your own money that way.
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    Avoid Amway or anything similar in structure like the plague, the only people who make money in these kinds of companies are those at the top.

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    There definitely are people who do make lots of money with Amway, otherwise it wouldn't have continued to exist over the past 50 years.

    But the point is that in order to be one of those people, you have to have a lot of business acumen, you have to understand sales and marketing, just as in any other walk of business life. The myth that the ordinary person is going to sail away into financial independence is part of what keeps companies like this going, because you can't make big money just by selling the products. You make the big bucks by recruiting a downline, which in reality means selling dreams to people who are statistically unlikely to achieve those dreams. That's the truth of it. Can you live with that?

    It's what a lot of internet marketers do, that is for sure.

    If you're the sort of person who can generally turn a profit from anything you put your hand to, then Amway might well be the thing for you. But if you are not a clever businessperson, Amway will not turn you into one. Most people who join never rise above the level of lowly struggling distributors alienating all their friends and relatives trying to get them to join, or forlornly pasting stickers onto lamp posts.

    From Wikipedia:
    "In a 1979 ruling,[16][65] the Federal Trade Commission found that Amway does not qualify as a pyramid scheme since Amway compensation system is based on retail sales to consumers, not payments for recruiting.
    It did, however, order Amway to stop retail price fixing and allocating customers among distributors and prohibited the company from misrepresenting the amount of profit, earnings or sales its distributors are likely to achieve with the business. Amway was ordered to accompany any such statements with the actual averages per distributor, pointing out that more than half of the distributors do not make any money, with the average distributor making less than $100 per month. The order was violated with a 1986 ad campaign, resulting in a $100,000 fine.[66]"
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      I was involved with Amway in the mid to late 90's. BWW sounds like it is Britt World Wide headed by Bill Britt, I may be wrong, but if correct they were close to the organization that I was in, same fundamentals.

      I ran it hard, did all all was told to do, for 4 years. I would have to look back at my tax returns to get exact numbers, but I went through some where close to $80,000 in business expenses, and saw no more then $1500 my biggest month, for the 4 years I saw a total of no more then $10,000, or a loss of $70,000. I saw Directs that were suppose to be making $2000 per month go bankrupt.

      When I quit I was criticized by upline that I was giving up, I told them I was wising up and cannot suffer another year of losses of time and money.

      If you want my opinion, run away from it now. MLM is a tough game to succeed in and I will never get involved with another one again.

      Good Luck
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    Originally Posted by csrpj View Post

    i've been offered this opportunity, and i'm trying to figure out if it's a good idea to pursue it. anybody try this? (it's a $250 initial fee with a - i'm not totally sure, but i think - a three month money back guarantee.) i know a lot of you are familiar with amway, but i didn't see any results when i searched for BWW... it's a program that uses amway, and offers mentorship and teams and all that. anyway, what's with the MLM "pyramid" thingy? they claim that in 4-12 months one can make $2700/month with 8-10 hours of work a week, and in 2-5 years 150k a year with 10-12 hrs of work. is this realistic?
    Amway allows you to make money through recruitng OR selling. The problem is that rules and all complicate EITHER and they work against all. Frankly, I don't trust it. BWW is apparently EXACTLY what I thought. It is one of these shells setup to make a distributor that DEPENDS on something, AMWAY in this case, appear to be a supporting partner company.

    BTW claims amway makes are only really valid for lucky people, or ones with LOTS of contacts that will listen to them. BEWARE, it is also a great way to LOSE friends.

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    I did Amway a long time ago and loved the products and training system that was in place. I got to 18%, don't know if the marketing plan still operates in this way and In my day it was the IBS system in the UK which was a tape a week and a book a month. The training was great and I learnt alot although we had to pay weekly/monthly for it.

    If your sign up fee comes with a with a money back guarantee you really have nothing to loose apart from you time.

    MLM - multi level marketing and this "pyramid" thing, well the only thing I know about pyramids is that they were something to do with the Egyptians lol

    Best wishes in your endeavours
    Sharon Tidball
    Attention Newcomers/Beginners
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    The Internet Marketer's Toolkit
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    Ken hit the nail on the head.

    To be a success at any pyramid-structured business, you have to be a superstar sales manager. Someone who can recruit, train, and mentor excellent sales people and sales managers, who in turn can recruit those who recruit...

    But along the way, you'll also sell dreams to people who won't make it. Your income is tied to the success of other people you don't get to choose (recruited by your downline). These members of your organization may or may not have any business aptitude, persistence, or ability to ever "get it." But you have no authority to hire or fire them, unlike a traditional district manager who can discipline or replace a local store manager that's rude to customers or careless about inventory.

