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by aamcle
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Is this an investment or just more hype/puff and hot air?

There are lot's of places the make big claims (just look at the special offers here) but is this site for real or just run by more sharks out to eat the minnows like me?

Have you used them and made money as a result?

thanks aamcle
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    I used to belong to it, and it was good for me. I may rejoin someday, but for the months I belonged to it, I learned a lot.
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      I was a member for about 6 months. It was a good place to learn, but i learned so much more here for free. If you are new to IM I suggest to just stick with the Warrior forum and save your money for domain names and hosting.
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      If you are totally new and really don't know anything about making money online than it can be a good place to learn.

      They have a 8 week program which runs you through all of the basics of IM. You only get one week at a time so you can't skip ahead.

      I did the 8 week program when I was just starting out and it gave me a good overview of how this stuff works. For me I couldn't justify the cost after I found the warrior forum.

      They brag a lot about the forum at WA but there is much more info here if you spend the time to read it.


      Changing Life for my family "One" Click at a time.

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        I am still a member at WA because I paid for a year, but rarely use it these days. If you are very new and do not know that much it is a great place to learn everything to get you going and start your IM career.

        The 8 week action plan that was mentioned has been redone and is just called Action plan now and you can go through it as fast as you like and build your first campaign.

        A lot of members contribute Resources like PotPieGirl, Justin Brooks and the likes which are very good and that is comparable to the War Room sharing of resources - the war room has more though.

        People always post that you can get the same knowledge here on the Warrior Forum for free and that is true as you can get information on IM all over the internet for free. The question is more: do you want to spend the time searching for it and piecing it all together yourself or do you pay for a site where it is all organized in categories for you.

        So, there is no really clear answer I can give you, because it really depends on what you are looking for and at what point you are in your IM journey.


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    I was a member of WA for several months. It is a great site in my opinion. However there is almost too much info available (if that makes sense). I need a more focused web site. The other thing that I didn't like was the fact that there were no instructional videos. I need video training. I have a hard time reading that much stuff. Videos hold my attention better.

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    I was once a member of it and the main difference is that info over there is organized. The support is not that top notch and newbies are at times mocked by super seniors. They also try to upsell you with their products at times.
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