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Jusy curious about everyone's thoughts of Jonny Andrews' Money Siphon System. I'm on the JV list and the preview seemed interesting.
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    For me jonny is full value. I got money siphon system, but have not gone through it yet. He has provided me with ton of free info from previous products.
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      See my post at "Anyone using the money siphon system? ".
      Summary, so far we are almost through two modules. Great instructional videos. Great unadvertised bonuses and fantastic support from Jonny. Promptly answers all our questions.
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    Yeah, I'll second that. Jonny is Mr Overdeliver in my books. The content is also first class and well worth the investment. A side benefit is that he really is a funny dude too.
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    I brought MSS and it it fantastic. As i'm new to the whole IM'ing areana, I have brought a lot of garbage before so this was so refreshing. Jonny really comes down to your level with great steps and tips to get you kickstarted. Great Vids also. Can't wait till Jan 29th when he launhes his new product "The Guru Assassin". I'm hooked on stuff..he's a great bloke.
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      i think that there is some very good, useful information in the MSS videos. lots more value than other many other products that i have seen. the upsell that comes with it, however, i did return as it was not useful to me. i do like clickbank and a 60 day guarantee!
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    Great instructional videos. Great unadvertised bonuses and fantastic support from Jonny. Promptly answers all our questions.
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      Originally Posted by kam11 View Post

      Great instructional videos. Great unadvertised bonuses and fantastic support from Jonny. Promptly answers all our questions.
      How do i get into contact with Jonny as I need a few steps in the program answered. I only have his autorespnder email address. I can't PM him as I need 15 posts..

      Any ideas would be great...or if you know him can you get him to contact me.

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    I'm a newbie, and the first thing I bought was the money siphon system. I'm blogging about my daily experience with it at siphonmoney.blogspot.com.

    I made my first $42 yesterday thanks to a faithful reader.

    I emailed Jonny with a question at the address that he gave in the system, and he emailed me back in 11 minutes flat with the answer to my question. Awesome. I guess I can give you his email address. I'll get his permission first of course. If you still want his email address, go to my blog (siphonmoney.blogspot.com), leave a comment anywhere with your request, and then I'll reply to your comment with my email address.
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      I think it's solid system too- love the salespage.
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    Are the videos downloadable or do you have to watch them online?
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      Originally Posted by Doug Taylor View Post

      Are the videos downloadable or do you have to watch them online?
      I take that back about the videos. They are downloadable. I will post a 2 week review on siphonmoney.blogspot.com on Sunday. There you can follow my daily experiences with the system.
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    I had to watch them online.
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      I second, triple, quadruple everything about MSS...great course for the money.....Jonny definitely over delivers....great videos, and the guy is a funnier than hell......not your typical BS IM course for sure, get it.
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        anyone gone through his new course The Guru Assassin? is it any good?
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    Guru Assassin rocks. I read it all and watched all vids and the mp3 file in one night and within 48 hours had made some substantial earnings using just one tiny method he touched upon. He does over-deliver and he's entertaining to listen to as well. I buy a lot of stuff online and Guru Assassin is as good as it gets--and I don't says stuff like that lightly. Wish I would have had this years ago!

    I'll help you create a reputation-building evergreen product in any niche and launch it successfully!
    Check it out here.

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  • Jonny Andrews is pure quality all the way. Top dude and comes out with some wicked stuff.

    Anyone who is the slightest bit hesitant you don't need to be because Jonny is the man.

    I highly recommend his stuff

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  • Jonny Andrews system are really good I would highly recommend them. I was a newbie when I got his system and it taught me so much about internet marketing. Jonny's systems are great and he make it fun as well not boring! Has me laughing at times
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    I've got a question? How can a forum member tell the difference between A) an honest review/comment made about any product talked about in the forum and B) a phony, dishonest, lying, self-serving comment made by a sock-puppet/affiliate who's out to make money by saying a product is "great" when in fact the product is crap?
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    Easy - only believe someone who isn't making money from the review/comment. ie - they don't have a link for you to click to buy the crappy product.
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    Thanks for your input Digga45 but I disagree with you.

    A smart sock-puppet
    won't put in a link. It'll be too obvious.

    I almost didn't click on your link, but
    I did and found your blog relating the Money Siphon System didn't help make
    you money.

    Now if I followed your premise, I wouldn't have clicked on the link because I should have assumed it would have been connected to a phony "review"
    site that plenty of affiliates have on the Net.

    But instead I found your blog which was comprehensive and informative.
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    I agree with everyone about the quality of Jonny Andrews products. He always gives you more real quality information than you actually pay for. He is not someone just out to make a quick buck. His courses are great for a newbie entering the internet marketing world or a experience marketer.
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      Hey guys!

      I've only been on this forum for a short while and have found this thread to be invaluable in my decision making process for buying Jonny's system. However, I sit here, STILL on the fence about buying it. I have $77 just burning a hole in my bank account to jump right in and take this bull by the horns.

      I know myself pretty well and I know how I can take something like this and just, forgive the expression, "piss it away" without giving myself a chance to make it work.

      I'm afraid I won't understand Jonny's methods or go in with high expectations or just sabotage my chances for success. I read in so many places where some people do so well while others hardly make any thing of it.

      What can you guys tell me about this system ("system" sounds so... dirty... like it's an MLM scam or something)? Is this a good buy? Would it be a good decision to pick this up and spend a few hours every day setting up "siphons"? Are you guys making any money from MSS? Made back your initial investment? I tend to be a day dreamer and the idea of this eventually being my 9-5 job killer sounds so perfect and so right.

      See, I work as a retail merchandiser for Pepsi and I hate my job. We had a .77 2 lt. weekend sale Sat. and Sun. and it was just torture, not to mention, our merchandisers are spread so thinly - we have a very small crew, mostly made up of lazy, worthless people only interested in a paycheck and not doing the quality work expected of them. Plus, I get paid roughly $10 an hour for a 29 hour work week with corporate monkeys refusing overtime and I can't do this any more. The wife is working an even more stressful job and to be able to take the load off her shoulders would be a true blessing.

      Anything y'all can tell me about the MSS would be greatly appreciated and will help me make my decision quicker. I want to get started on this as soon as I get home tomorrow afternoon, if possible. Thanks in advance!

      - Russ
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        Hi Russ,

        I bought the system and went through it once, I applied some of the stuff and have been losing money for the past year now. I learned a lot, but it was soooo much information. I probably have to go through it again to fix whatever I'm doing wrong, but I am so unmotivated to go through alll that truck loads of info again. I say look for something better.

        I don't know what yet, but I bought another system for $77, and I'm going through it now. So far I think it is way more precise and to the point than MSS. I won't say what it is yet, but I'll soon post a review on my blog (link below). I say keep looking Russ.
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    ....he seems like the real deal
    lots of over the top support..

    helped me find a couple of the best instant
    paysites going.
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    I've seen your blog, Digga! Glad you took the plunge for us weenies afraid to take that chance. I'm still on the fence. I see in so many places how MSS is so great and so wonderful and I really REALLY want to believe it.

    Learning-wise, I'm sort of a "color crayon" sort of guy. Having everything spoon fed to me, sadly, is how I learn. Show me how to do it, don't just write it out, pat me on the back and say,"Good luck!" And this is why I'm so leery of getting into any of this online stuff. Success is waiting at the platform. I'm just too afraid to get on that train to leave the station.

    I'm going to look into this a little more, exercise my "old man mentality" and dwell on it until I get sick of researching it... then maybe I'll know what to do. Thanks for your help so far, y'all. Anyone else with an MSS story to tell?

    Oh, almost forgot, Sundown, it has worked for you before?
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