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by rbowen
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Does anyone have experience with software to submit (free) classified ads that you can recommend?



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      I use "Backpage Bot Pro" works very well for me. You can start with the basic Backpage poster and then add additional modules to post on Kijiji and CL.

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    I have a list of 600 classified sites with PR as high as PR 8.

    I have heard of "the classified connection". Google it.

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    I also agree that "Backpage Bot Pro" is better than other. So try it for better results.
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      Thanks, guys!

      I'll look into them.

      BTW, does anyone know about the software that Howie Schwartz (sp?) was selling? I bookmarked his sales page a while ago, but when I went to visit it the other day, it came up @ '404 Not Found'. Guess he took it down? But if memory serves, it was expensive, for me any way, like $195.

      Thanks again,
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      Backpage Bot Pro is a terrible program if you are looking for automation. No settings for captcha solver and if you want to include an image from your computer you have to select that image for every site you submit to meaning a window will pop up for your computer asking you to choose the image again.
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      I have used the trial for Backpage Bot Pro. It seemed to work OK, but I thing a few of the categories I tried were mixed up.

      It seems that BP Auto Poster BackPage Auto Poster Software - Accelerate your marketing! is almost identical to Backpage Bot Pro. The screenshots seemed exactly like Backpage Bot Pro. They came out with a new site format some time ago and now I can't see any images.

      The Adbot product AdBot | Creating and Submitting Advertisements to Classified Ad Sites has NEVER been easier than with AdBot lacks a lot of details about what it does. No screenshots. Does it work with Backpage?

      I'd like to get a product but would like to see how these products compare. I really would like to be able to enter spin syntax into the title and body to make the ads more unique.
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      Originally Posted by amuro View Post

      I used Adbot.

      You can check it out here.

      Thanks, but I got ...

      Not Found

      The requested URL /IS0039.php was not found on this server.

      Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

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        The problem with most of the software that posts to Backpage is that Backpage now uses the image captchas and none of the software is set up to solve those captchas. So most Backpage ad posting software is obsolete unless you enjoy filling out captchas manually. I just got through programming some software which does solve the image captchas. It is now working. You can check it out it my signature.
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    Backpage Bot Pro provides individuals and business with the ulimtate Backpage posting software.With a few simple clicks you can post multiple ads quickly and then manage day after day. I am also using these. you can try.

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