    If you find that different products are a better value for your customers (either higher quality or better price), you throw away your business success unless your downline comes with you. That means a forced choice between caring first for your customers' best, or caring first for your sales team's best. Who is most important to serve in business?

    If you're that good at sales promotions, why not just sell a big ticket item yourself? Or be a manufacturers' rep for many excellent product lines? Or join Zig Ziglar on the lecture circuit? Or be an affiliate for product launches from people like Frank Kern, with a bonus of your training and support? These are ways to make excellent commissions, without all the cultlike proselytizing or the risk of falling for a scam.

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      The place to make money now is online selling real value to real people. The old MLM structure is very outdated in my opinion. You'll get a lot more reward for your efforts if you build a real business rather than get involved in MLM stuff.
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        Originally Posted by NancyHill View Post

        The place to make money now is online selling real value to real people. The old MLM structure is very outdated in my opinion. You'll get a lot more reward for your efforts if you build a real business rather than get involved in MLM stuff.
        You hit the nail on the head! The old MLM concept is very outdated. I started in 1993 with a couple of the top MLM companies, and invested a lot of time and money in my businesses. I saw a certain amount of success, and they were good building blocks for what eventually morphed into my online business. But would I get involved in MLM now? No.

        In all honesty, the old direct sales distributorships, and even the "home party" concept that many people attempt, just really doesn't work in this day and age for most people, and you're much better off investing a much smaller amount in an online business, and seeing a better return on your investment in the future.


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    My mother did MLM 'projects'. Neither went anywhere. The hype was there. Everyone involved was excited. The only ones not excited were the customers. Each MLM my mother partook in got nowhere. At best, it paid for her sign-up fees.

    They can work, however. But it takes patience, persistence, determination and the realization that it's a competitive field.

    People have BS radars these days - they can smell MLM from a mile away. You have to find ways to relate on a personal level with the customer and not appear to be in it just for the sale. Very, very, very hard to achieve, and only a fraction succeed in this. It takes a specific personality type to progress steadily in the MLM industry.

    And also know for every 1 person that succeeds in that industry, it takes quite a few people paying into the company and not going anywhere. Most MLM depends upon people to step on. Sad but true.

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      Through one of my offline consulting clients, I've met some people who are way at the top successful in Amway. It happens. But, down to the last one, they all had very magnetic personalities and I would guess would have been pretty damn successful at anything they chose to sell.

      If you have the kind of personality where you're not afraid of talking to strangers (prospects) and the kind of charisma where people naturally want to be around you and spend time with you, at that point it just becomes about what products you choose to sell, you're gonna be successful at whatever you choose.

      If you DON'T have those natural abilities, then it also doesn't really matter what company or what products you choose to sell - it's going to be a hard road no matter how you slice it.

      Just my opinion!
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    Amway is hard work but it's a very stable company as they go.

    Even top distributors criticize it though, because the compensation
    plan is very hard on the rank-and-file.... for years.

    Famous IM gurus who failed in Amway include Perry Marshall.

    Here's a resource site that's probably pretty negative about
    Amway: Amway Global Business Analysis - a look at the Amway Quixtar business opportunity

    ... but should help you make an intelligent decision.

    The good thing about Amway is it IS (allegedly) the world's
    fastest-growing MLM. Even though it's not growing a lot
    in the US it's huge in Asian countries, maybe Africa too.
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      Been there done that one and got a maxed out credit card to
      prove it.

      Lost friends and family. Avoided me like the plague. I am
      a professional salesperson and failed miserably with this
      business model and the way they wanted you to build the

      Overpriced products, that comparable can be bought for
      50-60% less in regular stores.

      They have you build the dream and work on your emotions
      to the point you are almost brainwashed.

      It must work for some people, just not me. They are the biggest
      MLM company in the world. Been around for lots of years.

      Most leaders made more money from the tapes and functions
      than they made from the actual business. A lot of that has
      stopped now and many leaders are struggling.

      Robert Oliver

      It's Not Over Till I Win!
      Do you see the glass half empty or half
      full? The difference can mean success or
      The simple things seem to be the most
      effective and most overlooked.

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    MLM is a great way to go. Funny thing is that in every business. I don't care if it is affiliate or not. They are all based on costumer driven results. You can make a lot of money in every one of them.

