Any recommendation on a long-range wireless router

by Raydal
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I'm hoping that someone could help me find a good wireless
router to cover a typical church area (2 acres). This must be stronger
than the usual home devices.

I don't want an overkill, just something to do he job.


-Ray Edwards
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      Originally Posted by R.Popim View Post

      I am using Dynext and man is it fast. I live in canada not sure where your are. But I use to use dlink and it can't compare!

      It doesn't seem this is a long range device. I'm looking for long range
      coverage that go beyond your typical home size. Something similar
      to what motels use.

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    As far as im aware what they do is have 1 main router and then some extended router's which basicly capture the signal and then boost it and send it out again as if you had 2 wifi router's just in different locations!

    Think they are around $100 to $300 each (that's how much they were a year ago when i looked) but honestly can't remember what they are called.

    Main problem most bigger houses have are the wall's which reduce the signal but if it's a wide open church then a single powerfull router positioned centerally might do the trick.

    Oh and a quick trick... if you buy a router that has those antenna sticks on it then you can replace them cheaply for stronger bigger ones and also if your positioning it at one end of the house, room and it doesn't reach to the other end then place some tin foil (folded a few times) behind it in an arc and it will reflect/bounce the signal and increase it's strength.

    Mark Blaze
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    I would suggest you to get a big router and get a couple of small router, so you can connect them and get the desired connection on a faster pace for 2 acers
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    I've owned a couple of Belkin N routers. They have
    great range. I don't think most laptops come supporting
    the 802.11n protocol. It's backward compatible with
    802.11.g though, which is the wireless standard these

    I have wireless card with a MIMO antenna in it that goes
    into a port in the side of my laptop.

    2 acres of coverage is a lot for one router to cover. The
    signal is weakened a lot by walls but travels pretty far in

    You can get booster antennaes too, but I don't know if they
    work with wireless n routers.

    My N router is supposed to have a range of 1450 feet but
    in my experience range is reduced lots by walls.
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