Which hosting should I choose?

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I already have the 'cpanel' and don't really understand how it all works. I would just like something affordable. (CHEAP!)

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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    I've used dreamhost before, it's pretty good and offer 93 day money back guarantee i think, so even if u sign up, buy like 10 domains and hosting (for example) then afta a week you decide you don't want it, they'll refund it all.
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    Hostgator is best & cheap for web hosting
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      I have always used Blue Host, they have excellent customer service, and excellent uptime, never really had a problem. If I need to figure something out or get ti working correctly, I just call support and they walked me through it.

      I have heard good thinga about Host Gator, but have never used them. You will need cPanel, so don't get a host that doesn't have it, I didn't understand what you said about having cpanel, but no host, I thought that was the only way to have cpanel.

      You don't have a lot to do in cpanel, sub domains, forwarding, site email, easy Wordpress set up, if you find anybody that knows everything about cpanel and you need to know everything they are lying to you. And the rest you should be able to call support and they will walk you through everything above that you need.

      If yoiu are not looking to build a lot of sites, I ran across QuanSite.com, but it's about $100 a month but it sounds like you get quite a bit for the price, SEO, website, blog, easy video casting, but it's not something you want to use to build 50 sites.

      Hope this helps and good luck in your venture.

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      Albuquerque, NM
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    I host with 6 different hosting companies and hostgator is, hands down, the best of the bunch.

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      Anyone had any experience hosting with Hostso?
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    Do you mean you already have cpanel hosting and want something else? Or do you want cpanel hosting?

    Anyway, one of the cheapest cpanel hosting deals at the moment is $36 for a year. That's 50% off:
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    The best price and best service is Web Hosting starting at $25 a year I have all of my sites here and for $25 a year you cant beat the price.
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    I use Hosthator since 2 Year with no problem. Also, I think that today the standard hosting administration work with cpanel, and some application for duplicate Wordpress blog work with it.


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    I use Lunarpages and Godaddy, and never had any problem.

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    bluehost is great, except you can't use adult sites (had a lot of clients find that out the hard way)

    also recommend hostgator. any of the ones that offer the $6 package for unlimited domains is a good way to go if you're looking to start a lot of web businesses. i don't recommend godaddy or any of the others that you have to pay monthly per domain.
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    if you just want to save, then use a free one, 000webhost.com
    then when you make some money, use a paid one.
    personally I use webhostingpad.com , no problem so far, been there for 2 years, and the support is good. and of course the price is really really cheap!!! check that out.
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    I've used 3 or 4 other companies and now I only use Hostgator. They have great service and very good prices. I'm running 10 websites on their "reseller" account about $30 a month. I know they have cheaper options for one site only.
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    Why don't you start with Hostgators cheapest package and then upgrade when you are ready and can afford it.
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    Forget about finding the "best host". No such thing. Anyhow, Bluehost and Hostgator does the trick (as does a dozen other hosts).
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    I've found HostMonster to be really easy and the customer service is top notch.

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    Site5.com works for me. Excellent customer service.
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    I would suggest hostgattor it is best i am also using it.
    Its very comfartable at easy to use
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