    If you are the right person. You can make more money than the person who brought this opportunity to you. Easliy acutally. In my main company is MLM and so are the affiliates. By being proactive I have made and making more money than the person whoi sponsered me.

    Though I would stay away from AMWAY as the name itself leaves a bad taste in peoples mouth.

    PM me if you want some other information


    Are you frustrated by your lack of progress? Your complete guide to making money online free.

    Here for your online marketing/Free book on what you need to know/How to target leads

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    I got in Quixtar (Amway) back in 2001 and worked like a dog, spent big $ on travel/training, etc... Never got anywhere and swore off MLM forever

    One of my friends is the 'first distributor' or 'top guy' - however you want to say it of one that started last year, he got me in the biz again - it's great offline but now I am trying to find a way to market online, people are so wary of make money online these days

    There are good ones out there, that have products people actually want. Amway has some good products but the organization is just too big to ever get near the top or make real money, IMO

    Currently recruiting Network Marketing experts in preparation for a January company launch.

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    Originally Posted by csrpj View Post

    i didn't see any results when i searched for BWW... it's a program that uses amway
    It really isn't a "program that uses Amway": it's a distributor-group within Amway.

    On the plus side, Amway is one of the world's longest established MLM companies. And on that note, I just about ran out of "plus side".

    Originally Posted by csrpj View Post

    they claim that in 4-12 months one can make $2700/month with 8-10 hours of work a week, and in 2-5 years 150k a year with 10-12 hrs of work. is this realistic?
    It's probably realistic for something between 1/1,000 and 1/10,000 of the people who join. The other 999 or 9,999 don't do so well.

    Amway has had more than its share of legal problems, worldwide, for some decades. I hear that many of the top 0.1% of distributors nowadays, although still doing very well, aren't doing nearly as well as they were 10 years ago, in real terms.

    If I were looking for an MLM company to join (and I have nothing against them in principle and have been in one before), it certainly wouldn't be among the top 30 on my list of companies to look at. I'm not sure it would be among my top 100, actually. And that's in spite of being so old and well established, which in MLM is, admittedly, an absolutely enormous advantage.
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    It's a MLM scheme disguised by a BS product, so they aren't shut down by law. It's pretty pathetic, don't go down that road.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    Lots of heated opinions!

    MLM is not a "scheme" in as much as Internet Marketing is a "scheme".

    It's direct sales, with a residual payout. period.

    If you have never done one, I suggest you join. If you have never owned your own business, I suggest you join.


    I don't care who says, some of the best sales training comes from your local MLM company. they teach the value of a business relationship. They aslo show you who you can count on in your "inner circle".

    People lose family and friends because they joined an MLM. I lost family and friends when I started my car magazine business. The people around me weren't used to my change as a human. I didn't want to work 80 hour weeks anymore. I wanted to retire at 35. They didn't like that, I slowly dropped them and still I am in the process.

    How many people have you met that think Internet marketing is a scam?

    I'll admit, an MLM is not fro everyone... but what is? you show me one thing... just one business model that had everyone who bought in rocketed to the top.

    go ahead.

    I'll bet those who didn't have some rough feelings about it. I'd even bet there are some who would say that "It was a scam".

    bogus products?

    Digital ebooks for $297 where's the paper? where's the publishing house? oh it came as a result of your hard work and sweaty hours on the computer?

    I am not a part of an MLM right now, but I will defend them to my grave, because you can be set up as a business to earn PASSIVE INCOME for less than $1000. my magazine cost me $100,000 and no resdual. My construction company cost me more than that, and there is no built in residual.

    For someone to enter into the business world from a cubicle, an MLM is a good choice.

    I have friends who are in, and yes some are making a good monthly recurring income, and some are just a little away from it.

    They all have one thing in common though... Man, are they determined to help others!

    It's a waste of time if you make it a waste of time. It can be valuable if you make it valuable.

    It has a stigma attached to it, just like a vacuum salesman (I did that too) or car salesman... in the end, there is value there IF you want to glean it. the reason for the bad stigma is, well, anyone can join for a few undred bucks, and just like internet marketing, you get some bad apples, or highly unskilled people with alot of enthusiasm.

    Before joining ask what is it that you see value in joining. If it's because of monthly residual, I'd say you aren't ready. You need a huge database to make you money back if you join. If you are after some good direct sales training/closing or presentation experience... maybe look at it again.

    Ask all the questions you want, but in the end they will all be answered by just doing it!... Get to work!

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    Frankly, I would just invest in myself and then offer that value to people. From there you can start building relationships and you can manage your own company or business. At your own pace and time. Good Luck.
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