Ed Dale's 30-Day Challenge, anybody?

by Musika
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Hello Warriors,

I recently signed up to participate in Ed Dale's "30-Day Challenge", and am watching the videos of the "Preseason". During the first video, Ed Dale said that people tend to have more success when they form teams, rather than doing it by themselves. I brought along someone to be a team-mate, and am looking for one more to make three. We are looking for someone who is are already somewhat familiar with IM, but that doesn't necessarily exclude new folks.

This is the link to his website to sign up for the Challenge (not my affiliate link)

Thirty Day Challenge
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      Thanks! I only started the Preseason because I wanted to make sure I understood the very basics of the program first, but I signed on a day after the Challenge started, so I won't have the time to do both at the same time. At any rate, I don't care if I don't meet the Challenge's goal by the end of the month, as the material can be used as a year-round thing, and considering that I didn't hear about it until the race already started. I'll message you when I have a question about it.

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          hey guys,

          here is the page to access all the days as they are released and all the pre season stuff.

          Thirty Day Challenge


          I'm On Google + ------------- and of course Also On Twitter

          "The only thing thats keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself about why you can't have it"- Tony Robbins

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    Hi Musika

    How are you finding the 30DC material? What day are you at now?

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    by the way I recommend following it step by step, I made the mistake of skipping some things and not finishing a few of the days so my site was not ranked as well - in fact another 30DC site ranked on the first page ahead of me. Market Samurai is an incredible tool, spend a good amount of time on the research.

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    I really really enjoyed the 30daychallenge. Learned a LOT and also had a stack of ideas on how people should be presenting. Ed Dale is an awesome teacher.
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    The 30-Day Challenge is totally awesome. Ed Dale and friends have done an incredible job of teaching a step by step system.

    In my opinion, it is an amazing free resource for anyone who wants to learn and discover Internet Marketing. The problem is that people get excited about it but do not follow through.

    I have learned multiple things from the 30 DC. There are lots of little inside tips and tricks.

    Also what I really like is that it is presented this year in a multitude of modalities. For me, being an audio and visual learner, watching the videos has been great. I downloaded them to be able to watch later.

    I have also downladed the pfd's of the videos. That way you can truly imprint the information on your brain in several different ways:

    Watch the video, listen to the audio track, and physically read the transcript. Very powerful learning.

    As Ed would say: "Outstanding!

    And with all learning of new material: repetition is the key...go over it again and agin...

    Good luck and I hope you post your success in this thread.
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    Thirty day challenge is good for new internet entrepreneurs, but don't feel you have to buy into any of their products. There are plenty of free alternatives and other sites you can use to accomplish the same goals.
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    I love ed dale he is a legend! I have been listening to his pod cast! Internet Marketing This week = it is soooo good and I think I anm in love with Lynn Terry...lol

    I did teh 30 day challenge a few years back and ed dale certainly does over deliver

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      I think the 30dc is excellent...where else can you get that sort of info for free,
      and the tools of course are all optional...I did buy MS as it is a real time saver
      and I don't have to jump all over the place I can do most things through MS, so
      I think it's quite a cool tool. The great thing is you can take your time with 30dc, go at your own pace.
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    haha dont get me started on the powers of Market samurai!

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      Hi. I'm pretty much new to posting, but have been around for a long time. So glad to see this thread. I've started the 30 DC and I have a question for you. Would appreciate your input. I'm listening and more open these days to not trying to do it all by myself anymore!

      I've done a lot of KW research in the past. Saved all the results and can access them.

      Would you recommend I purchase MS then? (I've bought so many things!)

      But. I decided to go back and start from the beginning and follow through all the way, and I'm so glad this thread is here.

      Thanks for your comments. I really have decided to just stop. start over. re-focus. and maybe now with all the learning and experience and trial and error behind me.....something might happen! Thanks again everyone.
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    Yes!! This is pretty much the best tool Ihave ever purchased it finds me niche after niche. When it helps me disguish a niche I can the use it to find laser targeted domain names and the I use it through the site building process.

    I think the warriors on here are going to get annoyed with me raving about this and I am not even an affiliate!!

    BUY IT!!!

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      Thank you very much. I'll give it a serious look. (just starting day 3)

      Changing avatars right now. Actually, this one is cool. If I can find a photo...

      I remember the day I had to pose for this though, ....... long day.......
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    There is a long free trila which has no restrictions so just give it a go.

    Its simple I still have not got round to usinghave the other features yet I really should!

    Good luck

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    Ed Dale's 30 day challenge is well worth it. By far the best free teaching online. He knows his stuff and keeps up withe the latests ever changing trends in internet marketing
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      This is really useful stuff, thanks. I'm new in here and had 30DC in my inbox to look at.

      Thanks guys, I'll get started.
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    such a excellent course the 30 day challenge on day 12 now and love the course, Im glad i found the course instead of jumping and paying to jump ships on every clickbank product like i used to in the past

    and market samurai is amazing, still getting used to it's features but love the seo and blog tools that are in market samuri you can simply make a blogsite a whole lot quicker

    Does anyone know how much market samuri is if you never took up the speicial offer, just wondering,


    No Link here or Nothing to Promote Just a Old Happy Warrior User reading Topics

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      In my opinion, the 30 Day Challenge is by far the best course for anyone looking to break in to IM, not to mention it is free. The step by tutorials and videos are extremely well done and easy to follow. I took the course last year and learned and enjoyed it so much that I did it again this year, and I am sure that I will do it again next year.

      The other great thing, as has been mentioned previously, is that they provide some incredible tools, most importantly Market Samurai, that you can use and they all come with free trials. It gives the user time to get acquainted with the tools while determining if it is something that want to continue with. There are ways to do everything in the course without buying anything, but the tools make it much faster and easier.

      I think it is great information for newbies, but there is definitely value for anyone with intermediate knowledge.

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        Yes I am still bust with the 30Day Challenge.
        It is without a doubt worth doing the 30day challenge.
        Especially considering that it is free.
        Inside the course you will also learn how to use Market Samurai.
        This is a great keyword tool and something I just can't imagine being without.

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