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Anyone have any experience with this? It's from Nathan Anderson. Thanks,
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    Yeah, I am wondering what people think of Nathan Anderson and his new Niche ATMs program. John Reese sent me the link and he usually only send out good stuff but I'm still curious what others on here think?
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    Nathan Anderson is very clever BUT he was involved at some stage with Rip2It. In fact, I signed up for that product after seeing a Nathan presentation. That's one thousand dollars I will never see again.

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      Sorry to hear that Pearson. I'm actually not familiar with Rip2It. What is that?

      Yes, i have heard that Nathan is super smart and all, but i've heard some things about him (don't really want to comment about it as it might not be true) that aren't very flattering. And with the price tage that comes with Nicheatm, it would worry me to put that kind of money into it.

      But on the OTHER hand, John Reese seems to think highly of him, so who knows.
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    I tried it out and found it to be pricey for what amounted to Beta (ie, buggy) and very expensive site creation software. And I'm not a fan of black box products and was not comfortable with the secret voodoo to get your site quick first page ranking in Google. I've found that good SEO techniques work just as well for most keywords.
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      Hi, well yes if one is very good with SEO I agree . Otherwise I hope one without SEO expertise (like my self ) can take advantage of it . BTW , anyone knows what is the price of it ? I mean I'm approve for next seminar BUT I would like to be prepared :rolleyes: thnx
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        Had a look at this, went to the webinars. Well worth
        a look at, but out of my price reach at present.

        You will have to attend the Webinars to get the full info,
        I am not able to disclose this. You will have to sign up
        to view the webinars to access the full details.

        Hope this Information is of some help.
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          Hey Alex ,

          Yes , sure it helps. With all respect I will pass this one. I think anyone with little experience and time invested in IM will consider this bit too highly priced.

          I guess they have a costumers ready to pay that amount and i hope they deliver then at least few times x higher value .

          thanks again , I'm sure it will save time to many

          Originally Posted by Alex.R View Post

          Had a look at this, went to the webinars. It costs $10,000, you pay
          $4000 up front, then the remaining $6000 you pay as a percentage
          of sales.This is paid over the first year. Also you have to pay Monthly
          for the software, if I remember right this was $197.

          You have to build 10 sites per Month, to give 120 sites up and running
          by the end of the first Year.

          Hope this Information is of some help.
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    Anyone who has actually used this? I'm curious, couldn't find much on the web. Did a quick search and found two negative reviews by the one guy on different forums. If people have used it, is it worth it, and how quuickly did you make your investment back?


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    I second Vitalgirl's post. Anyone have any experience with this? If so, what's the scoop?

    Also, have any of you had any recent dealings with Nathan Anderson...?

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    just do a search on the big G....lots of info there...including this link !
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