Twitter Account Creation Software?

by Konami
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Hey, Im kinda thinking of getting into the whole social media thing but need a software that can automate the account creation process for me.

Nothing fancy. I already have the software that does everything else, I just need to be able to create lots of accounts. Anyone got any good recommendations?

I have seen a few. This one looks to be the best --> Twitter Account Creator but I haven't heard of anyone else using it. The other one I have seen looks like the same thing so im not sure. Here's that one -->

If anyone has used either of these or knows of any other software with the same functionality I would love to hear about it.

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    TweetDeck & Twwet Elite Pro are two softwares I have heard of. Can't give you a review on them since I haven't used them.
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    Smash tweet is another one I have heard about. Almost forgot.
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    Hi Gary,

    Yes I've used the Twitter Account Creator and it is good. Well worth the $64 in my opinion.

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    I'm sorry, but why would someone use a software to create Twitter accounts?
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    Thanks for the recommendations. I think I will give Twitter Account Creator a shot then.
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    Take a look at Tweet Attacks, that will automate everything you need in Twitter.
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      I am interested in tweet account creator but it does not have decaptcha, but if you have such a system please let me know...

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    for the kinds of sums being mentioned here, you can get as many accounts on several
    platforms as you need. Outsource the work, or buy a cheep macro system that will
    automate a lot of your other tasks too.


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      I had 11 similar accounts with well over 30,000 followers between them, and had fully automated all the tweets, folllowing and unfollowing.

      Twitter closed them all down at one fell swoop, with absolutely no explanation.

      So I am now reluctant to start it all over again, as I feel sure it will be a waste of time.


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