is market samurai worth it?

by veylo
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looking at purchasing market samurai, would like to know other warrior's views on the program?

What you guy's think?
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    I personally think there's almost TOO MUCH that Market Samurai can do. Of course...I have it! I mostly use it for keyword rank tracking for my sites. It can just confuse you to no end though... or confuse ME rather.

    Micro Niche Finder has helped me. It's much simpler.
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      The thing about Market Samurai is, it does exactly what they promise you it will do. The hype... is really no hype at all

      Personally I use it daily, and I would say it's among the smartest money I've spent. But there really is a learning curve - as JRCarson said, it can do incredibly many things, and it takes persistence to get it under your skin. Trust me, use it regularly and it will get there.

      And, they've got perhaps the best set of training videos for this kind of program I've seen. If you need more information, you'll have to be more specific on what you want to know about MS.


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        You should really buy it, if not for the keyword research then for the tracking feature.

        I track all my website with MS.

        I also make most of my KWR with it.

        I sometimes get a bit pissed because its kinda slow but still worth it.
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          Originally Posted by WarriorMaster View Post

          You should really buy it, if not for the keyword research then for the tracking feature.

          I track all my website with MS.

          I also make most of my KWR with it.

          I sometimes get a bit pissed because its kinda slow but still worth it.
          I was beginning to think only the warriors with low post counts, was advising to buy this software.

          Yes it looks the part, Just needed a few reviews regarding it. I never buy anything with out any good reviews.
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    Yes..the best ever keyword researching software...It can do almost everything you need to do with your e-business
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      Market Samurai is SEO Marketing on steroids. They have brilliant regularly updated training videos and PDFs you can download from their Blog. It's regularly updated via Adobe AIR. Frankly WordTracker is a joke next to it - they have a yearly charge and have just failed to keep up with Market Samurai.

      It's a win win product every serious Internet Marketer should have it. In fact I think it's more vital than Traffic Geyser which I am becoming very disillusioned with. I get most of my video views from YouTube and Facebook and the other video sites are frankly a joke.

      Andrew Peel
      APeel Solutions
      My Blog
      My Business

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    Why don't you use the free 12 day trial to decide?

    I tried it but didn't get it cos I didn't like having to click on every keyword to check its competition - takes ages to load. If they improve on the speed I might consider it again.
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    You can use the keyword research functionality for free, forever. You need to buy it to use the other modules though. It is a nice piece of software but still has its flaws. It is sluggish once the number of active keywords gets too large and the user interface is a bit fiddly as well.
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    I'd say sign up for the trial and do some of the video training that is present on the Noble Samurai site, and decide for yourself. I can tell you that it is the single best purchase I've made last year. And to help you out a bit, here are a couple threads you can peruse. I'd say go for it as it is worth the price.
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    • Profile picture of the author All Night Cafe
      We use it 4 times a week. I bought last year
      and it it one of our top tools.

      At least try it and see for yourself. very good videos.

      Very good service.
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    One of the best tools you will ever buy, Nuff Said
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin
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      It's absolutely worth it's weight in gold.

      I give it to all my keyword research staff. Makes everything 10x faster.

      - Adam
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    How does MS compare to Micro Niche Finder? I've been using MNF for quite a while now and it seems to do what I need. However if MS is better....

    Having trouble figuring out where to start? Try Commission Ritual
    Super easy video based training will get you on your way to Internet Marketing success!
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    MNF is strictly for keywords and competition. MS allows you to see not only this but do deep back link and PR as well as anchor text analysis. And with the OCI option working again (thanks to microsoft) you can now see the liklihood of buying customers for a given phrase. You can also publish blog posts as well as clickbank affiliate products with your cloaked link in it as well. And you can publish adsense, clickbank hop ads and ebay ads. Finally, you also have the choice of Amazone affiliate products, and PayDotCom, as well as clickbank and ebay as in it will find you products to promote.

    They are currently on 0.8.30. check this out:
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      Market Samurai is great.

      Basically you can find pretty much all the features in the software scattered across a host of other software tools. Consolidation is what this tool is about.

      I use it primarily for quick fire analysis. It's the kind of tool where you can get a sense of the keyword landscape in a few clicks.

      It's done with Adobe Air which makes it a little bit clunky, and you need to make sure you don't have too many keywords open at once or the thing can come to a halt.

      Fundamentally there is a flaw in it - That the suggestion tool by Google is actually acurate...something I know not to be the case. Having said that, it's a very good tool for sounding out the state of play, and I think that the training section they have at noblesamurai is a good intro, and should be watched by all that buy the software.

      It's also from the land down under.
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      Originally Posted by cypherslock View Post

      They are currently on 0.8.30. check this out:
      I am curious what the Name Samurai is going to turn out to be.
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    It's only worth it if you put in the time to use it.

    Please read the sig file rules

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    Get the trial version, watch the videos and use it like a demon during the free trial. IMO, well worth the money. It's a tool I use every day.
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    • Profile picture of the author Clint Butler
      I tell you as a newbie that I love this software. Unlike most software packages where there is little support or very basic training available to get started, MS videos provide everything that I need to use it effectively. I love researching the affiliate products with it to target what I want to promote.
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    I've been using this for a while now and I have found it to be the most comprehensive keyword research tool that I've used to date. There are constant updates and the Market Samurai guys are always sending out free tutorials which open my eyes to new things that you can do with the software. Just wanted to add my thumbs up!
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    I would definitely recommend it. It does exactly what it says it does. No hype. I love the way you can use it to narrow down keywords that have a high probability of ranking for. They also have excellent tutorials on how to find profitable keywords in any niche.

    They are also adding new features on a regular basis.

    I would recommend you get the 30day trial and try it out.
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  • Profile picture of the author Shaun Lee
    Market Samurai is the best keyword research tool currently available.

    Get it if you can, you won't be disappointed.

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    This is an easy one, for me at least. Yes, MS is worth it.
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    yes I think it's worth exchange for time doing kwr, market samurai can really save time....I also like Micronichefinder...I like 'em both, but if I had to make a choice between the 2, I'd go with MS.

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    I own it and am on the continually learning "what else" it can do

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    I own Market Samurai and use it everyday. My SEO business runs on that and Spyfu and a few others. Market Samurai is a must buy. Step up your game! : )
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  • Profile picture of the author Juan L Costa
    YES, I think it's the most complete research software available, however, I think that for brainstorming and finding new niches and long-tail keywords, Micro Niche Finder is better, but for analysis and everything else, MS 4 life!
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    I agree completely with Juanle455.

    Market Samurai is currently the best SEO tool.
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    it's expensive but definetly worth it. I especially like the fact that there are always new updates (almost every week) so you know that these guys are staying on top of things!
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