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Hi Guys,

Does anyone run their online business using Quickbooks accounting software, for their accounting needs, if so can you give me an insight to what its like, good and bad points, and does anyone know where i can access any video tutorials on how to use it, i have been considering purchasing it for my bookkeeping, somebody gave me heads up to it?

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  • I use QB and have for a number of years. Works well. Make sure to back up your data. Here in the US it allows you to easily create payroll checks, one-click tax forms, etc. Not sure about how well it does in the UK.

    I'm not an expert and my wife handles most of the bookkeeping so I didn't answer earlier, but I have found it helpful in running my business.
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      I've used it for years, I use it for my ecommerce stuff and it's okay. It might be overkill for online marketing but could be used for that I suppose. I've tried Sage, MYOB, and a few other less known ones but I always end up back with Quickbooks.

      The trouble is I don't think there is any one piece of software that works the way you want it to so you have to either have something custom made or adapt the way you want to track things into the way the software works.

      Sage is no doubt the most popular and it's the one that most accountants like in the UK (most don't like Quickbooks) but the problem is if you aren't an accountant and you are doing this stuff yourself then Quickbooks is probably the most user friendly, but more importantly, it's about the only one that you can realistically correct your mistakes when you cock up, and trust me, until you have a lot of experience with it ... you will cock up!

      I bought many books on Quickbooks and found none of them any use, I was clueless with it for a few years. Here's a tip if you buy it, don't try too hard to understand it by buying books on Quickbooks, instead, buy one decent book that teaches you the basics of double entry book-keeping and then suddenly everything makes sense. Once you understand the basic book-keeping, only then does Quickbooks become intuitive.

      My 2 cents, anyway

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    I've used Quickbooks for many, many years. It's intuitive (Intuit LOL) and especially user friendly. You can download bank transactions as frequently as you wish, and at tax time it's also a breeze to import all your data into TurboTax. Recommend it highly.
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    I've used QuickBooks for years, too. I think it's kinda clunky, but it's the standard in the US. Even my accountant doesn't like it.

    If you have an accountant, ask him to set it up for you and quickly show you how to use it. You'll be up and running in 15 minutes that way.
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      Hey guys,

      Thanks, i like the idea of using an accountant to help me set it up, i ll work on that idea, i did buy a vedeo tutorial course on using it, but it just baffled me!

      All experts have the keys to success! I'm on a journey to bring them to you...

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