Best tool for Google Sniper keywords?

by Matt D
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Anyone know if there is a tool out there that you can dump a ton of keywords into that will evaluate the fallowing en masse for each keyword:

- # results broad search
- # results exact match
- # results for allintitle
- # results for allinanchor
- search volume for keyword

I know that Market Samurai and MNF are great tools - but they don't do this process exactly, they seem to be better at drilling down.

Surely there is a tool out there that does this?? Any ideas?
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    senuke has to option to check

    intitle inanchor (simultaneously)

    but no inanchor by it's self

    it will let you do it in "batch research" where you can dump a list in at the same time.

    however, i think getting SENuke just for kw research is a little overkill, maybe someone else has a better suggestion

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    thanks-- that is pretty close to what I need. not sure if he still offers the 7 day trial or not?
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      Microniche finder and keyword elite are quite good. also you can try out .The paid version is give more addtional keywords.
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    As far as i remember, George himself have a video doing keyword research with keyword elite. So it would be easier to follow if you used the same software.
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    I use Micro Niche Finder and have not found a product that does a better job myself. Much of what your looking for is calculated into the MNF SOC score, James the product creator has just released version 5.0 as well.

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